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Top Knot and Lemonade

Today was way hotter than yesterday, trust me I’m not complaining.  Although I am still envious of all the little bastards from yesterday.

The sizzling weather compels me to throw my hair back and dial in some big earrings. 

Why bother fussing about with your hair on a hot and sticky day when we have the top knot….

When you get home from work, let your hair down and sip on one of these. Divine….

Mason Jar Lemonade 
2 cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice
Hefty dash of fresh cranberry juice
8 cups water, 1 cup of this is hot
3/4 cups sugar, dissolved in the hot water

1. Mix all ingredients together and serve over ice with a lemon wedge

Top Knot and lemonade…

Jaclyn xo

Outdoor Fantasy

Finally today is not overcast or raining.  The temperature is 25 degrees, the sun is blazing and making its debut sans clouds, and I’m stuck at work with my face pressed up against the glass gazing at all the little bastards relishing in the shine and hoping my clients cancel.  I should be outside right now, bain de soleil, wearing something sheer and drinking a spritzer.

Instead I’ll be confined indoors all afternoon, thinking about my retirement and alternative ways I can get ridiculously wealthy. 

Having an outdoor fantasy….

 This is how I will look poolside post-wealth, heels and sheerness…

and my girls who are all on “my reserve list” will be pampered by my pool boys..

where we will brunch…

forget Tuesday night cheap night, this is the epitome of movie night…

Happy Monday xo

Jaclyn xo

Lady O’ has left the building..


What do Classic sparkle Uggs, Spanx, panini-presses, and Ralph Lauren long sleeve cashmere sweaters have in common? If you answered with “shi*t your Mom loves” (okay and the rest of us), you’re not too far off.  These bits are all items on The Queen of talk shows favorite things. 

The lovely Oprah.  The goddess of goodness. The financial icon has left the building after 25 years.  What the f*ck are we going to do Mon to Fri at 4pm for the rest of our lives?  

With me being a busy career woman, I will be completely honest and divulge to you that Lady O” and I haven’t shared the same relationship since my career has taken off.  My 4pm time slot is divided between Oprah, work e mails,  the gym or preparing dinner.  Even if she’s not getting my undivided attention O’ is always present.  Either in the background, where intermittently I can hear her laugh, or when I’m sad and need ice cream and the company of someone equally feminine, and of course when I fake take a “sick day”….Oprah is always there.

Along with entertaining us, she also taught us how to dress better.  Some of my best-loved episodes cover fashion and style – Stiletto school , The revelation of Spanx, The Shoe, Handbag and Accessory Intervention, Oprahs favorite beauty products, The face behind the name: Christian Louboutin, and more recently her interview with Ralph Lauren.  She compelled many of us to recognize the importance of maintaining a sharp and tidy appearance, whatever weight she was she always looked put together, it was kinda her thing.

Thanks to the show I’ve learned a few fashion and style tips that will remain forever in my wardrobe and shopping routines, here’s to name a few:

  • If you haven’t worn it in 2 years, give it away – sister, bff people like free stuff!
  • Find a great hairstylist to maintain your tresses or haircuts – preferably a Wella professional
  • Every girl needs a great stiletto. Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, something –  Tell your husband Oprah said so, he’ll buy them for you!
  • If you love it, buy it twice, in the same or different colors – I’m totally guilty of this.  But it’s okay cause Oprah said it..
  • Buy something that you love to wear – if you love it, wear it, OWN it!
  • It is possible to wear makeup with a hectic life – Schedule it in honey, tinted moisturizer and lip gloss..nuff said
  • Spanx it if necessary – back rolls and muffin tops don’t need to exist in this day and age
  • Meditate
  • Live your best life – I abide by this everyday, my fabulous deities of being in my thirties…

Thanks Oprah.

click the link below to view Stiletto School…

I always knew I was destined for greatness – Oprah Winfrey
Of course you were, you named your new network OWN for christ sakes!

Jaclyn xo

Forever 27

My weekend was extraordinarily wholesome.  My Backyard Holiday was a success.  I lounged, drank margaritas, went for a day trip to the city, ate very well and celebrated my Birthday with all my loves.

As I mentioned last week I love birthdays.  It gives me determination to make the year finer then the last, and further the entire week is devoted to just me!  Mike might object on that, he claims this is my “way of life” and that I treat each day like it’s something special (my glass is half full). I think he’s just jealous.  

So far here is how my birthday has unfolded…

Day 1 – Brunch with Miss. Sara – smoked salmon, capers, white wine spritzers and wonderful conversation.

Day 2 – Lounged poolside –  drinks, cute hats, bikinis, more drinks.  Dinner in the evening on a patio with my birds and their guys. Lots of cocktails, laughs and calories.

Day 3 – Downtown – Brunch in Liberty Village with my guy, desert at harbour front and cocktailing all day.. Evening included more drinks and backyard lounging with friends.

Day 4 – Shopping – Birthday shopping with my guy, he spoiled me silly.  Later in the eve Backyard bbq at my Dads, he as well spoiled me silly.

Day 5 – Movie Night – Appys, wine and ‘Bridesmaids’ with my birds.  Lots of laughing out loud!

Day 6, 7 – TBD…. I still have until Friday

This year my birthday was much more relaxing. Doesn’t present itself so, does it?  Here’s why.  Being in my 30’s no longer disturbs me.  In my 20’s I was always amazed at how stupid I was the previous year or how naive I acted.  I grasp now my 20’s were the training grounds to become the “Jaclyn of all trades” for my 30’s.  Now is my time to focus on my goals, master my talents (as I have so many, wink*)  apply them in a practical direction, and attempt to drink maturely. I said attempt.  I no longer have to behave to please others.  I am who I am, take it or leave it.

Age is really a fluid thing, it’s always changing.  I say everyone grab an age in your mind that you will be forever and go with it.  Mine is 27 I loved that year, even if I was a naive dumbass. 

Forever 27.  Cheers..

Jaclyn xo

Backyard Holiday

While everyone and their mother will be scampering away for the weekend either to the cottage, trailer or camping.  I will be channeling my ‘get out of the city’ in my backyard.  Hampton’s style.

On this lovely Victoria Day long weekend Mike, myself and whoever else is stuck in suburbia this holiday will be back-yarding it      “Hampton’s Style”.  This means lounging in luxe and living vicariously through all the Hampton’s inspired style.   Lounging on outdoor sofas accessorized by bright oversized boho pillows, dressed in summary whites with fun hats,  and sipping the bevie of choice, le margarita or Heineken.  Sound kitschy?  I don’t care, it will be the perfect Birthday weekend sans black flies!

I wish I was escaping somewhere for my birthday (Paris or London), I would have even entertained glamping.  However I will be a happy girl surrounded by all things I love, close to home and chillaxing with my mates.

Here are some things inspiring me this holiday weekend:

I can’t wait to start my backyard holiday…

Happy long weekend everyone!

Jaclyn xo


The May long weekend is already here!  This means two things, it’s the dawn of my Birthday fiesta (which typically lasts one week) and it’s the first weekend us Canadians pack up and head north to camp or cottage. 

I LOVE cottaging, but I’m not so much a fan of camping.   In fact I find it takes a lot of effort to do all that work for a weekend that comes and goes so quickly.  For instance pitching a tent?  By the time it’s up, it pretty much has to come down.  Or cooking over a fire, everything ends up tasting like smokey bbq chips, yuck.   It’s conclusive the only thing that tastes great over an open flame is a marshmallow.  Then there’s peeing in a bush?  The deed of peeing outdoors is okay for emergency purposes (once in a while), but for the entire weekend?  This is not charming to me. 

I enjoy the outdoors, and appreciate the elements of “campy” things, like sleeping in the open air, cozying up by a warm fire and swimming in fresh lake water (makes my hair feel lush), but I would rather do this sans the camping experience.  Sounds crazy right?  Wrong.  Someone in the universe was understanding this and hearing people like me because today I discovered “Glamping”. 

What is Glamping you ask?  Glamorous + camping = Glamping.  This new trend has popularized from safari camps and emerged into luxury camping resorts, eco-resorts, campgrounds and luxury tree forts , they even offer 5 star plus dining and accommodation.  My kind of adventure. I just hope they offer WiFi.

Whether you are seeking a tent side butler in a 5 star luxe glamp resort or desire to be nestled in the wilderness on a mattress under the stars goglamping will find a destination for you.  Becoming one with nature doesn’t mean selling out on style and comfort, or for this matter a mattress and sexy outdoor shower…

Take me to Africa or the Maldives glamping….




Glam up your camping trip, go glamping…

Jaclyn xo

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Something Borrowed

When I think of borrowing something from a friend,  usually what comes to mind is a fantastic piece of jewelry, a best seller from Oprahs book club or a jumper I’ve been pining over.  What about borrowing her man?  Is this common?  Should this thought even advance in our mind?  Seemingly it does, as a result authors are writing about it and producers are making movies around it.

I went out with a few birds last night to watch Something Borrowed, starring the lovely Kate Hudson and very vanilla Ginnifer Goodwin.  The rom-com farce was cute, similar to the chick-lit novel and a light watch for a ladies movie night.  I won’t go into details about it, go see it for yourself,  but here is my simplified version: two best friends, one is getting married, made of honor has a fling with best friends fiance, they fall in love, NY, sex, Hampton’s, law school, more secrets, more flings, Hampton’s, sex, circumcision mystery, more secrets..blah blahh blahh ,  the plot manages to bypass the rather chief moral issues the story raises about fidelity, friendship, loyalty and self-determination, in favour of a cute romantic comedy that ends with everyone winning without having to face any real consequences. 

So I ask you this, would you give up friendship for love? I’m pretty sure majority of us would say no, I guess depending on the state of the friendship? Maybe?  Somehow modern books and movies play on our minds and moderately make this behaviour forgivable or acceptable.  The idea of intense romance is alluring, but when the chapters finished or the movie ends all we are left with is our imagination…

I believe we should adhere to the traditional borrows such as; dresses, jewelry, shoes, clothing or a good novel. 

Borrowing Etiquette:

  •  Dont borrow something that is brand new and the owner hasn’t even had the chance to use yet, if the tags are still on it’s off-limits
  • What you do borrow should go back to the owner in the exact same condition and in a timely manner
  • Don’t lend items to others that you’ve borrowed, it’s really not yours to lend? And don’t pretend it yours?
  • Don’t pull a suck if the lender wants their shit back
  • Don’t bunny ear book pages, unless the owner already did so, that’s poor book care
  • Don’t borrow your best friends man for sex, use your own and your imagination
  • Don’t forget to say thanks

Here’s a scene from the movie that paints the perfect picture of moments I share with my bffs.  In secondary school Push it, Shoop and What a Man were our jams.  Enjoy!

Jaclyn xo

“Gilty” pleasure or a sickness

If I’m not pinning over the current home and clothing trends in magazines, I’m on my laptop seeking out online retailers for deals or inspiration.  Don’t worry, I like to share…

Gossip Girls “B” and “S” get texts from them, magazines and blogs are publishing about them, now I’ve been captured by them, Guilt Groupe.  Ecommerce meets fashion, so you can have a glass of wine in one hand and your mouse in the other or be at work and cheat in a shop.  I know online shopping almost seems ancestral, but Gilt Groupe privies you to designer stuff  for 50 -70%less designer prices.  Bad, bad news for me and indirectly Mike Peron (my partner).

This site is great for those of us that desire or enjoy the finer things or “must- haves” in our stylish life, even if your bank account is on the skint side, you can still garner the beni’s of this secret society

I get e-mails every am from Gilt, like I totally feel part of the circle (another feature).  Today the front page hosted features on Hunter Boots (my go-to’s for this shit weather in Canada), Safevieh Home (my house will be accented with their stuff), Tracey Anderson DVD’s (if you don’t know her method, you’re not winning)) and Best Dressed: Patio and Roof top parties (because who doesn’t  go to plenty of those in the summer).  The categories and wardrobe essentials are bliss, hence the reason I needed to share….but be warned my friends, it’s addicting!  Even just for browsing.

Pour yourself your signature cocktail and watch this video, the tune will get you pumped and the phenomenon will make you long to join…

Happy Monday!

Gilt Groupe registry:

Jaclyn xo

Market Style

Yeah it’s Friday!  Time to retire the heels for a few days and slip into some flats. 

This weekend I will be walking the street of our local farmers market, In weekend appropriate attire of course.  Flats, skinny jeans, baggy tee the perfect J Crew sweater and my sunnies (if we’re so lucky to have sunshine?)

  Mike and I spent a few years living in the UK and our Saturday ritual was to saunter down the cobble stone road to our local market, stuff our faces with Herb de providence potatoes and nutella crepes then hit up Top Shop and Selfridges.  Quite possibly the perfect Saturday outing.  We  now enjoy our tradition locally.  I love visiting our local farmers market (Newmarket Farmers Market), what a great way to pass a Saturday am.  Open air, stocking up on fresh produce, crepes, live music and you never know who you’ll run into! 

Market Tips and inspiration:

  • Get there early – get a head start from the sea of people and strollers
  • Wear a cute outfit – boyfriend jeans, cropped trench, baggy tee sweaters, hats…
  • Bring a cute bag to stock up on local produce – something that says “green is the new black” or a fashionable beach bag to slug all your finds
  • Bring cash – interact is for the mall
  • Wear comfy shoes – flats, runners, nothing that requires a heel
  • Take your time browsing around and enjoying the fare – you never know what you’ll find
  • Don’t watch your caloric intake – enjoy a belly buster!

My transportation to the market

What I will be eating

 What Mike will buy for me..

Carbs never looked so good!

What I will be cooking with for the next week

Going green is sexy; It’s important to support  your local farmers and businesses, buying locally grown food can bring more money to the community, reduce cost of fuel shipment and creates a better community atmosphere.   Visit your local market this weekend and indulge in a little local milieu!

Find your local market

Happy Weekend everyone!

Jaclyn xo

High gas prices = Increased shoe sales?


I bought shoes today.  Nice ones.  Ones that would make a grown girl cry. 

To justify the expense, I’d rather shell out a load on shoes that will go the distance and dwell top shelf in my closet for a few years.  Plus with gas prices so high perhaps the only course of getting about may just be two feet and a heartbeat?  At any rate I’ll be getting around in style!  Maybe I should be shopping for a sturdy walking shoe?

Pour La Victoire  

This picture does not tell the same story my feet do..they look much better on!

Jaclyn xo

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