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Organizing My Life: Accessories 101

Another Day, Another Dolla. That’s what I tell myself when I roll out of bed Monday mornings. My Monday am routine is considerably mundane. I get up, make coffee, sip coffee, check e mails, respond to e mails, sip more coffee, have a shake, plan my work week, work, hit up the stair Master, then come home and normally work some more. Today I decided to be a little more adventurous. I had oatmeal instead of a shake and 86’ed the more work after work..bonkers right? Not so much. However in true Monday organizational fashion I got a start on some major organization. I uncluttered my accessories and purged some old jewels I no longer took interest in.

This weekend, while trying to round-up some costume jewelry for a shoot I was styling I came to the  realization that my collection of accessories were a cluttery f*ckery – Necklaces were knotted, rings were mixed in with earrings, some dangle earrings where broken or missing gems and I found bangles and cuffs that had been MIA and taking up real estate for months in the bottoms of my handbags – it was time get my sh*t together.

Here is some inspiration from people who have their sh*t together.

I may have copied some ideas for my own jewelry station…..

Maybe tomorrow evening I’ll paint my walls in chevron patterns and re organize my apartment?…

Happy Monday. Don’t be lazy or boring….

Jaclyn xo

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A Touch of Frost

I love a good collaboration, such as MJ and Paul McCartney’s ‘Say, Say, Say”,  Lanvin for H&M, Alice and Olivia for MAC, Another McCartney Stella for Target and my most recent popular LuLu Frost for J Crew.

The caption for these candy colored beauties read, “Colorful Art Deco bracelets for a modern-day Daisy Buchanan“. I could absolutely see the lead heroine of Fitzgeralds’ The Great Gatsby, donning a pair of these. I dying for the black one on the base and the green one second from the top, although two just wouldn’t be adequate…

Stack em up!



The perfect collar

I want these suspended from my lobes…

I’m fellin this with a plain white tee..

As if J Crew doesn’t do enough right…now for a second time we get to take advantage of Miss Lulu Frost at tolerable prices. Ranging in price from $45 to $135 it’s a shame if you don’t add one of these bright-colored beauties to your accessory collection!

Check out the collection for yourself here….

Jaclyn xo

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Bed Head

Today I felt like rockin’ le chapeau. It was simply one of those mornings. Might have been the 5 pm after work champagne that advanced to a few Siegle Radlers at the Bier Market, follewed by martinis at Brassi that took us to the middle of the dance floor? Who knows. I just wasn’t feelin’ like fussing over my hair this am.

I give thanks to my considerable collections of hats I have in my closet, otherwise my messy I-just-woke-up-Adele- hair could have blown my cover. Instead of rushing out the door looking out of sorts and hung over, I threw on my fav cloche moda from Big it Up and posed as a cute little french woman strutting my stuff . Thank god for great hats!

When dry shampoo and top knots just aren’t behaving, put a lid on it! Hats are an excellent band aid for bed head and saving time if you’re bustling it out the door, it’s purely a bonus that they look ultra stylish.

Merci cherie.

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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Arm Candy

I’m not talking about a remarkably attractive person of either gender accompanying you or some other lucky person. I’m talking striking, sexy, flashy wrist confection.

These images give me a motive to edge my Michael Kors tortoise watch with assorted bangles, beads of pearls, baubles and charms…. 





Hey! It’s okay to tastefully load up with arm candy, you can never hoard too much on your wrist.

Jaclyn xo


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