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Having a Ball* …(happy weekend)

Why not do something a little unexpected this weekend! Perhaps have your morning coffee or vacuum in the buff? or purchase some white pumpkins for fall decorating instead of orange? try pretending you’re in Paris and make parisian fare? pair a major skirt with a casual top for a brunch date or plan a night in with your man and wear lingerie with an oversized faux coat? Life’s what you make of it..have a ball* this weekend!

Make sure you lock your doors and cover your windows…

go to your local market and grab a few blanco pumpkins…

The bedroom isn’t the only place to fantasize….take me to Paris!

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw for brunch…

Be a little minx for your man…

I’m running across the border for a random little shopping, dinning and dancing trip with one of my besties…. I love road trips, particularly unexpected ones!

I know I’m only going for the weekend..but?? A girl needs options!

Happy Weekend!

Jaclyn xo

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If I were a boy…..

I’d roll outta bed in the morning and throw on what I wanted and go..

If I were a boy I wouldn’t ever again have to worry about the wind revealing my crotch to the people on the street when I decide to wear a skirt.

This season masculine inspired style is staring me right in the face, and I’m drooling all over this manly mode. The ‘fairer sex’ has long said goodbye to the power suits with shoulder pads the size of hams. Thank god! Modern days have spun a smart twist on menswear, and whether you’ve been on board with this androgynous wagon or you’re fresh like me, their will be something that makes you want to ‘adjust yourself’.

I’m in love with all the meant-for-men pieces – trousers, slim -cut blazers, crisp button ups, elbow patches, neck ties, wing tip detailing, oxfords (stacked high or low) and sky high loafers.

I’m in the mood to wear the pants, in that sexy Lauren Hutton kinda way….

Remember, it’s masculine inspired, not just masculine. When wearing a heavily menswear-influenced outfit try mixing it up with feminine touches, such as:

  • Heels
  • Skirts
  • Jewelry
  • Lipstick

It would be a crime to let the boys keep these styles all to themselves!

Jaclyn xo


Jaclyn xo

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Go ‘F’ yourself….Faking it 101

(I’m going to get spammed because of that title aren’t I)

I never in a million bazillion years thought I would be tempted to buy faux fur for my wardrobe. Not even after watching 3 seasons of The Rachel Zoe Project, and no one wears/styles fur better than her. However, never say never right? On account of these images my perception of fur has shifted….I die!

I want to be decked out in fur…

I want to cover my head in it, cloak it over my back, wrap it around my collar-bone and trim my favorite Rudsak jacket with it. Faux Fur.

How to wear the faux fur trend:

Minimal – Delicate pieces with light details; trimming or fur collars make for simple features that still make a statement.

Vest Style – Try pairing your vest with tighter, close-fitting shirts to balance its volume. As well loose, peasant-style tops can create a chill, bohemian look.

Accessorize – If you’re hesitant about leaping right into a fur vest or jacket try a dash of detail;  boots, hats, earmuffs, bolero … anything goes.

Faux Fur dont’s:

Overdue it – Covering yourself with head to fur just ain’t cool! Try to only invest in one piece and use it wisely. Disclaimer: my comment under the images was an exaggeration, don’t wear everything at the same time!

Nasty Patterns – Some patterns just aren’t for fur, In my opinion, leopard prints, zebra, or any shapes.

Shoddy Synthetic – Horrible texture and nappy looking furs are a NO, attention to this!

Go ‘fur’ yourselves ladies…

Jaclyn xo

(images courtesy of Pinterest)

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The Power of Three

I have two fabulous sisters, and there is one thing I can count on when hanging out with them, laughter. And not just giggles here and there, but the kind of laughter that leaves tears in your eyes and sore abs. This weekend I got to hang out with my lovely sister Meme La Rue , it was nothing short of the usual pursuit of fun, shopping, sipping wine, ‘getting ready’, then hitting the town.

It’s always a ball getting ready to go out together. Normally it begins putting our hair in rollers alongside some cocktails. The bevies lead us to mini runway shows, where we strut our stuff down the hallway to the bumpin beats of Gaga or Rihanna, our usual anthems. And for the final touches we share the mirror and load up our lashes with Dior Show . It’s overly girly and I love it!

Our fashion has evolved over the years, naturally, and we each have our own personal style. The three of us have long-established a certain mode that defines who we are, fashionably speaking. I’m the overdressed one that wears heels any opportunity I get, My sisters think my style at times resembles that of a Golden Girl, whatever, I love gaudy accessories and oversized blouses. Michelle (aka meme la rue) is the modern boho who posses this I- just- came- from-breakfast- in- Bali look, with her long wavy blonde hair and an arm full of candy she knows how to mix high and low. And last is Chantelle  she’s the youngest one, her surfer meets prep girl west coast style suggests she just walked off a Billabong photo shoot, she even makes the Cali girls jelly. Although we all have different wardrobes we all share one thing, impeccable style, sometimes we even share clothes?

Here are some sisters I’d like to share a closet with….

I don’t know how people go through life without sisters..

Happy Monday..

Jaclyn xo

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Patch Work Love

Waking up to a crisp sunny autumn day will never cease to be one of my most savored things in the world…

I’m covering my elbows in patches and flaunting my amazing new boots to embrace this perfect fall day. Before I know it the sunshine and pumpkin spice lattes will carry me through to 5pm  – then maybe I’ll strut my stuff through a city park and take in the fresh air.

Elbows need lovin too…

This very equestrian meets grandpa look is being used from the classic blazer all the way to chunky knit sweaters and pretty much everything in between.  I love the little sartorial twist my elbow patches on my vintage Gap blazer had to offer today.

If you’re looking to submerge yourself in this classic trend hit up H&M, they have the perfect adaptation of all of the above…

Jaclyn xo

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That extra half inch….

Contrary to popular opinion, my favorite phrase is not “Happy Hour”. Nor is it “Shoe Sale at Holt’s!”. Or even, “Anybody want to go shopping?”  No, my friends. My very favorite phrase, the sentence that makes me start dancing on the spot for joy is: “Friday!!”.

This Friday means two things, a) The count down for cocktail time has started (I haven’t sipped wine for an entire week) and b) I’m only 8 hours away from being 4 inches shorter. The heels are checking out at exactly 5pm and I’ll be in flats most of the weekend, unless of course I head down to some TIFF wrap up parties –  in that case for a few hours I’ll need that extra half-inch.

I have no real agenda for the weekend, I’m simply going to wing it. Occasionally I like it that way. However, if I plan to go cocktailing with the stars I will need to plan my outfit….

What would I wear…


A little chevron party dress…

The perfect YSL shade on my lips…

I’ll have to wear a fabulous pair of heels…

and draw on flawless wing tips….

And maybe mess my bun up a little…

Cheers to the freaking weekend…

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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I’m superficial. Whatever.

My career is a channel that leads me to an array of clothing shops and unique boutiques daily. This means at any given time between visiting clients and work I could walk into one of these places and surrender myself to the shop lords. Since money doesn’t grow on trees and I should currently be saving for real life (aka marriage, mortgage, new car), I aim to keep my heels high and my head down, this keeps all temptation at bay…..

Until today. I had been working  really hard, so I felt the charge to honor myself. Rather than taking my common vanilla hour lunch I opted to look up!. I entered a shop and was immediately in shoe and handbag glory. Seychelles, Miss Sixty, L.A.M.B, Betsy Johnson, everything was so rare and fabulous. Let me just say – it wasn’t long before I was toes-deep in a fresh pair of L.A.M.B shoes that are grounds for possible ankle trauma. They are high and they are stunning. I’ll be looking down for the next little while, as for today I am one giddy woman!

Shoes make me happy. I’m superficial. Whatever.

Note: I think of these shoes as an investment. Please read here if you are having trouble appreciating this point.

Happy Hump day!

Jaclyn xo

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Pulling it together…

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed….I will be 5 coffees deep by the time you read this. I can already tell it’s going to be one of those days where I can’t get my sh*t together.

So while I’m pulling myself together I’ll direct you to few places where people have their sh*t together….

GoJette If you’re in the mood for a little decor and style inspiration you’re in the right spot. We are graced with the influence and style of Ms Janette Ewen who shares lovely images and inspiration that we can follow everyday. She has so much on the go you can keep up with her on twitter @Janette_Ewen

WhatIWore The images are just divine and the whole content of the blog screams ‘My Sh*t is totally together’ Jessica Quirk has her sh*t together and her outfit inspirations are genius.

Apartment-34 Erin is another fav that has her sh*t together….Her merge of decor, style, wedding stuff and dose of crushes is legal..legally delish. You will get great things from this blog…

TwirlySkirts Mollie is the outfit got her sh*t together goddess, go see for yourself! She’s smart,sweet, beautiful and full of outfit inspiration. Plus she has stems every woman would kill for!

Pull it together people, it’s Monday!

Happy Monday

Jaclyn xo

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Today feels like a fabulous summer day. Last weekend was a total tease that fall weather was here and it had us all reaching for cozy sweaters and boots.  Little Miss Summer isn’t going anywhere for a while folks, so put your chunky knits on hold for the next week or so until we can really strut our fall fashion.

Even with the sweating temps I plan on doing a few fall things this weekend.. like sweeping some OPI’s ‘I Brake for Manicures‘ over my nails, looking through mags for fall hair color inspiration, exchanging my summery bedding for some autumn plum shades, sipping wine on the back deck and maybe doing a little fall shopping? Somebody please escort me to a mall this weekend. I don’t like to shop alone….

Fabulous use of chocolate and plum…

She makes me want to paint my hair deep brown and grow my eyebrows to their virgin state..

This image makes me want to say eff this summer leftover weather..bring on fall!


What fall things are you going to get a head start on this weekend?

Happy Friday sugar plums!

Jaclyn xo

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A Fall Love S{tory}…

Today is one of those cozy clothes, tea sipping, movie watching, magazine reading, curling up on the couch, early autumn weather kinda days.  It’s the Monday of the last extended weekend of summer. Can’t think of anything better then lounging and grazing carbs all day….except for maybe Ms. Burchs’ fall 2011 collection…..

I’m obsessed. And I’m pretty much brainwashed that Ms. B can do no wrong when it comes to accessorizing and clothing the preps of today. How fabulous is that tweed?

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

{photos via Pinterest and}

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