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The Oversized Sock

One of my favorite traditions at Christmas time is the stocking – I like stuffing them, opening them and watching others unveil the endless mini gifts from their oversized sock….

I would be a happy partner, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, or friend if I were to receive any of these gifts in my stocking this year. I also love books, stationary, Licorice Allsorts and patterned socks. You listening family?

stocking stuffers


As the saying goes ‘good things come in small packages’…..

Happy 5 days till Christmas!

Jaclyn xo

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A Touch of Frost

I love a good collaboration, such as MJ and Paul McCartney’s ‘Say, Say, Say”,  Lanvin for H&M, Alice and Olivia for MAC, Another McCartney Stella for Target and my most recent popular LuLu Frost for J Crew.

The caption for these candy colored beauties read, “Colorful Art Deco bracelets for a modern-day Daisy Buchanan“. I could absolutely see the lead heroine of Fitzgeralds’ The Great Gatsby, donning a pair of these. I dying for the black one on the base and the green one second from the top, although two just wouldn’t be adequate…

Stack em up!



The perfect collar

I want these suspended from my lobes…

I’m fellin this with a plain white tee..

As if J Crew doesn’t do enough right…now for a second time we get to take advantage of Miss Lulu Frost at tolerable prices. Ranging in price from $45 to $135 it’s a shame if you don’t add one of these bright-colored beauties to your accessory collection!

Check out the collection for yourself here….

Jaclyn xo

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Vault Shopping

Is it just me or is this summer flying by faster than ever? I’m not going to get all whiny about it – there’s still plenty of time to wear my favorite must haves, and maybe even add a few more pieces before it’s time to start drooling over that brown leather Banana Republic jacket and corresponding Frye boots I’m going bananas for.

August is the perfect time of year to build up your summer wardrobe. Sounds odd right seeing summer is almost over? Wrong. Stay with me. While our favorite stores are getting ready for deep eggplant & plum tones, leather jackets, knits and all things autumn,we get to milk the system and buy summer pieces at clearance prices.  I normally like to grab transition pieces like tees, tanks and blouses, pieces I can layer right into the crisp fall air, and if I can get my hands on clearence dresses and bathing suits, beware, cause I’ll buy everything in my size.  You can wear this stuff  for the next month or so then treasure away for next season – its total budget and bliss.

Vault Shopping – Top 5 pieces to add to you summer vault:

  1. Bathing Suits & Cover ups – Just to name a few H&M, Victorias Secret, The Bay, Gap, French Connection and BCBG,  are great spots to discover fab clearance deals.  Last summer I got my cherished perfect fit basic black bikini top from Gap for only $7.99
  2. Beach bags & Summery Clutches – A girl can never have enough bags or beach/boat bags! Ya know the kind you throw everything and the bathroom sink into.  I recently scored a Billabong Anchor beach tote for $14 reg. $59.99 and a BCBG nude sequins clutch for $26 reg. $106… most designer labels discount their items for 60% because they can.
  3. Layering pieces Tees, Tanks  & Blouses– again great for layering, all are perfect to throw under your prefect knit or blazer to keep you warm when the summer nights get cooler. Great places to score these are H&M, J Crew, Banana Republic, Gap. Grab yourself a summer denim blouse.
  4. Accessories – I’m a sucker for budget gems; with the deeper colors of fall it’s totally okay to wear your coral rings and fav turquoise earings..be daring, make statements with accessories.
  5. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes – because a girl can never have too many pairs! Shoes are expensive, especially nice ones, so when they go on sale sweep ’em up…think winter vacations, weddings down south, classics for next summer..they will serve their purpose, promise.


Great Transition outfit..

Summer to Fall

Summer sequins turned fall



La Boots I’m going bananas for..

I’m heading out the door to visit my friend Lisa over at  LEMONBERRY, my fav local clothing shop where I can always find something to add to my vault! My girlfriend’s driving so I might disguise my Skinny Girl Margarita as a Starbucks skinny vanilla latte and do a little cocktail shopping! Hey, it’s Friday!

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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Skinny Dipping

The weather is a scorching 33 degrees here, the sun is so intense it may burn a hole through my J Crew Rowboat dress…I’m trying to stay focused on work, however my mind keeps escaping me with thoughts of what I will be doing once my work day is finished. I absolutely believe the heat is making me hallucinate?

All I can plot  is shedding my work clothes and skinny dipping in the daylight. This is unheard of around here. Unless you’re in Europe or live on a private lake daylight skinny dipping is bold behaviour. Regardless I don’t give a sh*t. I going to be audacious!

On days like today I hate clothing…. my dress is suffocating me.

WARNING: Friends and family –  if you hear someone splashing around in your pool early evening don’t be alarmed, it’s only moi!

Happy Monday..

Jaclyn xo

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Vacation Brain

I have vacation brain. 

 The right side is attempting to sober up from the long weekend while the left side is musing over these…..

J Crew is joining our domestic soil…Yorkdale Summer 2011

Glitter Toms.  If you know me you know that glitter makes me giddy


A truck that delivers “fresh” carbs. Yes please!

A clutch bigger then my skirt and coral shoes

A reason to keep breathing.

I’m painfully getting my sh*t composed, day by day my symptoms of vacation brain are ceasing.  Until I get back to myself I ask forgiveness for my lame-O posts.

5 Ways To Tell You Have Vacation Brain:

  1. you spent the entire weekend in a carb and cocktail induced coma
  2. your partner talks to you and you pretend to listen but really could give a sh*t what he/she is saying
  3. you haven’t brushed your hair in 4 days – you just keeping sticking bobby pins in it to keep your fly-aways at bay
  4. you desire only rich items – carbs (poutine, bread, chips, sundaes), luxurious face serums to reverse the damage of the sleepless weekend and expensive water like Fuji to flush the crap you inhaled
  5. when you drive somewhere you look at yourself in the rearview and say “huh? how the eff did I get here?”

Do yourself and anyone else in your line of fire a favor; keep to yourself, lie dormant and don’t come public until all symptoms have passed..

Happy Monday, Tuesday!

Jaclyn xo


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