“Gilty” pleasure or a sickness

If I’m not pinning over the current home and clothing trends in magazines, I’m on my laptop seeking out online retailers for deals or inspiration.  Don’t worry, I like to share…

Gossip Girls “B” and “S” get texts from them, magazines and blogs are publishing about them, now I’ve been captured by them, Guilt Groupe.  Ecommerce meets fashion, so you can have a glass of wine in one hand and your mouse in the other or be at work and cheat in a shop.  I know online shopping almost seems ancestral, but Gilt Groupe privies you to designer stuff  for 50 -70%less designer prices.  Bad, bad news for me and indirectly Mike Peron (my partner).

This site is great for those of us that desire or enjoy the finer things or “must- haves” in our stylish life, even if your bank account is on the skint side, you can still garner the beni’s of this secret society

I get e-mails every am from Gilt, like I totally feel part of the circle (another feature).  Today the front page hosted features on Hunter Boots (my go-to’s for this shit weather in Canada), Safevieh Home (my house will be accented with their stuff), Tracey Anderson DVD’s (if you don’t know her method, you’re not winning)) and Best Dressed: Patio and Roof top parties (because who doesn’t  go to plenty of those in the summer).  The categories and wardrobe essentials are bliss, hence the reason I needed to share….but be warned my friends, it’s addicting!  Even just for browsing.

Pour yourself your signature cocktail and watch this video, the tune will get you pumped and the phenomenon will make you long to join…

Happy Monday!

Gilt Groupe registry: http://www.gilt.com/sale/women

Jaclyn xo


3 thoughts on ““Gilty” pleasure or a sickness

  1. D says:

    I’m “Gilt”y too!! Your pop pressed post was so wonderful, I’ve been watching you since then….tell us more about your shoe love affairs!


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