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A letter to me.

Dear me,

This is going to be tough to hear.  Every once in a deep cobalt blue moon, extremely rarely, immensely never, you are wrong.  I know it sounds nuts and beyond the bounds of possibility, but sometimes your big beautiful brain full of magnificent ideas can get the best of you and saying “yes” to everything doesn’t work out in your favor.  Let me explain:

Last week you gave your readers nada, zip-pity zip, nothing. It wasn’t that you had nothing noteworthy to write about, cause you did – it was that between work, social events and side jobs you agreed to a million and five projects and forgot to schedy in some Jaclyn time. So listen – try to be more realistic from now on. Stop being such a creature of habit and extending yourself to wafer thin widths.

Now back to reality. How fabulous are these?

Oh how I’ve missed yous!

Happy Monday.

Jaclyn xo

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Feeling Centered

It’s time to switch up my part. I’m taking it from the left side to the center.

The center part is making a strong comeback for spring. 70’s glam makes me happy. Anything other than 90’s era grunge-punk makes me happy…


I pretty much want LC’s hair…

Grammar and vocabulary often are lateralized to the left hemisphere of the brain,  I’m hoping a center part will balance my brain function and I’ll fruit my best writing yet?

Get centered.

Jaclyn xo

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Love is in the air

Whether you’re single, or taken or somewhere between – I wish everyone happiness and love on this St. Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air…..

And in the end, the love you give is equal to the love you get….

Happy Valentines Day!

Jaclyn xo

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I thought I was over ‘Colabs’…..?

So a month ago I was complaining about ‘how over‘ the whole celeb/designer colabs I am, Missoni for Target, over it. Versace for H&M, over it.

Recently I had a rebirth of thought when I came across the David Beckham Body Wear ad campaign for H&M. The hunk, husband of former Spice-Girl-turned-designer Victoria Beckham has made me dance right back on the collaboration bandwagon.

Thank you Mrs. Beckham for giving forth such beauty.


View the collection.




Some things truly do look better on the floor…

What’s your fav celeb colab?

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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Be All Ears…

I’m the kinda girl who needs to have earrings in and mascara on at all times when I leave the house. I throw studs, diamonds or silver knots in my earlobes for everyday then swap them out for something interesting when I wanna play.

Recently I invested in a cute pair of fish gill earrings – LOVE them. I didn’t take the dangling things out for my entire holiday, I mean, they totally suited the by-the-ocean-poolside theme so why would I? (as seen here)

I’m going to glam up my typical everyday studs with some fresh and wild ones…

Club Manhattan earrings

I can’t get enough of the carcass-animalia-serpant inspired accessories, call me kitschy but its way better than boring.

Jaclyn xo

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I Heart February

Hello February!
February always awakens my love for Spring. I start severely craving warmer temps and want to dress myself in cooler lighter tones, I dream of rolling down my window feeling the fresh Spring air and cranking my new crush Lana Del Ray.
The month of L.O.V.E is short, sweet and draws us one step closer to the start of spring!
Spring Arm Confectionery….
My Crush – Miss Lana Del Ray

Valentines Day.

Spring Trends to look forward to:

Pastel Shades

Super Bold Prints

Baroque Flourishes

Tangerine and Orange Shades

Center parts

Bigger Blow outs

pistachio colored nails

Happy February my darls!

Jaclyn xo

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