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Bring on the Rain

Its pouring rain outside while I’m dry, warm and cozy inside with piles of magazines, warm chocolate croissants (I’m on holidays it’s totally acceptable), my favorite cozy clothes, my new chevron throw from Winners and a pot of fresh Costa Rican coffee—only thing missing is a deck with a lake view.

I’m trying to decide how I am going to spend the rest of my rainy Friday? Perhaps I’ll watch one of my all time fav movies, Dirty Dancing, The Sweetest Thing, Bridget Jones Diary, Devil Wears Prada? Maybe I should get started on my bubble chandiliere? Possibly I should just assume the position wrapped up on my couch close to my coffee pot with my pile of reading material…SJP is on the cover of this months Vogue. Could be a good day? 

Here’s a list of  things to do on a rainy day:

  • Go shopping
  • Start or finish a DIY project you’ve been wanting to take care of
  • Go for a mani and pedi
  • Cozy up in your favorite post at home and read a great book, chances are if you have no little meep mops (small children) you could get it finished.
  • Organize your shoes…
  • Bake cookies
  • Have a at home cinema day
  • Go for a walk in the rain – ditch your Hunters and go barefoot!

Bring on the rain…

Tip Toe Kiss


A great way to pass the day..

Another great way to pass the day….

Rainy day organization..

This would make my rainy day..

If you think that sunshine is pure happiness you should try dancing barefoot in the rain!

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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Feeling ‘Nauty’

I have a thing for clothing that suggests I’m about to step foot upon a sail boat and set off into the sea.  This abyssal charm dates back to the icons such as Bridget Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, where cigs and stripes were captured looking super sexy together, to now modern-day Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren editorials that have us pinning to mix nautical patterns with fitted blazers and chill out looking all preppy and cape cod.

Today I decided to be a little ‘nauty’..nautical that is.  I decked myself in bold navy stripes accompanied by gold jewelry and I felt happy as hell about it!  There is something very timeless and je ne sais quoi about nautical clothing.  Fact is, when done right nautical is a terrific look for anyone to pull off.  The key is to not go overboard (ha – I’m brilliant), too much of anything is never good.  

The number of nautical pieces in my wardrobe for summer? Five. And counting. I spied a green and white striped bikini the other day that I may have to add to the collection.

Come sail away….

Tips for your nautical look

  1. Pick one piece and work your outfit from there
  2. Choose colors like red-orange, blue and white – notably nautical
  3. Try belting a bold stripped dress, maxi or oversized shirt
  4. Leave hair and make up ultra casual looking too done will look more flight attendant than cape cod!
  5. Avoid embroidered anchors like the plague, tasteful not tacky
  6. Try a fitted stripped tee and wide leg trousers, if you’re really daring white pants
  7. Toms, Sperrys, loafers…

Do ‘nauty’ this week, you’ll feel happy and look fabulous…

Ahoy mates!

Jaclyn xo


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Tip Top Tush

I love waking up to the sound of the birds chirping, make my bed, skedaddle to the kitchen, put on my coffee then see what kind of smoothie I can whip up for breaky. Summertime always warrants the fridge to be stocked with local fresh berries, and my elite picks, Mr. Raspberry and Miss. Blueberry make for quite the tasty little smoothie couple. But lately bananas are on the receiving end of my favoritism. I’m not sure if it’s because they taste so perfect blended up with peanut butter, or if it’s when I add my cocoa protein powder? but whatever it is I feel as though I’m breakfasting at DQ, and it is flipping dee-vine!

A friend of mine at the gym gave me this ‘ Top Tush Tip’ otherwise known as the perfect formula to boost my AM energy, add protein to my breakfast , provide nutritional value and  keep my as* in tip-top shape!  Don’t worry, I’m sharing my dirty little chocolate secret and I assert you will relish and obsess over this bevie as much as I am. Enjoy!

        Tip Top Tush Banana Smoothie


  1. 1 Banana
  2. 1 Cup of ice
  3. 1/2 Cup of Almond Breeze (vanilla)
  4. 1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
  5. 1 Scoop of chocolate protein powder (this can also be replaced with chocolate soy beverage and up the quantity of step 3 to 1 cup)


  • Slice the banana, and save a slices (to be used as garnish, it looks sexy).
  • Place the banana, ice, protein powder, Almond Breeze, and peanut butter in a blender or food processor.
  • Blend until smooth and creamy. Garnish and serve!
  • Then follow-up with squats, Bulgarian split squats and more squats..


The perfect start to a Monday!

Dust off the ol’ blender and get your smoothie on…

Jaclyn xo




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Who wears short shorts

Shorts are tricky. They can either look super fashionable and classy or extremely trash and fromage.   Take yourself here –  the back page of Glamour – the do’s and dont’s portion is a great way to appreciate what I’m talking about.

This summer I have uncovered a new taste for shorts, with all the classic cuts and feminine styles I realized shorts are not only for lakeside lounging, sports, and pj bottoms.  In actual fact when worn properly shorts look very stylish and fresh.  These styles not only look effortlessly fab on celebs and fashion bloggers, but as well us real life just trying to make it kinda girls!

My “short” ban has officially lifted…

Stunning use of sequins

You smile, I smile..


Hypocritically correct  – Okay so this totally is a don’t but this look makes it a do?

Good use of shorts…

Oh no she di’int..Don’t do this, ever.

It’s going to be the perfect weekend to get hot and sweaty, go master an outfit with a great pair of shorts. TGIF.

Jaclyn xo

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Summer Brain

I’m playing some serious catch up in my life and career right now.  I guess that’s what happens when you spend your days off in a no-ambition-but-to-lunch-drink and-lounge-by-a-pool haze.

My project list is advancing before my very eyes and I keep taking on more.  Case in point, my bubble chandelier project? What happened there? The material still sits stilly on my floor in its original Home Depot bag.  Then there’s the lovely jewellery organizer, I have all the tangibles to create the perfect home to keep my gems organized, do you think I have even entertained the adventure? Nope.  I have e-mails that need responses and writing to be submitted.  I’m behind people.

I’d rather be doing other things…Like strutting down the side-walk in a breezy skirt and cute heels, window shopping then breaking for lunch!

This is just another symptom of summer brain..

Strutting it with the girls…

I’d get blisters for these…

Window shopping….

The dog days are over, I need to get my sh*t together.  At least until my  summer holidays begin.

Jaclyn xo

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Skinny Dipping

The weather is a scorching 33 degrees here, the sun is so intense it may burn a hole through my J Crew Rowboat dress…I’m trying to stay focused on work, however my mind keeps escaping me with thoughts of what I will be doing once my work day is finished. I absolutely believe the heat is making me hallucinate?

All I can plot  is shedding my work clothes and skinny dipping in the daylight. This is unheard of around here. Unless you’re in Europe or live on a private lake daylight skinny dipping is bold behaviour. Regardless I don’t give a sh*t. I going to be audacious!

On days like today I hate clothing…. my dress is suffocating me.

WARNING: Friends and family –  if you hear someone splashing around in your pool early evening don’t be alarmed, it’s only moi!

Happy Monday..

Jaclyn xo

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Random Acts of Fanciness

Sometimes life just calls for a little random fanciness. Sequins during the day,  sparkly Toms, Coral lips with a bare face, decadent french toast on a work day, Mimosas in bed and pearls worn with casual jeans are just a few ways we can whisper fanciness. This week I’m going to be  spontaneously glamorous in an unintentional way to make myself smile as much as I can.  I’m hitting up a Yankees vs Jays game with my birds Friday and of course, I’m already planning my outfit…can’t wait to look glamorous in my vintage baseball tee and sip oversized draft with the girls. Classy!
Here are some of my favorite Random Acts of Fanciness:
  1. Dressing like Betty Draper while I make a casual dinner at home.
  2. Pairing a boyfriend tee and jeans with fabulous heels. Maybe sparkly ones?
  3. Heading to a local resto with my girls and dressing up like we’re celebrating something major.
  4. Serving french pastries and espresso in bed on my grandparents silver 25th anniversary platter.
  5. Wearing heels and my lounge attire while I clean the kitchen and vacuum, a) It’s a great leg workout b) It makes the act of cleaning more lavish.

What are your random acts of fanciness?

Jaclyn xo

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Vacation Brain

I have vacation brain. 

 The right side is attempting to sober up from the long weekend while the left side is musing over these…..

J Crew is joining our domestic soil…Yorkdale Summer 2011

Glitter Toms.  If you know me you know that glitter makes me giddy


A truck that delivers “fresh” carbs. Yes please!

A clutch bigger then my skirt and coral shoes

A reason to keep breathing.

I’m painfully getting my sh*t composed, day by day my symptoms of vacation brain are ceasing.  Until I get back to myself I ask forgiveness for my lame-O posts.

5 Ways To Tell You Have Vacation Brain:

  1. you spent the entire weekend in a carb and cocktail induced coma
  2. your partner talks to you and you pretend to listen but really could give a sh*t what he/she is saying
  3. you haven’t brushed your hair in 4 days – you just keeping sticking bobby pins in it to keep your fly-aways at bay
  4. you desire only rich items – carbs (poutine, bread, chips, sundaes), luxurious face serums to reverse the damage of the sleepless weekend and expensive water like Fuji to flush the crap you inhaled
  5. when you drive somewhere you look at yourself in the rearview and say “huh? how the eff did I get here?”

Do yourself and anyone else in your line of fire a favor; keep to yourself, lie dormant and don’t come public until all symptoms have passed..

Happy Monday, Tuesday!

Jaclyn xo


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