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I thought I was over ‘Colabs’…..?

So a month ago I was complaining about ‘how over‘ the whole celeb/designer colabs I am, Missoni for Target, over it. Versace for H&M, over it.

Recently I had a rebirth of thought when I came across the David Beckham Body Wear ad campaign for H&M. The hunk, husband of former Spice-Girl-turned-designer Victoria Beckham has made me dance right back on the collaboration bandwagon.

Thank you Mrs. Beckham for giving forth such beauty.


View the collection.




Some things truly do look better on the floor…

What’s your fav celeb colab?

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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Frost Yourself…..

Fur, lace, feathers, studs or jewels. I’ll take anyone of the previous mentioned materials and sprinkle them on my head. I call it frosting myself…



Can I please have those major ear muffs for the cold days ahead…..

And that little lace vail number could be perfect for NYE?… (Christmas hasn’t even passes and I’m already thinking New Years outfit, typical)

Find a way to frost yourself this weekend.

Happy Friday

Jaclyn xo

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Happy Weekend: Hot Cocoa & Cozy

This weekend I’m going to try not to stay out till 2am and remember to balance my water to wine ratio. I plan on celebrating the cooler weather rolling in by pulling out my parkas, breaking out my Sorels and matching up the odds and ends of my hats and gloves.

Tonight I’ll be celebrating one of my sassy friends birthday with a bunch of wonderful dames. Tomorrow a few of us are heading to the Local Santa Clause Parade to sip hot cocoa and people watch- I can’t wait get my cheeks all rosy and cozy up in some brazen winter wear and hit the town!

I’m stepping up my outer wear game..

(this is a great look, cocoa faux fur & party pants)

(Might just keep the pants on … at least until I get home!)

(Insert pants here:I love leg warmers, but seriously this girl needs pants)

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you cozy up and take it outside…

Jaclyn xo

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Happy Weekend…

It’s Friday! This is what I’m doing right now……

Jumping for joy……

Throwing on some glittery booties……

meeting up with my besties for a shop and walk…..

finishing my book…

and getting a start on my DIY headbands…..

It’s a glorious day. It’s Friday…

Happy Weekend!

Jaclyn xo

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Trick or Treat*….

Whether your weekend is filled with costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, sipping cider cocktails or watching horror films, make sure you treat your self to lots of candy and trick someone you love!

I’m dressing up as a Russian doll –  staining my lips blood-red, lining my eyes with falsies, using a big barrel iron to curl my hair and wearing the biggest faux fur hat you’ve ever seen! Can’t wait.

You can find me at a high top sipping caramel apple martinis with my girlfriends….

and maybe dancing on tables!

Happy Spooky Halloween weekend!

Jaclyn xo

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