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Beach & Sun: Vacay Moments

I’m back! My vacation is officially over, like always it flew by way too quickly. It was a blissful, gluttonous, enjoyable 7 days – oddly enough I’m happy to be home, mainly because if I had stayed any longer I’m not sure I would have come out of it alive. Our days looked something like this….

9am – Breaky & Mimosas

10am – Walk to the beach & Pina Colada

11am – Beach cocktails commence

12pm – Ocean swim & Miami Vices

1pm – Lunch & wine

2pm – beach nap &  Mimosa upon wake up

3pm – Head to the swim up bar & margaritas

4pm – Poolside Happy Hour & Daily Martinis

5pm – more martinis…..

6pm – Shower & in the room Champagne

7pm – Dinner & drinks

8pm – Dessert & Aperitif

9pm – Lobby Bar & Cuba Libre

10pm – 1am – Disco, dancing & more Cuba Libres…

Sleep. Repeat.

Proof is in the itinerary that the possibility of overdosing from this boozy vacay was a bona fide concern.

It was a fabulous vacation with an equally fabulous group of people. I could get used to living in a warmer climate dressed simply in a kaftan and bikini, writing ocean side and indulging in daily (not hourly) happy hour!

Thanks to the beautiful Birthday girl for making this trip happen and to the wonderful people who were in our crew. The beach, a dose of sunshine, laughter and silliness were exactly what I needed to get me through these last loitering months of winter.


Siesta Anyone?

Poolside two

Morning Mimosas

Beach Time

Piled High & Tipsy

Poolside kisses

Sunset on the beach

Dinner and drinks @ The Steakhouse

I couldn’t decide?

Punta Cana 2012

I won’t exhaust you with anymore photos -I took over 300.

Glad to be back to my loyal readers….

Happy Monday to you, and happy first day of detox to me!

Jaclyn xo

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Guest Post – Ms Twirly Skirts

I am so excited to be posting here on My Tailored Life! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Molliee and I write the blog Twirly Skirts  where I write about my take on all things fabulous, beautiful and inspiring. I’d love if you follow me on Facebook  and Twitter !
I wanted to talk about transitional pieces. To me, it is important that most of my wardrobe be transitional from season to season. Although it stays relatively nice out in Los Angeles, it is key to have items that will work in June and in January. Take these adorable red shorts. In the winter, I would wear them as shown, with tights, a cute tee and some killer heels. Then I would repurpose these same shorts for summer by pairing them with a cute nautical tee and some espadrilles. Next time you look in your closet, think outside the box and take something you normally only wear in the summer and layer it up for winter!
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I’ll be vacationing in Dominican Republic for the next week which means I’ll be taking it offline for the next few days. This holiday is just what the doctor ordered. I have some fabulous ladies dropping by to share a few bits and pieces with you and I am super stoked about it… you’ll be in amazing hands.

So for the next few days ill be lounging, cocktailing, sunning, beaching, dancing, eating, laughing….and doing whatever other ings I can think of. Time for me to throw my hair in a top knot, cloak myself in a bikini and kaftan and see you lovelies in a week!

Pinned Image

I cant wait to share all my bits and pieces when I come home!

Jaclyn xox

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Charlie has totally made me hit the big O…The OMG I need this entire collection!

Can this guy possibly fashion a better swimwear line? Wait, probably. Everything Matthew Zink designs makes my heart liquify. He’s brilliant.

This time next week I’ll be strutting my stuff on the white sands of Dominican Republic, and if I didn’t have to be so responsible I’d spend every last cent to cover myself from shoulders to derriere in Charlie. When I’m famous and making some serious bucks I’ll fill my bikini drawer to the brim with Charlie – but until then I have my one Jerry.

Charlie’gasm: Drooling, adoration, giddiness. What you will experience from these images.


To see how Charlie and I experienced love at first sight read here... Cheers,

Jaclyn xo

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Golden Girl

I’m excited for today cause it happens to be my besties Birthday! As per tradition we’ll be spending the evening sipping on some cocktails hanging with her family and eating some wonderful italian dish.

My birds birthdays always remind me of how happy and fortunate I am to have these Golden Girls in my life. I reflect back on all the silly sh*t we have done over the years, how many tears we’ve shed together, how often we laugh out loud and the things we do to help each other, it’s pretty amazing.

Today I’m celebrating Chantelles 30 something! Cheers to a wonderful best friend, a spiritual soul and native queen (credits to K Dog for that one).

Things I LOVE about this girl:

I trick her – I ask her if she’s like to grab a Starbucks, get her in the car then say ” oh sh*t do you mind if we stop at the mall quick? I need to grab something?” 18 years later, she’s still my friend.

I’m Dramatic – I over-dramatize everything, my stories, my wardrobe, if my coffee is made incorrectly? – but she stands by everything I say, even if she is embarrassed.

 Pocahontas vs  Blair Waldorf -she likes moccasins, I like heels. She likes camping, I like glamping. She likes beer, I like wine… so different, yet so the similar in nature.

Her quirky Humor – her most recent Facebook posts are along the lines of  ” I know I’m getting old when I’m asking for wrinkle cream and an electric cigarette for my Birthday”.. always makes me smile.

Cheers to amazing, extraordinary friends!

I would be the one on the left wearing a skirt to play outside in, she’s the tomboy..of course!

She’d get too tired of walking so I’d have to carry her….

What she’d wear to a party….

What I’d wear to a party….

Well said…

Happy Birthday to my Golden Girl…

Jaclyn xo

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Vacation Brain

I’m suffering from a serious case of vacation brain. It’s Monday, I’m 10 days away from a week abroad with my friends under the hot Caribbean sun, so today I am going to shamelessly and unabashedly gloat about my upcoming trip.

I’ve been mentally packing for a week and applying Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer so I don’t arrive in the Dominican looking intensely pasty. I’m thinking all I will need are a few swimsuits, sandals, kaftans, dresses, clutches and totes to take me from lazy days in the sun to evening cocktails and dancing.

Some symptoms….

vacation brain

I’m going to be totally lazy and get a golden glow!


Happy Monday


Jaclyn xo

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My Big Plans: 2012…

Happy 2012! Expected, I’m still recovering. While I’m not usually a big believer in making tons of promises that you know will never be kept… I have to say I’m very into the idea of making some serious changes in 2012. I tried not to be too ambitious with my new years resolution picks. It’s good to set goals, it’s good to be enthusiastic – attempting to curb reckless spending would be effing fantastic!! Whatever, I’m excited to have a clean slate – I think 2012 is going to be fabulous!

Do sh*t that gives you butterflies this year….

I’m happy to be back, I missed you guys!

Jaclyn xo

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