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I thought I was over ‘Colabs’…..?

So a month ago I was complaining about ‘how over‘ the whole celeb/designer colabs I am, Missoni for Target, over it. Versace for H&M, over it.

Recently I had a rebirth of thought when I came across the David Beckham Body Wear ad campaign for H&M. The hunk, husband of former Spice-Girl-turned-designer Victoria Beckham has made me dance right back on the collaboration bandwagon.

Thank you Mrs. Beckham for giving forth such beauty.


View the collection.




Some things truly do look better on the floor…

What’s your fav celeb colab?

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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Vacation Brain

I’m suffering from a serious case of vacation brain. It’s Monday, I’m 10 days away from a week abroad with my friends under the hot Caribbean sun, so today I am going to shamelessly and unabashedly gloat about my upcoming trip.

I’ve been mentally packing for a week and applying Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer so I don’t arrive in the Dominican looking intensely pasty. I’m thinking all I will need are a few swimsuits, sandals, kaftans, dresses, clutches and totes to take me from lazy days in the sun to evening cocktails and dancing.

Some symptoms….

vacation brain

I’m going to be totally lazy and get a golden glow!


Happy Monday


Jaclyn xo

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Dress you up in my love….

”Let me cover you with velvet kisses
I’ll create a look that’s made for you…..’ – Madonna

Beyond the festive decorations, confectionery treats and cozy nights, I also love this time of year because it gives us that many more reasons to glam it up a little. Even if it’s simply painting your nails with some red polish or throwing on something sparkly,’tis the season that requests a little bash*. With a couple of Holiday parties on the schedule this week and next, I’m looking forward to getting dolled up and drinking a little bubbly.

Here are a few little numbers that captured my brown eyes……

Dress you up in my love....
I’m aware the flock of sequins in this collection is heavy, but really nothing starts a party like some sequins….or old school Madonna!
Jaclyn xo
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Patch Work Love

Waking up to a crisp sunny autumn day will never cease to be one of my most savored things in the world…

I’m covering my elbows in patches and flaunting my amazing new boots to embrace this perfect fall day. Before I know it the sunshine and pumpkin spice lattes will carry me through to 5pm  – then maybe I’ll strut my stuff through a city park and take in the fresh air.

Elbows need lovin too…

This very equestrian meets grandpa look is being used from the classic blazer all the way to chunky knit sweaters and pretty much everything in between.  I love the little sartorial twist my elbow patches on my vintage Gap blazer had to offer today.

If you’re looking to submerge yourself in this classic trend hit up H&M, they have the perfect adaptation of all of the above…

Jaclyn xo

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