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Feeling Centered

It’s time to switch up my part. I’m taking it from the left side to the center.

The center part is making a strong comeback for spring. 70’s glam makes me happy. Anything other than 90’s era grunge-punk makes me happy…


I pretty much want LC’s hair…

Grammar and vocabulary often are lateralized to the left hemisphere of the brain,  I’m hoping a center part will balance my brain function and I’ll fruit my best writing yet?

Get centered.

Jaclyn xo

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Minka on my mind

How gorgeous does Minka Kelly look, well, everywhere.  The Friday Night Lights stunner gifts a sexy meets simple look that has me bunny earing fashion mags and aching to copy cat her style. 

She makes me want to undergo rhinoplasty, color my hair chestnut-brown and walk around my house in lingerie, I’m sure Mike wouldn’t mind?….

I’m fishtail braiding my hair today…. thank’s to my girl Minka.


Happy Hump day!

Jaclyn xo

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