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Sweater Weather

So apparently the formula for fall is as follows: Sweaters, booties, chunky sweaters, layers and ….. Sweaters.







It’s officially sweater weather, basically crawl into the perfect sweater and hibernate under it till spring.

For me sweaters and boots are easy as hell. I love fall.

Jaclyn xo

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I ate stuffing and mashed potatoes four days in a row. Hence, I am the opposite of sexy, which I think is frumpy right? I long for water and cardio.

I’m still comatose from the long Thanksgiving weekend, so feast your eyes on these lovely fall photos that have me craving a cozy photo shoot with my man.






Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Jaclyn xo

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Fine Wine.

Yes, yes I love my wine. However this post isn’t a guzzle my glass social alcoholic kinda post, it’s a I’m a shopaholic kinda post that supports my thirst for wine colored denim, Bordeaux glazed nails, Merlot lips and deep ruby booties.

I need to work overtime to nourish my wine fixation (both).

You can assume jewel tones will be my Fall uniform. What’s going to be your go-to chilly weather style?








I’m feelin the red wine in so many ways… I think it’s those burgundy booties in the last photo that are really speaking to me.

Jaclyn xo

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Costume DIY’ing and Candy Apple Martini’ing…

Happy Trick or Treat day!

I go crazy for costume and theme parties, so this weekend was a screaming success in the dress up department! I had a billion ideas of what I wanted to be for our Spooky girls night out, first it was a Russian Doll, inspired from OPI’s Russian Collection followed by thoughts of a ‘A Real Housewife’, Rachel Zoe ( not frail enough), Kate Middleton (again not skinny enough) and Ophelia.  Last minute I altered my ideas, that’s the Gemini in me, We were off to a jazz club so I fancied looking more glitter & glam. I rummaged through my tickle trunk of past costumes and old dance outfits and decided with all the bits I would be a modern-day flapper girl. With a quick stop at Forever 21 my DIY costume was a hit.

The night was fabulous, we totally overdosed on Candy Apple Martinis, got in a little cardio set on the dance floor and joked about all the slutty *fill in the blank* costumes we witnessed, what happened to Halloween, much like every other holiday it’s lost its center?

Here’s a peek at my DIY Flapper Fabulous costume…





For me it’s all about the hair and make up. I love bold eyelashes, falsies, smooth Hollywood curls, red red lips and painting pretty things on my face!

How I built my costume:

1. Dress from Forever 21 circa 2010, $19.99

2. Necklace Vintage Costume jewelry from the tickle trunk

3. Headband Forever 21, $6.50 (in stores now)

4. MAC Eyelashes and MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

5. OPI Nails in ‘Color so Hot it Berns’

6. Fishnet Stocking from my hosiery drawer

Clearly doesn’t take a scientist to figure it out…just a little creativity!


The best kind of costumes are the ones you create on your own.

Happy Halloween!

Jaclyn xo



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4inch Puddle Hurdling

Today’s going to be another wet Autumn day. I refuse to let the rain dictate my footwear so as it stands, I am going to be attempting puddle hurdles in my 4 inch heels.

I love the rain,  there’s something particularly romantic about it. Maybe it’s the way it falls on the window pane and the sound it makes in a still room, or how it compels me to crave coziness, comfort food and cuddles? Not sure. What I do know is that for a moment I will not subscribe to any notion that dressing for work in the rain means dull or duckboots, those are for the weekend people!




Hope you get through your rainy days with love…

Jaclyn xo

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Let me entertain you…

A frothy skirt, pretty apron, gorgeous table setting, bite sized treats and high heels are just a few elements of a modern-day hostess, MDH.  I consider myself a MDH, I love making cocktails, planning out the menu, designing mini deserts and creating games my guests can play in parallel with feeding them more cocktails, and on most occasions you can find me doing all the entertaining in 3 inches or more. It’s unlike me to plan an evening of entertaining at home and not be dressed up.

Anthropologie  has played a major role in my dress-up-for-my-dinner-party reverie. I blame the high quality, uniquely anthro, clean constructed and superb detailing of the dresses and aprons for making me buy things I’d wear to host a party.  Yup, I have dresses in my closet categorized under ‘at home entertaining’. My outfit is always planned before my menu!

As us Canadians just celebrated our Thanksgiving it got me fantasizing about hosting my first harvest feast. I was all giddy envisioning what the menu would consist of, how my table would look and what desserts I would invent for my guests…and of course what I’d slip into!

What I was thinking…..

Come inside….

Grab a drink and relax until dinner is served….

Take your seat……

Please excuse me, I need to re-apply after all the sipping…

Pass the pear and sausage stuffing please….

Would you like a caramelized pear?…..

Another cocktail….?

Now lets dance….

Cheers to being thankful, shaking up traditions, our booties (and a few martinis of course)!

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Jaclyn xo

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