Let me entertain you…

A frothy skirt, pretty apron, gorgeous table setting, bite sized treats and high heels are just a few elements of a modern-day hostess, MDH.  I consider myself a MDH, I love making cocktails, planning out the menu, designing mini deserts and creating games my guests can play in parallel with feeding them more cocktails, and on most occasions you can find me doing all the entertaining in 3 inches or more. It’s unlike me to plan an evening of entertaining at home and not be dressed up.

Anthropologie  has played a major role in my dress-up-for-my-dinner-party reverie. I blame the high quality, uniquely anthro, clean constructed and superb detailing of the dresses and aprons for making me buy things I’d wear to host a party.  Yup, I have dresses in my closet categorized under ‘at home entertaining’. My outfit is always planned before my menu!

As us Canadians just celebrated our Thanksgiving it got me fantasizing about hosting my first harvest feast. I was all giddy envisioning what the menu would consist of, how my table would look and what desserts I would invent for my guests…and of course what I’d slip into!

What I was thinking…..

Come inside….

Grab a drink and relax until dinner is served….

Take your seat……

Please excuse me, I need to re-apply after all the sipping…

Pass the pear and sausage stuffing please….

Would you like a caramelized pear?…..

Another cocktail….?

Now lets dance….

Cheers to being thankful, shaking up traditions, our booties (and a few martinis of course)!

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Jaclyn xo

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One thought on “Let me entertain you…

  1. Cerissa says:

    Im hosting a party bus event and I have no
    clue what to wear… Help!

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