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Rock The Boat 2

So I’m taking tomorrow and the weekend offline and I’m giddy as hell about it. Have a glorious weekend and don’t be jelly. My life is rarely this carefree.

Tips for the perfect long weekend holiday:

  • Drink your signature cocktail all weekend – you deserve it!
  • Dress in breezy maxi dresses, anything sheer and havaianas.
  • Go for a natural look, wash hair, tie it in a bun then let it dry naturally – your waves will be killer – thanks Karen for that tip.
  • Create a Long Weekend menu and try a recipe using fresh produce from your local market – I’ll be chefing up cold eggplant stacks drizzled with olive oil and balsamic with fresh basil and love.
  • Enjoy an ice cream in a classic cone.
  • Head north, where the air is cleaner and the stars shine brighter
  • shut down your laptop, even if you stay in the city turn it off – explore your own surroundings and act like a tourist while you’re at it!
  • Own being lazy – if you have a DIY project or gardens you want to work on do it at a slow pace. And if you get distracted by cocktails or friends, who cares enjoy it.
  • Drink your signature cocktail..

Happy long weekend everyone!

This is what my car looked like this week…

This is me tomorrow…

This is what I will be looking at…

I will drown in this before I drown in the lake…

Rock the boat a little!

Happy May long weekend.

Jaclyn xo

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I ate stuffing and mashed potatoes four days in a row. Hence, I am the opposite of sexy, which I think is frumpy right? I long for water and cardio.

I’m still comatose from the long Thanksgiving weekend, so feast your eyes on these lovely fall photos that have me craving a cozy photo shoot with my man.






Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Jaclyn xo

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Taking it personally

Guess who woke up this morning and decided she was in desperate need of a personal day? A completely responsible, extremely organized individual would spend this glorious, office-free almost-summer afternoon with her laptop on the back deck playing catch up and sipping sparkling water. Happy Friday!

This is where I started my morning….

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo


Having a Ball* …(happy weekend)

Why not do something a little unexpected this weekend! Perhaps have your morning coffee or vacuum in the buff? or purchase some white pumpkins for fall decorating instead of orange? try pretending you’re in Paris and make parisian fare? pair a major skirt with a casual top for a brunch date or plan a night in with your man and wear lingerie with an oversized faux coat? Life’s what you make of it..have a ball* this weekend!

Make sure you lock your doors and cover your windows…

go to your local market and grab a few blanco pumpkins…

The bedroom isn’t the only place to fantasize….take me to Paris!

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw for brunch…

Be a little minx for your man…

I’m running across the border for a random little shopping, dinning and dancing trip with one of my besties…. I love road trips, particularly unexpected ones!

I know I’m only going for the weekend..but?? A girl needs options!

Happy Weekend!

Jaclyn xo

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Forever 27

My weekend was extraordinarily wholesome.  My Backyard Holiday was a success.  I lounged, drank margaritas, went for a day trip to the city, ate very well and celebrated my Birthday with all my loves.

As I mentioned last week I love birthdays.  It gives me determination to make the year finer then the last, and further the entire week is devoted to just me!  Mike might object on that, he claims this is my “way of life” and that I treat each day like it’s something special (my glass is half full). I think he’s just jealous.  

So far here is how my birthday has unfolded…

Day 1 – Brunch with Miss. Sara – smoked salmon, capers, white wine spritzers and wonderful conversation.

Day 2 – Lounged poolside –  drinks, cute hats, bikinis, more drinks.  Dinner in the evening on a patio with my birds and their guys. Lots of cocktails, laughs and calories.

Day 3 – Downtown – Brunch in Liberty Village with my guy, desert at harbour front and cocktailing all day.. Evening included more drinks and backyard lounging with friends.

Day 4 – Shopping – Birthday shopping with my guy, he spoiled me silly.  Later in the eve Backyard bbq at my Dads, he as well spoiled me silly.

Day 5 – Movie Night – Appys, wine and ‘Bridesmaids’ with my birds.  Lots of laughing out loud!

Day 6, 7 – TBD…. I still have until Friday

This year my birthday was much more relaxing. Doesn’t present itself so, does it?  Here’s why.  Being in my 30’s no longer disturbs me.  In my 20’s I was always amazed at how stupid I was the previous year or how naive I acted.  I grasp now my 20’s were the training grounds to become the “Jaclyn of all trades” for my 30’s.  Now is my time to focus on my goals, master my talents (as I have so many, wink*)  apply them in a practical direction, and attempt to drink maturely. I said attempt.  I no longer have to behave to please others.  I am who I am, take it or leave it.

Age is really a fluid thing, it’s always changing.  I say everyone grab an age in your mind that you will be forever and go with it.  Mine is 27 I loved that year, even if I was a naive dumbass. 

Forever 27.  Cheers..

Jaclyn xo

Market Style

Yeah it’s Friday!  Time to retire the heels for a few days and slip into some flats. 

This weekend I will be walking the street of our local farmers market, In weekend appropriate attire of course.  Flats, skinny jeans, baggy tee the perfect J Crew sweater and my sunnies (if we’re so lucky to have sunshine?)

  Mike and I spent a few years living in the UK and our Saturday ritual was to saunter down the cobble stone road to our local market, stuff our faces with Herb de providence potatoes and nutella crepes then hit up Top Shop and Selfridges.  Quite possibly the perfect Saturday outing.  We  now enjoy our tradition locally.  I love visiting our local farmers market (Newmarket Farmers Market), what a great way to pass a Saturday am.  Open air, stocking up on fresh produce, crepes, live music and you never know who you’ll run into! 

Market Tips and inspiration:

  • Get there early – get a head start from the sea of people and strollers
  • Wear a cute outfit – boyfriend jeans, cropped trench, baggy tee sweaters, hats…
  • Bring a cute bag to stock up on local produce – something that says “green is the new black” or a fashionable beach bag to slug all your finds
  • Bring cash – interact is for the mall
  • Wear comfy shoes – flats, runners, nothing that requires a heel
  • Take your time browsing around and enjoying the fare – you never know what you’ll find
  • Don’t watch your caloric intake – enjoy a belly buster!

My transportation to the market

What I will be eating

 What Mike will buy for me..

Carbs never looked so good!

What I will be cooking with for the next week

Going green is sexy; It’s important to support  your local farmers and businesses, buying locally grown food can bring more money to the community, reduce cost of fuel shipment and creates a better community atmosphere.   Visit your local market this weekend and indulge in a little local milieu!

Find your local market

Happy Weekend everyone!

Jaclyn xo

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