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It was too hot to be inside over the weekend, so the bf and I packed up and headed to the lake for 3 days.

We sipped an over-sufficient quantity of  cocktails, took back a lofty amount of sugar, danced like teenagers on the beach, golfed at an amazing course and ate like kings and queens. It’s almost embarrassing how much our relationship resolves around food. Thank god we’re secure with ourselves.


Sugar, sugar, sugar. Mimosa, mimosa, mimosa….

I love summer.

Jaclyn xo

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My Big Plans: 2012…

Happy 2012! Expected, I’m still recovering. While I’m not usually a big believer in making tons of promises that you know will never be kept… I have to say I’m very into the idea of making some serious changes in 2012. I tried not to be too ambitious with my new years resolution picks. It’s good to set goals, it’s good to be enthusiastic – attempting to curb reckless spending would be effing fantastic!! Whatever, I’m excited to have a clean slate – I think 2012 is going to be fabulous!

Do sh*t that gives you butterflies this year….

I’m happy to be back, I missed you guys!

Jaclyn xo

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Merry Christmas: Love MTL

May the magic of Christmas warm your heart – fill you with giddy cheer and witty spark. In high holiday spirit and in classic My Tailored Life fashion – I wish you good tidings and some hot toddy action.

Merry Christmas….

Indulge in your mini bar….

Walk through the snow with your friends…..

Get silly in the snow…..

Hopefully you already have a tree? If not don’t do what this guy is doing….


Share with your loved ones….


I’ll be lighting things back up next week, until then Merry Christmas!


Jaclyn xo

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