My Big Plans: 2012…

Happy 2012! Expected, I’m still recovering. While I’m not usually a big believer in making tons of promises that you know will never be kept… I have to say I’m very into the idea of making some serious changes in 2012. I tried not to be too ambitious with my new years resolution picks. It’s good to set goals, it’s good to be enthusiastic – attempting to curb reckless spending would be effing fantastic!! Whatever, I’m excited to have a clean slate – I think 2012 is going to be fabulous!

Do sh*t that gives you butterflies this year….

I’m happy to be back, I missed you guys!

Jaclyn xo

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6 thoughts on “My Big Plans: 2012…

  1. Freddie says:

    SO cute! Can I say that I actually missed your little charm over the holidays. You must be doing something right Miss J

  2. susie says:


  3. janette says:

    2012 is going to be freakin fantastic! I’m on board with early to bed, when you see the time of this comment you’ll think automatic fail. I’m starting my rez’s tomorrow!

  4. girasoleblog says:

    I love your blog! Great resolutions! I feel ya on the being late thing and the staying-up-late thing. Both are a HUGE issue for me. I gotta make sure I change that too this year.

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