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Busy Bee

Excuse my absence as of late. I’ve been incredibly busy forcing my dog to pose for photos, taking pictures of flowers with my iPhone, and drinking Cider. I promise to be better.








Jaclyn xo

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Merry Christmas: Love MTL

May the magic of Christmas warm your heart – fill you with giddy cheer and witty spark. In high holiday spirit and in classic My Tailored Life fashion – I wish you good tidings and some hot toddy action.

Merry Christmas….

Indulge in your mini bar….

Walk through the snow with your friends…..

Get silly in the snow…..

Hopefully you already have a tree? If not don’t do what this guy is doing….


Share with your loved ones….


I’ll be lighting things back up next week, until then Merry Christmas!


Jaclyn xo

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‘Hey There Santa’

‘Yo Santa….If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been working really hard at my career, my blog, writing, freelancing??… so maybe you could slip a little something nice under the tree? If red souls or Jimmy Choos are out of your price range I’d settle for cashmere anything? Or a Rudsak jacket with fur? Just sayin’.

Last week I was on set with the talented and lovely Danielle Bourjeaurd styling her new Christmas video ‘Hey There Santa’, in addition to working I also got to strut my stuff alongside Miss Bourjeaurd in the video – it was a blast being behind the camera, which you will see when you watch it!

So this weekend I’m getting in the Holiday spirit, I’m going to throw on my new favorite Christmas jingle, dance my as* off around the house decorating in shades of cream and gold and sip eggnog avec rum…..

Cheers to getting in the holiday spirit, and a little tipsy!

Check out the video and download the song at, a dollar from each purchase goes to the Salvation Army – spread some holiday cheer peeps!

Happy (dance your as* off decorating around the house) Weekend!

Jaclyn xo

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Things you do when no one’s looking….

What a week! Things have been busy busy at My Tailored Life headquarters with big ideas, and plans for the next few months. As well lots of great things are happening at my 9-5, this time of year is always so much fun!

Please excuse me for the light posts and therefore, lack of… I will make it up to you, promise.

For now I’m going to leave you with a list of  “Things I do when no one’s looking” a portion from a recent interview I just did (this is a story for another day, exciting stuff). So here it goes:

5 Things I do when no one’s looking:

1. Dry shave when I’m in a rush..ouch

2. Check myself out in mirrors and windows that I walk by (devastatingly people  are probably looking).

3. Sit in my bathroom sink and poke at my face, tweeze, make faces, lift my eyebrows to see what I’d look like apres a face lift.

4.  Clench my as* cheeks together when I’m driving for a quick glute workout.

5. Gulp wine…



Tell me, what do you do when no one is looking?

Happy Hump day!


Jaclyn xo

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The Contingency Plan: Work vs Play

This weekend I was successful in drinking wine, cleaning my closet and organizing  the sh*t out of my car. Being on the road for work and travelling has destined me to have a vehicle filled to the brim with lovely bits from my wardrobe. My girlfriends make fun of me for stocking an abundant amount of crap in my SUV – I haul extra sweaters, blouses, shirts, heels, curling iron, straightener and clutches into my gym bag  in case I want to pop in anywhere for post-work social time, aka Happy Hour. On most occasions I can transform my look from office to play easily, adding an accessory, switching a blazer for a cropped leather jacket or if I’m feeling totally enthusiastic I’ll pack a sequins tank to throw under my blazer . A girl needs options and I always like to have a contingency plan!

My work vs play

One thing I am sure of, if ever on the eleventh hour was I invited to some glorious event, a gala or The Oscars my car would possess all the parcels I’d need to pull my outfit together!

ps I know my girlfriends secretly love the fact that at any point they can open my car door and have a snappy outfit modification!

Jaclyn xo

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Forever 27

My weekend was extraordinarily wholesome.  My Backyard Holiday was a success.  I lounged, drank margaritas, went for a day trip to the city, ate very well and celebrated my Birthday with all my loves.

As I mentioned last week I love birthdays.  It gives me determination to make the year finer then the last, and further the entire week is devoted to just me!  Mike might object on that, he claims this is my “way of life” and that I treat each day like it’s something special (my glass is half full). I think he’s just jealous.  

So far here is how my birthday has unfolded…

Day 1 – Brunch with Miss. Sara – smoked salmon, capers, white wine spritzers and wonderful conversation.

Day 2 – Lounged poolside –  drinks, cute hats, bikinis, more drinks.  Dinner in the evening on a patio with my birds and their guys. Lots of cocktails, laughs and calories.

Day 3 – Downtown – Brunch in Liberty Village with my guy, desert at harbour front and cocktailing all day.. Evening included more drinks and backyard lounging with friends.

Day 4 – Shopping – Birthday shopping with my guy, he spoiled me silly.  Later in the eve Backyard bbq at my Dads, he as well spoiled me silly.

Day 5 – Movie Night – Appys, wine and ‘Bridesmaids’ with my birds.  Lots of laughing out loud!

Day 6, 7 – TBD…. I still have until Friday

This year my birthday was much more relaxing. Doesn’t present itself so, does it?  Here’s why.  Being in my 30’s no longer disturbs me.  In my 20’s I was always amazed at how stupid I was the previous year or how naive I acted.  I grasp now my 20’s were the training grounds to become the “Jaclyn of all trades” for my 30’s.  Now is my time to focus on my goals, master my talents (as I have so many, wink*)  apply them in a practical direction, and attempt to drink maturely. I said attempt.  I no longer have to behave to please others.  I am who I am, take it or leave it.

Age is really a fluid thing, it’s always changing.  I say everyone grab an age in your mind that you will be forever and go with it.  Mine is 27 I loved that year, even if I was a naive dumbass. 

Forever 27.  Cheers..

Jaclyn xo

Colleague Love

Yesterday I gave you a little taste of my event filled weekend.  What I neglected to tell you is that I am suffering from a major cold and laryngitis (mike is in heaven, I can’t babble).  So no voice, body aches and chills are additional effects of the weekend.  I need to get over myself.  I was going to take a break from blogging as I’m not feeling up to doing anything, but its my outlet, my voice, the only way I can express anything!

I had such a fabulous weekend, regardless of the fact I knew my body was about to be occupied by some microorganism.  It was successful in all aspects, work, hotel, great fare, and last but defiantly most essential are the people I shared it with.  I have extraordinary co workers, and one in particular I have major colleague love for, Sara D.

Sara and I met 5 years ago at our corporate office, we sat in with each other for a few days of training and the rest is history.  We love our careers, we’re both passionate about fashion, have a fondness for shoes, make up, beauty products and have wonderful chats over prosecco and cheese.  We have colleague love.

This weekend was a classic chronicles of Sara and Jack, it went something like this:

  • Running around to finish last-minute event details
  • Lunch in Yorkville,
  • A quick run to Anthropologie, neither one of us bought anything?
  • Prosecco in Hotel room
  • ipod blasting with a JT and Robin Thick
  • Hotel dance party
  • Sharing the bathroom mirror for make up and hair
  • Heels on, out the doors looking stunning

Our moments together are always entertaining and refreshing, some border mischief!  Here are some past and present pictures of our shenanigans and style.

W Hotel Hollywood California

“Our” drink The Chillada

Rodeo Drive with our girl Dale

Second drink of choice Pomogrant margarita

LG Fashion Week Toronto

most girls got snapped on the red carpet, not us!


Before an award show @ Saras loft


You can see us regularly on Cityline, Steven and Chris and Marylin Denis – it’s all who you know!


My Tailored Life xo

Must Have Mondays

This weekend I overdosed on

  • Socializing
  • Presseco
  • 4 inch heels
  • Dancing
  • Calories

So my Must have Mondays are as follows

  • Advil
  • Foot message
  • Water
  • DIY Dermalogica facial
  • Water
  • Sleep

The product of my gluttonous behavior, sorry.  I’ll make it up to you with a fabulous post tomorrow, promise!  Here are a few pics to tease you until I find the beauty sleep for my simple daily tasks.

Night 1, Gala Dinner and Awards

P&G Beauty A Team – Sara, Sam and I

Night 2, Nick Arrojo

Colleague love..


Thanks for understanding.

My Tailored Life xo

Pretty in the City….

March and April are always big months for work.  For the beauty and fashion industry it is always a busy time of year, we have plenty of social events, award shows and launches to take us right into summer.  And I get to be apart of all the glory!

This weekend I am heading to Toronto for a mini break.  Well technically not much of a break.  I’m only 30 min from home and I will be networking my little ass off the entire weekend,  a mini break just sounds better, right?  Seriously, work event, award show, after party and another work event, this causes me outfit anxiety. Every year, I face the same dilemma: what do I wear for each event, and how much skin can I show without baring too much in front of my coworkers?  Trashy is not my concern. You see it’s this, I like my stems, I like to show them off and cover up on top entirely.  It’s a staple of mine. But is too much leg  inappropriate?

When I shop for event dresses and outfits, they need to be work-party appropriate and stylish. I also seek to buy things that can be reworked and  re-worn plenty more times either to the office or on dinner dates with my man. I’m annoyingly practical.  This is only a recent revelation!

These are my outfit, hair and style inspirations for this weekend:

I am borderline obsessed with Blake Lively, this gossip girl likes to show her gams too.

Happy weekend everyone, I’m going to channel my red carpet moment tonight!

My Tailored Life xo

Just Dance

I woke up this morning with an abundant amount of energy. I love mornings like this, they emit productiveness. I got up, kissed my sweet man on the forehead, brewed some dark roast coffee, (as if I needed more voltage) turned on my ipod and jumped in the shower.

Time was on my side this am, so I threw on a Wella Brilliance hair treatment knowing it would make my hair look fabulous for my friday meeting. To gain full victory of the mask I had to let it sit for 2-3 minutes, I couldn’t stand still for that long? what could I do? Squats..I did squats in the shower.  Ambitious right.  I know!

When I got out I dried off and poured myself a cup of java, and then magic happened, I heard JLo’s new tune” Get on the Floor”. The rhythm really got to me,  I danced my morning away. I channeled Demi Moore avec Striptease, and shook my little booty while I applied my Laura Mercier 3 part beauty routine and blew my lush locks. It was magnificent.

The dance vibes carried out like Timberland and JT right into my commute to TO. I look better, I feel fantastic and this was all made possible by dancing. Now here’s where it becomes relevant to beauty -Dancing releases endorphins and produces oxygen rich blood helping reduce stress and tension. Beyond that it also gives your skin a beautiful glow and makes you feel better. It’s a pre botox fix! Like Lady Gaga said “just dance”!

Happy weekend everyone, I’m off to little mexico with my friends for the evening. On the agenda: social time, mexican fare. Diet smiet….I will be indulging in major margaritas.

Dance, Dance….


My Tailored Life xo

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