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Weekend Perfection

It’s actually embarrassing how much my life revolves around food and dogs. Good thing I’m secure with myself.

Our weekend was perfectly lazy…Home cooked dinners, a trip to the dog park, a couple naps and two Starbucks runs. I even made The Husband drink a few bottles of wine with me, we sipped vino tinto and crashed early……It was perfection.

Today my task is to find the perfect bed for our little daughter dog Georgia, I’m going to hit the ushe – Winners, Homesense, Target. If I’m feeling really ambitious, I may even try to craft one up myself, check out these clever dog bed ideas I found on Pinterest!






This is little Georgia, she deserves a masterpiece, don’t you think?

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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It was too hot to be inside over the weekend, so the bf and I packed up and headed to the lake for 3 days.

We sipped an over-sufficient quantity of  cocktails, took back a lofty amount of sugar, danced like teenagers on the beach, golfed at an amazing course and ate like kings and queens. It’s almost embarrassing how much our relationship resolves around food. Thank god we’re secure with ourselves.


Sugar, sugar, sugar. Mimosa, mimosa, mimosa….

I love summer.

Jaclyn xo

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Happy Weekend…

It’s Friday! This is what I’m doing right now……

Jumping for joy……

Throwing on some glittery booties……

meeting up with my besties for a shop and walk…..

finishing my book…

and getting a start on my DIY headbands…..

It’s a glorious day. It’s Friday…

Happy Weekend!

Jaclyn xo

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Trick or Treat*….

Whether your weekend is filled with costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, sipping cider cocktails or watching horror films, make sure you treat your self to lots of candy and trick someone you love!

I’m dressing up as a Russian doll –  staining my lips blood-red, lining my eyes with falsies, using a big barrel iron to curl my hair and wearing the biggest faux fur hat you’ve ever seen! Can’t wait.

You can find me at a high top sipping caramel apple martinis with my girlfriends….

and maybe dancing on tables!

Happy Spooky Halloween weekend!

Jaclyn xo

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The Power of Three

I have two fabulous sisters, and there is one thing I can count on when hanging out with them, laughter. And not just giggles here and there, but the kind of laughter that leaves tears in your eyes and sore abs. This weekend I got to hang out with my lovely sister Meme La Rue , it was nothing short of the usual pursuit of fun, shopping, sipping wine, ‘getting ready’, then hitting the town.

It’s always a ball getting ready to go out together. Normally it begins putting our hair in rollers alongside some cocktails. The bevies lead us to mini runway shows, where we strut our stuff down the hallway to the bumpin beats of Gaga or Rihanna, our usual anthems. And for the final touches we share the mirror and load up our lashes with Dior Show . It’s overly girly and I love it!

Our fashion has evolved over the years, naturally, and we each have our own personal style. The three of us have long-established a certain mode that defines who we are, fashionably speaking. I’m the overdressed one that wears heels any opportunity I get, My sisters think my style at times resembles that of a Golden Girl, whatever, I love gaudy accessories and oversized blouses. Michelle (aka meme la rue) is the modern boho who posses this I- just- came- from-breakfast- in- Bali look, with her long wavy blonde hair and an arm full of candy she knows how to mix high and low. And last is Chantelle  she’s the youngest one, her surfer meets prep girl west coast style suggests she just walked off a Billabong photo shoot, she even makes the Cali girls jelly. Although we all have different wardrobes we all share one thing, impeccable style, sometimes we even share clothes?

Here are some sisters I’d like to share a closet with….

I don’t know how people go through life without sisters..

Happy Monday..

Jaclyn xo

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That extra half inch….

Contrary to popular opinion, my favorite phrase is not “Happy Hour”. Nor is it “Shoe Sale at Holt’s!”. Or even, “Anybody want to go shopping?”  No, my friends. My very favorite phrase, the sentence that makes me start dancing on the spot for joy is: “Friday!!”.

This Friday means two things, a) The count down for cocktail time has started (I haven’t sipped wine for an entire week) and b) I’m only 8 hours away from being 4 inches shorter. The heels are checking out at exactly 5pm and I’ll be in flats most of the weekend, unless of course I head down to some TIFF wrap up parties –  in that case for a few hours I’ll need that extra half-inch.

I have no real agenda for the weekend, I’m simply going to wing it. Occasionally I like it that way. However, if I plan to go cocktailing with the stars I will need to plan my outfit….

What would I wear…


A little chevron party dress…

The perfect YSL shade on my lips…

I’ll have to wear a fabulous pair of heels…

and draw on flawless wing tips….

And maybe mess my bun up a little…

Cheers to the freaking weekend…

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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Today feels like a fabulous summer day. Last weekend was a total tease that fall weather was here and it had us all reaching for cozy sweaters and boots.  Little Miss Summer isn’t going anywhere for a while folks, so put your chunky knits on hold for the next week or so until we can really strut our fall fashion.

Even with the sweating temps I plan on doing a few fall things this weekend.. like sweeping some OPI’s ‘I Brake for Manicures‘ over my nails, looking through mags for fall hair color inspiration, exchanging my summery bedding for some autumn plum shades, sipping wine on the back deck and maybe doing a little fall shopping? Somebody please escort me to a mall this weekend. I don’t like to shop alone….

Fabulous use of chocolate and plum…

She makes me want to paint my hair deep brown and grow my eyebrows to their virgin state..

This image makes me want to say eff this summer leftover weather..bring on fall!


What fall things are you going to get a head start on this weekend?

Happy Friday sugar plums!

Jaclyn xo

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Between the sheets….

…..That’s where you can find me this weekend when I catch a few moments of calm.  Amid my social commitments, freelance work and usual weekend pursuits I will be taking babyish naps and burrowing under my duvet….

I wouldn’t mind closing my eyes here…

or maybe here…

wrapped in this…..

This looks about right, aside from the fact I will be clad….and that most likely will be wine?

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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Alfresco style

It’s the weekend! Hang up your work week wardrobe and throw on something sheer and flowing.  The weather is going to be gorgeous so get outside and enjoy it!

I’m bringing the art of alfresco back – its economical, intimate and embraces the great outdoors.  I even found a vintage picnic basket quilted with red gingham interior.  It will be overflowing with fresh baguettes, ripe cheeses, stuffed olives, soprassata and a few bottles of vino.  I might even wrap some cantaloupe in prosciutto.  Yum.

Grad a sheet and take a seat…..

Wake me up on Sunday

This would be a perfect afternoon birthday venue

Lake side picnic? Yes please

This is what I am talking about…

Simple & Delicious

Sweet & Salty

I’m going to write my menu on my chalkboard and plan my picnic….

And to the rest of you – may you find your own indulgences this weekend!

Happy Friday

Jaclyn xo


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