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Sweater Weather

So apparently the formula for fall is as follows: Sweaters, booties, chunky sweaters, layers and ….. Sweaters.







It’s officially sweater weather, basically crawl into the perfect sweater and hibernate under it till spring.

For me sweaters and boots are easy as hell. I love fall.

Jaclyn xo

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Fine Wine.

Yes, yes I love my wine. However this post isn’t a guzzle my glass social alcoholic kinda post, it’s a I’m a shopaholic kinda post that supports my thirst for wine colored denim, Bordeaux glazed nails, Merlot lips and deep ruby booties.

I need to work overtime to nourish my wine fixation (both).

You can assume jewel tones will be my Fall uniform. What’s going to be your go-to chilly weather style?








I’m feelin the red wine in so many ways… I think it’s those burgundy booties in the last photo that are really speaking to me.

Jaclyn xo

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Oh Sh*t it’s Monday…

I woke up this morning totally thinking it was Sunday. It’s Monday. So rather than a mimosa on the back deck, I settled for coffee and almond milk in my home office. Oh the hardship we bear.

This made my coffee-instead-of-mimosas-morning much better!

Happy eff’in Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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Dream Bigger.

This past month has been hectic as hell. Between writing, my career, a few shoe reviews and my social agenda, I have neglected my blog and I feel really crap about it. I’m dreaming bigger, sometimes this interferes with personal stuff, like my blog and pedicures. I’m moody and feel like kicking my feet in a fit….I’m just tired and things don’t look pretty when I don’t sleep…or if I’m hungry. I’m like a toddler.

It’s time to organize my life….

I’m going to pour myself another coffee, put some lipstick on and get my sh*t together…

Jaclyn xo

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The Weekend.

Original right.

The weekend was filled with indulgence. Like 6 bottles of wine a few cider tallboys and Mini Egg kind of indulgence. No worries, I shared. I attended two dinner parties, one game night and broke my public swimming pool virginity, it was amazing. I’m paying for it now – it’s Monday, I feel slow and all I can think about are carbs – oh, and how ashamed I feel that I was the only one at the public family pool wearing a Matthew Zink bikini, serious case of the ‘mons’.

Next weekend I’m going cocktail free, I already have it all planned out. Loading up with Kicking Horse coffee, buying all the plump spring issues of my favorite mags, and heading into the big city for a stroll and brunch, just typing it feels refreshing!

My ‘next’ weekend….

A stroll n shop in the city..I’ll be wearing pants.

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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Party Hopping

The next 10 days of my life will go something like this….

  1. Work
  2. Meeting
  3. Work Christmas Party
  4. Holiday Party
  5. Christmas Shopping
  6. Work
  7. Skating Party
  8. Open House Holiday Party
  9. Friends holiday Dinner (aka party)
  10. Holiday Party

If you answered ‘party’ yes to more than 5 questions you are a experiencing Party Hopping* and have a serious holiday coma coming your way!

In between all of the festivities I have to dash between stores to pick up last-minute things, finish up my gift wrapping, bake dozens of authentic Austrian confectionery, write cards, drop off client gifts, and find the time for beauty sleep. You can call me Miss Claus Jr.



This will be me Dec 26th….

Jaclyn xo


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Pulling it together…

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed….I will be 5 coffees deep by the time you read this. I can already tell it’s going to be one of those days where I can’t get my sh*t together.

So while I’m pulling myself together I’ll direct you to few places where people have their sh*t together….

GoJette If you’re in the mood for a little decor and style inspiration you’re in the right spot. We are graced with the influence and style of Ms Janette Ewen who shares lovely images and inspiration that we can follow everyday. She has so much on the go you can keep up with her on twitter @Janette_Ewen

WhatIWore The images are just divine and the whole content of the blog screams ‘My Sh*t is totally together’ Jessica Quirk has her sh*t together and her outfit inspirations are genius.

Apartment-34 Erin is another fav that has her sh*t together….Her merge of decor, style, wedding stuff and dose of crushes is legal..legally delish. You will get great things from this blog…

TwirlySkirts Mollie is the outfit got her sh*t together goddess, go see for yourself! She’s smart,sweet, beautiful and full of outfit inspiration. Plus she has stems every woman would kill for!

Pull it together people, it’s Monday!

Happy Monday

Jaclyn xo

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Bags to Riches

Guess what I did this weekend? Besides drink wine. Totally nothing. And I welcomed nothing with big roomy open arms. Staying home, reading, organizing and sipping wine can be much more effective than, gulping wine, feeling nauseous, spending too much money and spoiling my workouts with pointless calories.

Fact is, this weekend was more of a test for me. I  love like to spend money. Saving it requires a lot of effort and I didn’t pay much attention in economy class. This has been one of the biggest obstacles I face, my spending. Temptation is everywhere.  That saying, ‘save your penny for a rainy day’, I don’t get it – after a few hours I’m out spending all my money on that rainy day.

Lately I am embarking on a new rational. I’m exercising being more frugal. My attempt to keep my money and judgment in check this weekend surprisingly harmonized. Maybe it’s because I commissioned myself to house arrest? Whatever. I didn’t go out for any lavish dinners, I stayed clear from malls, Anthropolgie and Joe Fresh. I spent my time on Learnvest, reading and researching about investing, building wealth and planning for my future.

 I had a minor defeat Sunday when a trip to Starbucks forced me to purchase a $6 latte, and a peak inside Homesense landed me a new 133 dollar chair? To my defense the chair was a ridiculous deal, $399 on clearance for $133, you can’t dodge a deal like that! …Ultimately, I did good.

I’m keeping my frugal promise to myself and I’m going to enjoy more things with less things?  More simply, I’ll take an extra ten seconds to consider each purchase, the items that disappear quickly are those impulse items that will clutter up my home and stealthily eat away at my budget. I’m living my richest life!

 I’m going from too many handbags to riches in no time…..

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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Who wears the pants?

Who really does wear the pants? Home decor, dinner ideas, where to vacation, where to shop? That would be us ladies. Even when it comes to fashion, do you dress your man? In most cases the answer is yes, in some cases it’s no.  Cause bottom line is, your man either has it, or he doesn’t.

For men clothing choices are more limited than ours, they have it a bit easier.  This isn’t the green light for him to throw on any old thing and look good. It requires thought (which is difficult for some men), and in the end this not only leaves us responsible for making ourselves look gorgeous, we’re also accountable for how our man looks, after all he is a reflection of you.

 Look,  I can pontificate on the genius of  slim fitting jeans and bright pink shirts all day, but I know that some men won’t even consider it!. To a degree we need to be respectful of their limits and dress them accordingly. Take yourself back to childhood, remember how you’d  feel when your Mom/Dad dressed you in some silly whack outfit you felt incredibly uncomfortable in? Not nice. These looks below are very middle of the ball park , not intended for the super fashion forward or the super hipster, but a way to give your man some swag! Be nice.






Item staples for all mens wardrobe:

  1.  Denim jeans – A few pairs. Crisp, stylish and polished
  2. Classic casual tees – Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew, Quicksilver 
  3. Really nice shoes – The shoes say it all.
  4. Three piece suit & Light summer suit (weddings, events)
  5. Military Jacket – They just look great on men.
  6. Oversized masculine watch – I personally don’t like men in jewelry,but watches are hot. They can also tell a lot about a mans fundamental style.
  7. One Magnificent tie – A tie is a fashion essential because it complements the suit.
  8. Button downs – Plaids, solids, stripes. Note: We want them to look sexy not school bus driver.
  9. Vests – they can be layered, dressed up and dressed down
  10. You – The best kind of arm accessory is his lady!

Hey – It’s okay to be the alpha  partner in your relationship…wear the pants, someone has too!

Jaclyn xo







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‘Glit’ it up!

I did nothing noteworthy this weekend, unless you count eating, sleeping, sipping wine noteworthy, in that case I brunched with my friends (twice), enjoyed a bottle of Napa Cellars (twice) and slept a solid 8 hours at night fused with some late afternoon outdoor siestas.  I also fit in two runs and a jaunt to Sephora.  Are you bored yet? I’m bored just typing it.

Amid my lazy afternoon affair with my lounger and laptop, I did manage to get lucky and discover The Glitter Guide, a website dedicated to all thing that are chic, fun, and glittery in fashion, trends, design, and food. Head over to The Glitter Guide and expose your inner ‘glit’ girl. You know you’re dying to wear a sequin skirt paired with an easy tank and heels before the summer rolls right by you, do it!

Here’s a glimpse of what they’re up to over at The Glitter Guide

10 way to dress like a Glitter Girl..#1, 2,3,4,5&10 are my fav’s

I’m a sucker for sequins (sometimes overkill)…plus a cinched waist = glorious

I want this for my home office.

This week I’m going to ‘glit’ up an outfit for work, I can’t wait…

ps. if you have never tried Napa Cellars you need to put it on your list, it’s a party.

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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