About Jaclyn

Horseshoes & Ponytails is a fashion-hair-decor blog I created to provide a weekly, sometimes daily dose of inspiration from all corners of the Wild Wild West.


Jaclyn xo


10 thoughts on “About Jaclyn

  1. delany says:

    your cute! I like your writting style, its very easy and I keep coming back for more

  2. Samantha says:

    OMG! J’adore your blog! Its really easy to read and yet so sophisticated at the same time! I think I stumbled upon you over on Twitter and am spending today researching for inspiration for my own beauty blog, and your’s is definitiely inspiring!

    I love it, cant wait for the next post

    Much love

    P.S: I too have somewhat of an obsession with Blake Lively

  3. Grace Greenaway says:

    Jaclyn, I LOVE, love, LOVE this!


  4. Seyward says:

    Jaclyn! I agree with Samantha. Your style is breezy and elegant at the same time, and you do an amazing job of welding cosmopolitanism with girl-next-door-ism. So good! xxxx

  5. Wish ‘The Insider’ would comment with a real name…sadly they didnt block they’re IP address and the keswick slayer has struck..deep into the heart of unknown facts. Be bold message me directly…thanks for the blog traffic xo

  6. TellA says:

    I love how I actually am able to read this now that I have an up to date phone! I love u sister..ur the best!!! Xxoxoxoxox in the world

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