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I Dream In Color: Mint

With March nearly over I’ve been finding myself dreaming about sunny and warm Spring days. Last week it seemed like the warmer temps were here to stay,  sadly this week proves different – But day dreaming about wearing my new mint jeans instantly brings a little sunshine to my week.

I dream in Mint…

Tips to keep this minty trend looking cool:

  • Don’t go overboard (obvi) choose either your top half or bottom half and balance it out with a neutral.
  • Accessorize with gold, gold and mint flatter each other well, silver can look too cool (warm vs cool) for Spring time.
  • Don’t invest too much money in the trend, as it is a trend, although buying a pair of J Brand jeans in mint is great if you have the funds, if you’re skint or frugal head to your local Winners or H&M and find something mint that fits you well!

Mint, yes please.

Jaclyn xo

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The Weekend.

Original right.

The weekend was filled with indulgence. Like 6 bottles of wine a few cider tallboys and Mini Egg kind of indulgence. No worries, I shared. I attended two dinner parties, one game night and broke my public swimming pool virginity, it was amazing. I’m paying for it now – it’s Monday, I feel slow and all I can think about are carbs – oh, and how ashamed I feel that I was the only one at the public family pool wearing a Matthew Zink bikini, serious case of the ‘mons’.

Next weekend I’m going cocktail free, I already have it all planned out. Loading up with Kicking Horse coffee, buying all the plump spring issues of my favorite mags, and heading into the big city for a stroll and brunch, just typing it feels refreshing!

My ‘next’ weekend….

A stroll n shop in the city..I’ll be wearing pants.

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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