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Merry Christmas: Love MTL

May the magic of Christmas warm your heart – fill you with giddy cheer and witty spark. In high holiday spirit and in classic My Tailored Life fashion – I wish you good tidings and some hot toddy action.

Merry Christmas….

Indulge in your mini bar….

Walk through the snow with your friends…..

Get silly in the snow…..

Hopefully you already have a tree? If not don’t do what this guy is doing….


Share with your loved ones….


I’ll be lighting things back up next week, until then Merry Christmas!


Jaclyn xo

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What’s Underneath…

I see London, I see France…I see some fancy underpants! Some people think spending money on pretty everyday undergarments is a waste of money but I personally love spoiling myself and nothing makes me feel more feminine and confident than knowing I’m wearing a great pair of knickers!

Less predictable than sorry thong, today’s panties are sassy full bottoms (I think that’s the modern term?). Full bottoms are flirtatious, comfortable and when worn for your partners eyes to see,  can look very sensual.

I’m all about the matchy – matchy bra and underwear sets, it’s certainly not passe.  Sets make you feel girly and glamorous, they unveil a particular classic Hollywood style I just adore. However mixing it up for everyday, grabbing whatever lace bra out of your drawer and matching it with cotton undies is still fun.

I’m looking to switch up my black and white basics for jewel tones like ruby reds, greens, blues, and walk the razors edge between spicy and taboo, something along the lines of these…..

I’m sure your man would love to unfasten those bows on Christmas morning..

Oui, Oui, so french, so fabulous.

Texture touch. Mix it up…

So editorial but so right.

What's Underneath..If you don’t think your man is going to buy you a little silk, lace or cotton this year, treat yourself – best part is you can always say you bought it for him!

Jaclyn xo

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The Oversized Sock

One of my favorite traditions at Christmas time is the stocking – I like stuffing them, opening them and watching others unveil the endless mini gifts from their oversized sock….

I would be a happy partner, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, or friend if I were to receive any of these gifts in my stocking this year. I also love books, stationary, Licorice Allsorts and patterned socks. You listening family?

stocking stuffers


As the saying goes ‘good things come in small packages’…..

Happy 5 days till Christmas!

Jaclyn xo

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Putting On The Glitz

First off, I hope everyone stays bundled up for their winter party hopping over the next few weekends/weeks. Second, I hope you take the time to put on a little glitz! This time of year it’s okay to be overdone anytime you walk into a room, after all, you probably just came from a holiday soiree or are on route to the next one! (or at least that’s what you could say?)

Find your perfect shade of red lipstick and pair it with cat eyes and an Adele style teased chignon, or try sleek waves and a dramatic side part with one side tucked behind your ear. Pull out your chandelier earrings, stick something in your hair, wear anything sequin, go with a cocktail  party dress or whatever you have that’s fur and lace – and just go with it. Have a ball, make yourself feel glitzy and if anyone has something to say about it tell them to ‘fa la la la’ themselves!


Red Lips…

Side Part…



Happy weekend everyone. Keep it real festive!

Jaclyn xoxo

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Party Hopping

The next 10 days of my life will go something like this….

  1. Work
  2. Meeting
  3. Work Christmas Party
  4. Holiday Party
  5. Christmas Shopping
  6. Work
  7. Skating Party
  8. Open House Holiday Party
  9. Friends holiday Dinner (aka party)
  10. Holiday Party

If you answered ‘party’ yes to more than 5 questions you are a experiencing Party Hopping* and have a serious holiday coma coming your way!

In between all of the festivities I have to dash between stores to pick up last-minute things, finish up my gift wrapping, bake dozens of authentic Austrian confectionery, write cards, drop off client gifts, and find the time for beauty sleep. You can call me Miss Claus Jr.



This will be me Dec 26th….

Jaclyn xo


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Frost Yourself…..

Fur, lace, feathers, studs or jewels. I’ll take anyone of the previous mentioned materials and sprinkle them on my head. I call it frosting myself…



Can I please have those major ear muffs for the cold days ahead…..

And that little lace vail number could be perfect for NYE?… (Christmas hasn’t even passes and I’m already thinking New Years outfit, typical)

Find a way to frost yourself this weekend.

Happy Friday

Jaclyn xo

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17 Days……

Some mornings catch me off guard. I sit down at my laptop to write and…nothing. Absolutely nothing comes to mind. So today I will write about nothing. Just like I do every other day, but today I’m acutely aware of it.

This week I totally caught the Christmas bug, which was spurred by a Starbucks holiday beverage and a 2 hour shopping fling at The Bay – that store has amazing Christmas cheer and some pretty bad as* sales.  I frolicked about the store humming away to the holiday classics, sipped my spiked spiced latte, crossed off a few items on my list and bought some ornaments to accent my cream and gold, I went off path, selecting an assortment of colored decorations instead of simply choosing a third color….. Maybe next year I’ll swap out gold for silver? I’m so unpredictable.

Here are more reasons as to why I caught a case of the Christmas bug…

Ryan Gosling for Christmas…yes please!

This might have been me while getting my mini tree together?

I love the chevron tablecloth mixed with the holiday decorations and that fur thrown over the chair – fabulous.


This ever so cute couple…Perfect for a personalized Christmas card


17 days………

But who’s counting?

Have you caught a case of the holiday bug?

Jaclyn xo

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‘Hey There Santa’

‘Yo Santa….If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been working really hard at my career, my blog, writing, freelancing??… so maybe you could slip a little something nice under the tree? If red souls or Jimmy Choos are out of your price range I’d settle for cashmere anything? Or a Rudsak jacket with fur? Just sayin’.

Last week I was on set with the talented and lovely Danielle Bourjeaurd styling her new Christmas video ‘Hey There Santa’, in addition to working I also got to strut my stuff alongside Miss Bourjeaurd in the video – it was a blast being behind the camera, which you will see when you watch it!

So this weekend I’m getting in the Holiday spirit, I’m going to throw on my new favorite Christmas jingle, dance my as* off around the house decorating in shades of cream and gold and sip eggnog avec rum…..

Cheers to getting in the holiday spirit, and a little tipsy!

Check out the video and download the song at, a dollar from each purchase goes to the Salvation Army – spread some holiday cheer peeps!

Happy (dance your as* off decorating around the house) Weekend!

Jaclyn xo

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