What’s Underneath…

I see London, I see France…I see some fancy underpants! Some people think spending money on pretty everyday undergarments is a waste of money but I personally love spoiling myself and nothing makes me feel more feminine and confident than knowing I’m wearing a great pair of knickers!

Less predictable than sorry thong, today’s panties are sassy full bottoms (I think that’s the modern term?). Full bottoms are flirtatious, comfortable and when worn for your partners eyes to see,  can look very sensual.

I’m all about the matchy – matchy bra and underwear sets, it’s certainly not passe.  Sets make you feel girly and glamorous, they unveil a particular classic Hollywood style I just adore. However mixing it up for everyday, grabbing whatever lace bra out of your drawer and matching it with cotton undies is still fun.

I’m looking to switch up my black and white basics for jewel tones like ruby reds, greens, blues, and walk the razors edge between spicy and taboo, something along the lines of these…..

I’m sure your man would love to unfasten those bows on Christmas morning..

Oui, Oui, so french, so fabulous.

Texture touch. Mix it up…

So editorial but so right.

What's Underneath..If you don’t think your man is going to buy you a little silk, lace or cotton this year, treat yourself – best part is you can always say you bought it for him!

Jaclyn xo

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