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Beard maintenance is a thing now, you guys. I was recently made aware that the coolest men are conditioning their facial hair with special made-for-beard products. Because I aim to be cool, I am immediately going to purchased some Wild Man beard conditioner for My guy. I want him to smells like he was hit in the face by a lumberjack with an almond-tainted rosemary bush. There’s nothing sexier than a man who smells like a spa!






Jaclyn xo

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Fashions Night Out, Cupcakes and Lipgloss…..

Stylish ladies in five-inch heels hit Lemonberry Boutique last night for Fashion’s Night Out. They were there for deals, cupcakes, the braid bar, social scene and a grab at Lemonberrys signature lipgloss. Love! I did my part at the cupcake table and spent my weekly salary on some amazing pieces. I don’t have any regrets on either indulgences.

This weekend I’m going to try to remember I have hobbies that don’t involve staying out until 2 AM and spending all my money on clothes. I’m going to work on my website, organize my fall wardrobe and take instagram pictures of my organizing skills and lounging and maybe a nap whilst lounging. Oh and exercise. I should probably do some of that too. Thank God it’s Friday right?!

Here’s my FNO in pictures, sorry for my lameness I’m too tired to go into detail.







Friday is my second favorite f word….

Happy Friday lovelies.

Jaclyn xo

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Putting On The Glitz

First off, I hope everyone stays bundled up for their winter party hopping over the next few weekends/weeks. Second, I hope you take the time to put on a little glitz! This time of year it’s okay to be overdone anytime you walk into a room, after all, you probably just came from a holiday soiree or are on route to the next one! (or at least that’s what you could say?)

Find your perfect shade of red lipstick and pair it with cat eyes and an Adele style teased chignon, or try sleek waves and a dramatic side part with one side tucked behind your ear. Pull out your chandelier earrings, stick something in your hair, wear anything sequin, go with a cocktail  party dress or whatever you have that’s fur and lace – and just go with it. Have a ball, make yourself feel glitzy and if anyone has something to say about it tell them to ‘fa la la la’ themselves!


Red Lips…

Side Part…



Happy weekend everyone. Keep it real festive!

Jaclyn xoxo

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Monday Hair….*

Most mornings I wake up with a messy, not- so- cute – mop on top of my head and wonder ‘what the eff am I going to do with my hair?’ Aggressively hitting snooze for the first hour might be my first problem, however beauty sleep is cardinal so I snooze it out. Thank god for bobby pins and a few of my trusty hair products that tame my tresses and assist with getting my ass heels out the door on time.

I like Monday hair, better known as Saturday evening leftovers.  It’s the lovely barrel curls or silky sleek blow out you took so much time to do on Saturday that gets you right into Monday. Unwashed hair is so much easier to work with when you’re throwing it up or trying to get that messy bun or pony look, the perfect Monday no fuss hair.

Being a ‘hair down’ type a girl I have to be creative and find ways to mix it up and be the opposite of boring. Today I had great Monday hair, I swept my caramel locks off my face, added a little volume and out the door I went!.
When there’s no time to wrap sections around a barrel iron or spend an hour on a sleek blow out give yourself a top knot, pin it back in a messy bun or rock a fun pony, you could be really audacious and throw on a head band….

My top products for the looks above:

1. Re Shaper by Sebastian Professional –  strong-lasting, re-shapable spray.

2. Texture Touch by Wella Professional – Reworkable Clay that you can work your style and re shape. Defines, separates and builds volume.
Start by melting a small amount across your fingertips, then sculpt into dry hair.

3. Simmer Delights by Wella Professional – mist on finished hair for a shiny appearance and enhance your style.
If you think there’s nothing you can do with your hair, it’s all in your head!
And there you have it, Monday Hair….*
Happy first day of five!
Jaclyn xo
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Colleague Love

Yesterday I gave you a little taste of my event filled weekend.  What I neglected to tell you is that I am suffering from a major cold and laryngitis (mike is in heaven, I can’t babble).  So no voice, body aches and chills are additional effects of the weekend.  I need to get over myself.  I was going to take a break from blogging as I’m not feeling up to doing anything, but its my outlet, my voice, the only way I can express anything!

I had such a fabulous weekend, regardless of the fact I knew my body was about to be occupied by some microorganism.  It was successful in all aspects, work, hotel, great fare, and last but defiantly most essential are the people I shared it with.  I have extraordinary co workers, and one in particular I have major colleague love for, Sara D.

Sara and I met 5 years ago at our corporate office, we sat in with each other for a few days of training and the rest is history.  We love our careers, we’re both passionate about fashion, have a fondness for shoes, make up, beauty products and have wonderful chats over prosecco and cheese.  We have colleague love.

This weekend was a classic chronicles of Sara and Jack, it went something like this:

  • Running around to finish last-minute event details
  • Lunch in Yorkville,
  • A quick run to Anthropologie, neither one of us bought anything?
  • Prosecco in Hotel room
  • ipod blasting with a JT and Robin Thick
  • Hotel dance party
  • Sharing the bathroom mirror for make up and hair
  • Heels on, out the doors looking stunning

Our moments together are always entertaining and refreshing, some border mischief!  Here are some past and present pictures of our shenanigans and style.

W Hotel Hollywood California

“Our” drink The Chillada

Rodeo Drive with our girl Dale

Second drink of choice Pomogrant margarita

LG Fashion Week Toronto

most girls got snapped on the red carpet, not us!


Before an award show @ Saras loft


You can see us regularly on Cityline, Steven and Chris and Marylin Denis – it’s all who you know!


My Tailored Life xo

Must Have Mondays

This weekend I overdosed on

  • Socializing
  • Presseco
  • 4 inch heels
  • Dancing
  • Calories

So my Must have Mondays are as follows

  • Advil
  • Foot message
  • Water
  • DIY Dermalogica facial
  • Water
  • Sleep

The product of my gluttonous behavior, sorry.  I’ll make it up to you with a fabulous post tomorrow, promise!  Here are a few pics to tease you until I find the beauty sleep for my simple daily tasks.

Night 1, Gala Dinner and Awards

P&G Beauty A Team – Sara, Sam and I

Night 2, Nick Arrojo

Colleague love..


Thanks for understanding.

My Tailored Life xo

Pretty in the City….

March and April are always big months for work.  For the beauty and fashion industry it is always a busy time of year, we have plenty of social events, award shows and launches to take us right into summer.  And I get to be apart of all the glory!

This weekend I am heading to Toronto for a mini break.  Well technically not much of a break.  I’m only 30 min from home and I will be networking my little ass off the entire weekend,  a mini break just sounds better, right?  Seriously, work event, award show, after party and another work event, this causes me outfit anxiety. Every year, I face the same dilemma: what do I wear for each event, and how much skin can I show without baring too much in front of my coworkers?  Trashy is not my concern. You see it’s this, I like my stems, I like to show them off and cover up on top entirely.  It’s a staple of mine. But is too much leg  inappropriate?

When I shop for event dresses and outfits, they need to be work-party appropriate and stylish. I also seek to buy things that can be reworked and  re-worn plenty more times either to the office or on dinner dates with my man. I’m annoyingly practical.  This is only a recent revelation!

These are my outfit, hair and style inspirations for this weekend:

I am borderline obsessed with Blake Lively, this gossip girl likes to show her gams too.

Happy weekend everyone, I’m going to channel my red carpet moment tonight!

My Tailored Life xo

Let your hair down

It’s the season to lighten up the tresses. Whether it’s dramatic or mellow dramatic a change for Spring/Summer is a great way to brighten up your look.  Caution: this does not mean bleaching, stripes or trying to a DIY to achieve blonde from black, its subtle enhancing or brightening. Make sense? Nope? Stay with me.

It’s very simple hair science really.

  • if your dark dark dont try to be blonde
  • if your blonde you go blonder and brighter
  • if your a redhead you go copper or strawberry
  • if your light brown you go a shade lighter
  • if your med brown you can brighten with very subtle tones

There are many ways to change your hair without really damaging it or looking like you are someone you’re not. I gag when I see deep brunettes try to highlight their entire head, it looks striped and orange, it’s just not in the pigment to do this sort of thing.  Unless of course you’re a star, and you need to change it for a role. One day my friends, one day!  In real life stay true to what looks best on you.

Many of you know your stylist well, and conversely, they should know you.  When it’s time to lighten up or change hair tone be sure you talk it out with your stylist, ask for a consult, as well take in pictures.  As I always say, take your vision and inspiration you gather from around you then make it work for you.

I will be attending a beauty event in Toronto this weekend, followed by an award show, and I need major SOS on my locks.  My hair hasn’t been colored in months.  I was enjoying the Whitney Port meets Jaclyn Perusich grown out look, but I’m over it.  I will be having my hair altered before Saturday by my fabulous Wella artist, still irresolute exactly of what I want.  I’m seeking inspiration,  and if anyone has any pictures or ideas send them my way!

My mini hair vision board:

The hair is the richest ornament of women.  ~Martin Luther

My Tailored Life xo

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