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Bags with Benefits

 MY BF CHANTELLE (the one that resembles Kate Hudson) AND I SET OFF FOR A DAY TRIP UP NORTH…We headed to her family getaway spot and passed the afternoon embracing cottage life. We took in the fresh summer air, sat on the deck, walked along the beach and dipped our feet in the lake water.  It was bliss.

While at the beach we ran into a group of preadult beauties soaking up the rays on their nautical towels.  Your typical 17 somethings – giggly, skinny and full of attitude.  I took notice of their ghetto- blaster -looking- retro- beach bag that was playing tunes and chilling their redbull/vodkas  pepsi, I thought this gadget is brilliant.  I went over to the group and politely enquired about where the bag was from and who made it, one girl replied with a blank stare then answered NY?  Well thanks tips – she was a fruitless tit so I decided when I got home I’d do the research myself.

On my exploration I discovered an entire website on bags with benefits – wine bags, beer bags, ghetto totes, modern iPod clutches, they all had a secondary purpose.  I love the concept of having a beach bag that plays tunes, keeps my wine chilled, is waterproof and hosts a seperate chamber for my beach reads, Vogue and InStyle, that’s damage control.

You will catch site of me and my girls at the beach this summer, strutting our stuff. I’ll have my ghetto tote jacked up on my shoulder loaded with beach tunes and Pinot grigio. Maybe we’ll roller skate?


(our as*ses have way more girth then these)

It’s almost Friday….

Jaclyn xox

(photos courtesy of Pinterest and Kaboodles)

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