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Wear This, Drink That….

It’s sunny and fabulous outside, the perfect afternoon to ring up a few friends and meet for some patio time! Cocktails at 6 anyone?

I’m ready for my 9-5 to be over and my happy hour to start.

Wear This…..



Drink That……

Lemonade, lime vodka, water and a splash of tonic in a mason jar…yummers.

“I’m outdoorsy, in a I like to drink on a patio kinda way”  – Pinterest.

Jaclyn xo

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Candy Coated

The sunny and warmer temps of today make me want to coat my stems in candy colors and slip my toes into some amazing heels, sans stockings of course, and strut my stuff to work.  From Lifesavers to Sweetarts shades, anything bold or pastel splashed on my lower half would do.

I’m thinking I’ll start with my cotton candy colored pair of jeans I recently grabbed from Winners for $19.99 then graduate to something a little more bold?






Be prepared, you’ll think people are staring at your crotch when you rock colored denim, but they’re really just looking down at your stylish stems!

Jaclyn xo


Dream Bigger.

This past month has been hectic as hell. Between writing, my career, a few shoe reviews and my social agenda, I have neglected my blog and I feel really crap about it. I’m dreaming bigger, sometimes this interferes with personal stuff, like my blog and pedicures. I’m moody and feel like kicking my feet in a fit….I’m just tired and things don’t look pretty when I don’t sleep…or if I’m hungry. I’m like a toddler.

It’s time to organize my life….

I’m going to pour myself another coffee, put some lipstick on and get my sh*t together…

Jaclyn xo

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