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Royal Wedding, Mimosas and Fascinators, oh my!

My birds (girls) will arrive at 5am, I’m busy chefing up a brit breaky,  pouring mimosas and strategically placing my mini top hat fascinator perfectly so on le tete…

I will be slightly buzzed by 7am and plan on doing nothing for the rest of the day…I’m officially classifying myself part British, I spent enough years there I must be privy to some royalties!

I would love to be in Kates shoes!

Jaclyn xo


Bright Eyes

Lately I’m struggling to catch a decent amount of zzz’s, And when I woke this morning  it was published all over my face.  TiredPoofyBlahh.  Where did my beautiful brown eyes disappear too? 

Recently I’ve been on a major vitamin, water and lifestyle kick,   Actually I am always acquainted with my health. I’ve just been stepping it up a notch of late because I’m trying to “live my best life”, so what’s the deal?  Evidently getting a solid 8 hours is chief to overall health and wellness,  somethings gotta give.

This morning my basic fix was to use my typical routine for tired eyes.  Moisturizer, mascara, light shadow, I call it make up magic, its genius.  From a long-term mental view I am no longer making it compulsory to stay up and party with Colbert or Fallon anymore. I need my beauty sleep…

Here are my useful tips to fix tired

  • Prep you eyes – use a small amount of eye cream, like Vichy Aquailia Thermal Eye Roll-On Hydrogel, directly under your lower lashes.  Blend this out to the corners of the eye gently. Then wait a few minutes.
  • Add 3 dabs of light reflecting concealor or tinted moisturizer – I like Laura Mercier Illuminating tinted moisturizer, it’s lightweight and buildable so depending on the coverage you need you can apply less or more.
  • Curl those lush lashes – Imagine your opening the blinds, letting the sunshine in! Coat with mascara, Maybaline Great Lash, or Dior show.  Both always work miracles.
  • Lighten your Lids – Sweep a light shadow across your brow bone and eye lid, DO NOT USE WHITE, it’s tacky and cakey looking.  Try a nude or barely their iridesent shade.
  •  Conrad Line – That is the ultra thin black liner Lauren Conrad and I draw on our upper lids to open them up.  I love MAC fluidline in blacktrack…it works
  • Pinch your Cheeks – Not literally, but make it look as though you have some color on your cheeks.  This draws attention away from your eyes and gives your overall appearance a boost.

My Before

My After

Lets see what a few early nights will bring…

Jaclyn xo


Generation GAP


It’s almost ridiculous how great Gap jeans have been recently. Typically I only buy designer jeans, 7 for all man kind, Rock & Republic, J Brand and my fav’s Rich and Skinny.  My logic; if jeans cost more they must fit better and last longer? Wrong.  Of course all the previous mentioned are amazing brands but while trying to be more conservative with money, spending $250 for a pair of jeans is not exactly pragmatic.

I rediscovered Gap denim after trying on a pair of the Wide Leg Trouser Jeans.  It was immediate love.  I could not believe how well these jeans were constructed.   I knew I had to try on more. 1 hour and 7 pairs later I walked out of the store with my wide leg trousers and always skinnies.

I love the denim oasis at the Gap. One wall, all denim and super simple to navigate size, length and style.  The Gap has also managed to do an amazing job with keeping the jeans relevant. I have no idea what they are drinking over there but whatever it is its working. 

Do yourself a favor, grab a friend, head to The Gap and have a ball in the  change room and help each other find your perfect fit!

Here are some points of interest:

  • Skinny Jeans – Look for a pair of skinny jeans that flatter your body shape (either always skinny or real straight), go with dark denim washes.
  • Sexy Boot – Slim at the hip and thigh, boot cut jeans are a sexy and flattering on most body types.  Try pairing your boot cut with a nice blouse and heels – it’s the perfect date night outfit.
  • Trouser Jeans – I recommend jeans that are more fitted on the thigh – lean-to flared legs or moderately wide legs rather than wide legged jean styles that are too baggy or that lack shape. Be aware of a skinny leg that then widens from the knee, however: that’s too much like the 90’s take on bell bottoms, a look firmly out in 2011


 Find your Fit…
Still my Fav Gap commercial.. 
Jaclyn xo

Must Have Mondays: Fierce Fitness Ensembles


This Easter weekend was an indulgent and lavish affair that unfortunately I am happy to leave behind.  I overdosed on; calories from Cadbury Cream eggs, Mimosas, white wine spritzers, meat, red wine, staying up way past my bedtime and laughing out loud.  I welcome Monday with open arms and a solid am and pm workout!

Heres the problem:  After a very liberal weekend I always find it hard to get back on track, I always do, but its hard.  On days like these I like to jump out of bed, dress in my finest workout kit (British slang for outfit) and throw on my runners before I even put on the coffee.  It’s my stimulus.  Wearing the clothes I will be working out in reminds me not to sit my ass down in front of my laptop and catch up on Facebook or celebrity gossip.

I find that caring about what you wear when you exercise or at least having something to be joyed about when you put it on provides positively strong incentive…

So now Must Have Mondays: Fierce Fitness Ensembles

I know what you might be thinking “you’re just going to sweat in it, so who cares” right? Wrong… feeling good in your workout clothes gives you more confidence and motivates you to get your heart rate up.

  • Boulder Holder – A great sports bra has two purposes, first if you need it for support its perfect to keep flopsy and mopsy in tact. And second it can be a great layering piece underneath a loose tank, plus it looks cute and just feels supportive.
  • Running Pants – These look great with a longer loose tank for someone who wants to cover up, or with fitted racer backs to show off your shape. Lulu lemons Wunder Unders are the best excercise pants I’ve ever slipped my tush into. Amazing.  For a more cost friendly running pant, Joe Fresh offers a great array of yoga pants that also look and feel flattering.
  • Star Sneaks – Or what I like to call statement runners.  A bright pair of kicks are a must for whatever training you are doing are, make sure you know what type of shoe you need for the training you are doing. This is a great site to guide you along Womans Health Shoe Finder.
  • Racer Back Tanks – Or what I call the shoulder and back glorifier,  Racer backs complement these areas and give the arm a long leaner look.  Again, Joe Fresh and Lulu Lemon offer many different styles of racer tanks.  Places like Winners and Zellers also carry active wear lines where you can find a fabulous variety of colors and different fits.

Here are some inspirations I found:

New Balance Compression Suit

Shop for this here:

Stella McCartney for Adidas

Shop for this here:

Lulu Lemon Wunder Under Pant

Shop for this here:

Rebook Anthlin ReTone

Shop for this here:

The truth is we all need to feel and look our best when we get our hearts pumping.  So whether your going to rock the gym or hit the trails why not do it like you’re rockin the runway!

Here is my post run routine by  My bikini butt is well on its way b/c of these two!  Karena and Katrina, founders of Tone It Up are great inspirations.  Check out the video and do your own at home workout with then…feel the burn.

follow them on Twitter @ToneItUp and as well on here on Facebook.

Happy Monday Everyone.

Jaclyn xo

Envy: Khloe K’s Closet

 A peek inside Khloe Kardashians shoe closet..

Never mind closet organization, Khloe K’s a f’ing closet engineer.  Flat out unreal. I’m j.

Eat your hearts out… I am.

Check out more on this story courtesy of ELLE :

My Tailored life xo

Must Have Mondays: Royalty Blue

With the Royal wedding just twelve days away, my media appetite for gossipy tidbits and royal fashion is in overdrive.  I’ve always been a fan of Kate Middleton’s fashion.  Her tailored outfits and impeccable timeless sense of style charmed me a year ago.  She reeks femininity. The girl knows how to dress.

The princess- to- be makes Royal Blue, sapphire and navy a must have for any womans trunk.  Kate made it official when she wore the royal blue Issa number to her engagement announcement, like really, bus driver blue never looked so stunning.

Blue is one of my favorite hues because I associate it with cleanness and sophistication, yet there are colorful ways to freshen it up – like pairing it with blue greens (e.g. teals and turquoise). These colors are harmonious so they look amazing together.

Here are some ways to cast a little royalty to your style:

Must Have Mondays: Blue

  • Trades’ies – Try trading in your basic black blazer or heels for a navy pair.  Don’t get me wrong I live for black, but sometimes switching up your neutrals can be a refreshing change to your outfit.
  • Blue Accessories – Handbag, clutch, statement piece or scarf?  Taking baby steps to add a little royal, navy or cobalt to your wardrobe will emerse you in the blue trend just enough.
  • Blue Eyes – Unable to suppress memories of Mimis turquoise shadow on The Drew Carey Show, no worries.  Swapping your smokey grey black eyes of the winter season for light airy eyes of Spring will give you the chance to be playful. Blue eyes will give a radiant glow to your complexion and leave you more model than Mimi.

Wearing different colors of blue can do amazing things for your skin tone, hair color, and overall appearance. While basic black will forever be a wardrobe staple, parleying in a few blue shades can spice up your wardrobe and add interest to your look.

Colorful blues or navy are hot for Spring/Summer, so incorporating them into your wardrobe is worth learning how to do. Be bold. Have fun with it.

I’m leaving you with the perfectly royal video I am loving at the moment.  I assure you this is what my wedding will be like.  I love dancing.

My Tailored Life xo

Shellac Diva

My Shellac review:

SO here is a break down of the system. Base Coat, Color Coat, Top Coat, UV lamp, flawless nails for two weeks, and removes in 10 minutes.

14 day wear.

Zero dry time.

Mirror finish.

Really!  This is what they state? ….

My lovely friend Janet and I decided to go to a local nail bar last Saturday.  I always request to sit beside whoever I’m getting mani’ed with, I’m aware that its excessive maintenance, but for me I like the “girls day” experience.  I’ll set the scene. We rolled in to the salon with our Starbucks in hand, over sized sunnies, (as if we were of somewhat importance) and were firmly escorted to our side by side chairs.  My nail lady, Yon, was super adorable.  I told her I wanted to get Shellac’ed, she smiled and quickly showed me the 24 shades I had to choose from. I picked Tropix, a hot burnt coral reddish-orange tone. It was stunning.

While getting prepped we chatted with Yon about karaoke, Japanese beer, Brazilians and Lady Gaga.  This was all a fraction of my Shellac experience.  The process was fabulous,  the base coat was applied and I was put under the UV lamp for 10 seconds,  again repeated on the other side after the color coat.  For the final top coat each hand only had to stay under the lamp for 2 minutes.  Once that was complete my Shellac was dry and my palms were ready to slip inside my handbag to grab my wallet for payment. Brilliant.  I love this element of the Shellac.

In conclusion my nails looked fantastic.  The Shellac went on like polish but wears like a gel.  To be honest I can’t stop staring at my hands.  I’m sure the novelty will wear off, however, for now shellac accompanied with the perfect statement ring has my hands looking instantly editorial!

Its been 4 days and I am completely certain think this product will deliver to it full expectation.  Shellac delivers chip-free, glossy nails that last at least a fortnight. Try your hardest to dent them, (it’s not happening).

My Pros:

  • perfect for beach holidays, weddings and travel
  • for nudie tudie fans, the pale nail look stays lovely for two weeks
  • you can do anything to these babies and they are not gong to ruin
  • service is fast and quick dry makes it so convenient
  • brilliant shine

My Cons:

  • color rut, it’s not as permanent as a tatoo, but it’s there for 2 weeks

Obviously my pros offset my cons, this troubles  me…I’m going to be a Shellac diva.  Nails done, hair done everything did.

Me, The notorious Shellac diva

find a salon near you with the salon locator:

My Tailored Life xo

Must Have Mondays: Summer garb

Feel like taking your mind to a playful warm summer day?  Then you came to the right spot.

The past weekend got me longing for summer accessories.  The warmer air, sunshine and requirement for sunnies had me visualizing my summer garb.  I have little resistance when it comes to accessories, they supplement and complement style to a degree of seamless. I am easily fooled, for that reason I am an accessory veteran.

So let me take you away on the daydream I had and give you my Must Have Accessories for Summer 2011.  The loveliness and gorgeousness of these images will allure you to be more vivid and daring this summer..I promise.

Must Have Mondays: Accessories

  • An amazing  pair of sunnies – its important to look great but it’s just as important to protect your peepers! Not only do sunnies play the essential part of protecting our eyes against harmful sun rays, but, if properly chosen, they add interest to your overall appearance. I think it’s important to own 3 pairs 1. classic 2. trendy 3. sporty vs easy to wear.
  • A fabulous chapeau – wide brim, fedora, turban or anything that flatters your face is an absolute vital for summer time. Even try a floppy 70’s inspired hat to add a bohemian flair to any look. Make sure you wear something that suits your face and that you feel glamorous in.
  • A statement ring – We have all heard this before.  Statement ring.  A big rock could definitely be a good investment — or a fun personal treat.  Dramatic rings make you feel amazing, anyone who has ever slipped one on and caught major notice for this piece knows what I’m talking about.  It becomes the reason for your entire outfit! I’m totally guilty for developing an entire outfit around my statement ring!
  • Arm Candy – Clutches and weekender bags are another personal fav of mine.  Embellished with ethnic detail, or simple and crisp this is yet another accessories you can have fun with!  Vivid patterns, bold stripes and colors are big for this summer; remember classic and vintage will never get stale.
  • The perfect Caftan- How do you cover up on the beach? Please I hope you didn’t say Terri cloth? Sheer sexy caftans or cover ups are the way of the modern beauty.  Caftans are very exotic.  The variety of colors they are offered in are gorgeous.  When your dressing for the beach, pool party or backyard bbq imagine SATC2…you’ll find inspiration there.
  • Big bold tell a story Earrings – From Forever21 to Rachel Roy, big earrings are an instant look at me accessory.  I love pulling my hair back and divulging and amazing pair or earrings.  They’re perfect to amp up a plain white tee, and look fresh and summer-y when hair is pulled back into an up-do. Plus, they’re becoming increasingly easy to find at budget prices!



My Must Have Mondays. Unbelievable statement accessories to transmit a distinctive youthful, playful vibe.  I hope these pieces made your summer retro dream a little more realistic.

Here are some great places to look for the above mentioned

  • H&M
  • Zara
  • Forever21
  • Costa Blanca
  • Target
  • French Connection
  • Mango
  • Victorias Secret
  • Rachel Roy
  • Charlie by Matthew Zink

and of course on-line. Everyone has different limits to what they can and can’t spend.  You will find everything I mentioned at whatever price suits you. While personally I would love to have a chest full of only expensive jewelry, with the word recession still buzzing in everyone’s ears it just isn’t logical – be fashionable and practical …you’ll still look stunning.

Happy Monday.

My Tailored Life xox


Take your heels off..

I woke up this morning with a sense of calm.  It’s Friday this means finally my mad work week is at a rest.  I am retiring my heels, hanging up my blazers and locking my laptop away till Monday.  Sounds blissful, right?

This weekend I will be working on DIY projects for our new casa.  Maybe sand the railing, or look into how I want to decorate my office.  Mike keeps asking why I require a full office? I told him that with work, blogging and styling I want a space to myself that inspires me, plus when I become famous I will need lots of room for fan mail and gifts!  Just kidding.  Though I am ambitious enough for that.

My home office vision board:

Take your heels off, grab a book or do a DIY home project and get ready for some nice weather!  Well, that’s my plan…

Happy Friday.

My Tailored Life xo

Mediterranean Slipper:Espadrilles

Cavemen wore them, pheasants worked in them, Yves St.Laurent modified them.  Now modern-day designers have made them an essential for spring /summer.
Espadrilles are your quintessential summer shoe.  The comfy fabric will protect your freshly pedicured toes and the jute soles will mold to your feet like a magical little Mediterannean  slipper!  This once peasant footwear is a perfect addition to your summer shoe collection.
Perhaps your at an backyard cocktail party, or shopping on a Sunday at your local market; wouldn’t espadrilles be the perfect shoe!
Flat Espadrilles – They’re just as comfy (and breathable!) as sneakers, but infinitely more fashionable, especially with a little sun dress or rolled up jeans and a T.
Wedge Espadrilles- They’re comfy, yet leg lengthening and look fabulous with casual denim, dresses or summer basics.
My Pyrenees inspiration:

Choose a color
A day at the beach
Tory Burch Wedge
Tory Burch Reva Espadrilles

Toms Woman Yellow Canvas
Womans Mossimo Supply Co
shop for this here:
Cream Espadrilles
I have my Toms black wedges, I will live in them this summer…..
My Tailored Life xo
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