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Belly Baring

I’m cleansing you guys – because it’s Summertime and baring your midriff is big this season.
I scoured the Internet until I found a doable detox program and the Four Elements Cleanse seems doable. I’ll eat high fiber fruits, veggies and grains and drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and cayenne pepper for the next 7-10 days. Easy peasy. Except I make everything extra difficult for myself. I overindulged this weekend so I’m starting off puffier than usual and craving a Fritter like a mofo.

It’s been three hours. I have a headache. I want a cup of coffee. I’m gagging over the detox drink. I’ll let you know how I’m feeling in a few days. Happy Monday!






This detox drink better start tasting like a jalapeño martini soon…

Jaclyn xo

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Must Have Mondays: Fierce Fitness Ensembles


This Easter weekend was an indulgent and lavish affair that unfortunately I am happy to leave behind.  I overdosed on; calories from Cadbury Cream eggs, Mimosas, white wine spritzers, meat, red wine, staying up way past my bedtime and laughing out loud.  I welcome Monday with open arms and a solid am and pm workout!

Heres the problem:  After a very liberal weekend I always find it hard to get back on track, I always do, but its hard.  On days like these I like to jump out of bed, dress in my finest workout kit (British slang for outfit) and throw on my runners before I even put on the coffee.  It’s my stimulus.  Wearing the clothes I will be working out in reminds me not to sit my ass down in front of my laptop and catch up on Facebook or celebrity gossip.

I find that caring about what you wear when you exercise or at least having something to be joyed about when you put it on provides positively strong incentive…

So now Must Have Mondays: Fierce Fitness Ensembles

I know what you might be thinking “you’re just going to sweat in it, so who cares” right? Wrong… feeling good in your workout clothes gives you more confidence and motivates you to get your heart rate up.

  • Boulder Holder – A great sports bra has two purposes, first if you need it for support its perfect to keep flopsy and mopsy in tact. And second it can be a great layering piece underneath a loose tank, plus it looks cute and just feels supportive.
  • Running Pants – These look great with a longer loose tank for someone who wants to cover up, or with fitted racer backs to show off your shape. Lulu lemons Wunder Unders are the best excercise pants I’ve ever slipped my tush into. Amazing.  For a more cost friendly running pant, Joe Fresh offers a great array of yoga pants that also look and feel flattering.
  • Star Sneaks – Or what I like to call statement runners.  A bright pair of kicks are a must for whatever training you are doing are, make sure you know what type of shoe you need for the training you are doing. This is a great site to guide you along Womans Health Shoe Finder.
  • Racer Back Tanks – Or what I call the shoulder and back glorifier,  Racer backs complement these areas and give the arm a long leaner look.  Again, Joe Fresh and Lulu Lemon offer many different styles of racer tanks.  Places like Winners and Zellers also carry active wear lines where you can find a fabulous variety of colors and different fits.

Here are some inspirations I found:

New Balance Compression Suit

Shop for this here:

Stella McCartney for Adidas

Shop for this here:

Lulu Lemon Wunder Under Pant

Shop for this here:

Rebook Anthlin ReTone

Shop for this here:

The truth is we all need to feel and look our best when we get our hearts pumping.  So whether your going to rock the gym or hit the trails why not do it like you’re rockin the runway!

Here is my post run routine by  My bikini butt is well on its way b/c of these two!  Karena and Katrina, founders of Tone It Up are great inspirations.  Check out the video and do your own at home workout with then…feel the burn.

follow them on Twitter @ToneItUp and as well on here on Facebook.

Happy Monday Everyone.

Jaclyn xo

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