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Sweater Weather

So apparently the formula for fall is as follows: Sweaters, booties, chunky sweaters, layers and ….. Sweaters.







It’s officially sweater weather, basically crawl into the perfect sweater and hibernate under it till spring.

For me sweaters and boots are easy as hell. I love fall.

Jaclyn xo

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Take your heels off..

I woke up this morning with a sense of calm.  It’s Friday this means finally my mad work week is at a rest.  I am retiring my heels, hanging up my blazers and locking my laptop away till Monday.  Sounds blissful, right?

This weekend I will be working on DIY projects for our new casa.  Maybe sand the railing, or look into how I want to decorate my office.  Mike keeps asking why I require a full office? I told him that with work, blogging and styling I want a space to myself that inspires me, plus when I become famous I will need lots of room for fan mail and gifts!  Just kidding.  Though I am ambitious enough for that.

My home office vision board:

Take your heels off, grab a book or do a DIY home project and get ready for some nice weather!  Well, that’s my plan…

Happy Friday.

My Tailored Life xo

Butter and Ripe Lemons

Yellow.  It’s one color that can instantly put you in a great mood.  Beware, yellow isn’t for everyone,  if you can pull it off it is an unbelievble touch to your wardrobe, home decor and even make up.  Today I wore a cropped knit yellow sweater that I purchased on my latest trip to LA (its fabulous and simple), and every time I glanced in the mirror I thought I looked so fresh and bright.

My skin has olive undertones, this makes it easier for me to wear different shades of yellow.  If you’re wanting to try out a little butter or ripe lemons make sure to analyze your undertones.  Look at the veins on the inside of you wrist to determine whether your skin tone is warm or cool. If they appear greenish, your skin is warm; if they appear bluish, your skin is cool. Another easy method for figuring out your skin tone is going by your natural hair color; if it’s blue-black, ash or golden blond, your skin is usually cool. If your hair is deep brown, red, or strawberry blond, your skin is usually warm.

This will also help.  If you are very pale, find  bright or dark yellow pieces; if your skin is dark it will look better with a lighter shade of yellow.  As well a secret to carrying out yellow is bronzer, just a light dust will incorporate your yellow outfit to your skin.

And when it comes to home decor, whatever tickles you yellow will do! It’s fun and makes a great statement piece.

Some Inspiration:

Go bananas my beauties!

My tailored Life xo



I’m totally gripped on dressing my head right now, never mind the snug knits or military hats of the winter months,  I shed those weeks ago,  I’m talking headscarves, turbans and wide headbands.

Spring is virtually almost here..I can smell it. It smells like mud, plus I’m getting lots of use of my original Hunter Boots, this means style is springing forward!

Back to head dressing. I like my hair. I take somewhat good care of it,  but lately I find myself too busy.  Between the gym, my career, the renovations and blogging I simply don’t have the time to flat-iron or barrel curl it like I used to.  Which brings me to dressing my head.  The  idea of stepping up an outfit with accessories and head dresses makes me giddy. It’s a great way to budget, and explore different avenues of style without out actually blowing a pot hole in your handbag (you’re welcome, husbands, boyfriends, finances, parents).  Like, H&M, they have great accessories and Forever21, well that’s just a given, you can walk out of that place with a boat load of accessories for under 30 bucks.

Hand bands, scarves and turbans are great for a prompt current looks.  For those “I don’t want to wash my hair days” or if your just kickin it with your friends, hubby or kids…why not look fabulous?

here are some great inspirations:



Give it a me your pics too!

My Tailored Life xo

Wanna Play Dress Up?

Style your own outfit with me today….Virtual dress up. Love it

Here’s my style of the day to inspire you and I:<br/><small>Get your own <a target=”_blank” href=””>Mini Editor</a> from <a target=”_blank” href=””>Polyvore</a></small><br/>

Enjoy your day.

My Tailored Life xo

Editorial Vacation

I wouldn’t normally blog on a Saturday, But I missed Friday due to an extremely long travel day for work.

When I arrived home I poured myself a glass of Ripasso, opened my laptop and experienced an editorial vacation. Three hours later, an empty bottle of wine,  submerged with fashion envy, here is what I discovered….



Dara - Ettinger Chelsea Ring

Dara Ettinger Chelsea Ring

shop for this here

buy here:

Free People Ombre Feather Earrings

shop for this here:



Free People Bryce Canyon Collar

shop for this here:


Marc Jacobs Gold Tone Bird Rings

shop for this here:


House Of Harlow Tribal Wrap Ring

shop for this here:

Feather Hair Rooster Extensions

shop for this here:

Take an editorial vacation this weekend, you never know what things you might find…

Happy Weekend.

My Tailored Life xoxo

Memory of Feathers

Here is the treasure I found this month….

Anthropologie Memory of Feathers Dress

shop for this here:

I purchased this piece to wear when I host my first dinner party in my new home. It will be fantastic. I will wear this dress, 4 inch heels and serve a fabulous meal!

My Tailored Life xo

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