Shellac Diva

My Shellac review:

SO here is a break down of the system. Base Coat, Color Coat, Top Coat, UV lamp, flawless nails for two weeks, and removes in 10 minutes.

14 day wear.

Zero dry time.

Mirror finish.

Really!  This is what they state? ….

My lovely friend Janet and I decided to go to a local nail bar last Saturday.  I always request to sit beside whoever I’m getting mani’ed with, I’m aware that its excessive maintenance, but for me I like the “girls day” experience.  I’ll set the scene. We rolled in to the salon with our Starbucks in hand, over sized sunnies, (as if we were of somewhat importance) and were firmly escorted to our side by side chairs.  My nail lady, Yon, was super adorable.  I told her I wanted to get Shellac’ed, she smiled and quickly showed me the 24 shades I had to choose from. I picked Tropix, a hot burnt coral reddish-orange tone. It was stunning.

While getting prepped we chatted with Yon about karaoke, Japanese beer, Brazilians and Lady Gaga.  This was all a fraction of my Shellac experience.  The process was fabulous,  the base coat was applied and I was put under the UV lamp for 10 seconds,  again repeated on the other side after the color coat.  For the final top coat each hand only had to stay under the lamp for 2 minutes.  Once that was complete my Shellac was dry and my palms were ready to slip inside my handbag to grab my wallet for payment. Brilliant.  I love this element of the Shellac.

In conclusion my nails looked fantastic.  The Shellac went on like polish but wears like a gel.  To be honest I can’t stop staring at my hands.  I’m sure the novelty will wear off, however, for now shellac accompanied with the perfect statement ring has my hands looking instantly editorial!

Its been 4 days and I am completely certain think this product will deliver to it full expectation.  Shellac delivers chip-free, glossy nails that last at least a fortnight. Try your hardest to dent them, (it’s not happening).

My Pros:

  • perfect for beach holidays, weddings and travel
  • for nudie tudie fans, the pale nail look stays lovely for two weeks
  • you can do anything to these babies and they are not gong to ruin
  • service is fast and quick dry makes it so convenient
  • brilliant shine

My Cons:

  • color rut, it’s not as permanent as a tatoo, but it’s there for 2 weeks

Obviously my pros offset my cons, this troubles  me…I’m going to be a Shellac diva.  Nails done, hair done everything did.

Me, The notorious Shellac diva

find a salon near you with the salon locator:

My Tailored Life xo

3 thoughts on “Shellac Diva

  1. Sara says:

    Really??? Ok I want!! Do they have a salon/spa locator or something?

  2. Miss Sara, you would love Shellac. I’ll show you mine on Friday.

    I should have thought to post the salon locator, I’ll edit that stat!
    Salon Locator:

    J xo

  3. Janet says:

    Lets think about making our next appointment!

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