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Belly Baring

I’m cleansing you guys – because it’s Summertime and baring your midriff is big this season.
I scoured the Internet until I found a doable detox program and the Four Elements Cleanse seems doable. I’ll eat high fiber fruits, veggies and grains and drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and cayenne pepper for the next 7-10 days. Easy peasy. Except I make everything extra difficult for myself. I overindulged this weekend so I’m starting off puffier than usual and craving a Fritter like a mofo.

It’s been three hours. I have a headache. I want a cup of coffee. I’m gagging over the detox drink. I’ll let you know how I’m feeling in a few days. Happy Monday!






This detox drink better start tasting like a jalapeño martini soon…

Jaclyn xo

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Rock The Boat 2

So I’m taking tomorrow and the weekend offline and I’m giddy as hell about it. Have a glorious weekend and don’t be jelly. My life is rarely this carefree.

Tips for the perfect long weekend holiday:

  • Drink your signature cocktail all weekend – you deserve it!
  • Dress in breezy maxi dresses, anything sheer and havaianas.
  • Go for a natural look, wash hair, tie it in a bun then let it dry naturally – your waves will be killer – thanks Karen for that tip.
  • Create a Long Weekend menu and try a recipe using fresh produce from your local market – I’ll be chefing up cold eggplant stacks drizzled with olive oil and balsamic with fresh basil and love.
  • Enjoy an ice cream in a classic cone.
  • Head north, where the air is cleaner and the stars shine brighter
  • shut down your laptop, even if you stay in the city turn it off – explore your own surroundings and act like a tourist while you’re at it!
  • Own being lazy – if you have a DIY project or gardens you want to work on do it at a slow pace. And if you get distracted by cocktails or friends, who cares enjoy it.
  • Drink your signature cocktail..

Happy long weekend everyone!

This is what my car looked like this week…

This is me tomorrow…

This is what I will be looking at…

I will drown in this before I drown in the lake…

Rock the boat a little!

Happy May long weekend.

Jaclyn xo

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All I Want to Wear for Christmas

So lookit. It’s been a long time. I get that you’re probably wondering if I’ve crawled into a cave with Channing Tatum, but the truth is, he’s married. I know you don’t want to hear excuses, but I wrapped up my 7 year corporate career, took some time to smell the hydrangeas, discovered a few new things about myself, and slept. A lot. Or slept-walked through the shoe department at Holt Renfrew, but listen: I’m back.

And I feel amazing.

For those of you that loyally read this mess, it’s true that this time of year makes me giddy as hell. I don’t know if its the pretty little flakes falling outside my window, perhaps its the catchy jingle with Mariah Carey and Jimmy Fallon that’s lighting up my iPod, or the excitement of dressing a little glamorous and wearing sequins and Ruby Woo to all the holiday parties? Whatever it is, can you blame me, It’s such a peaceful, sparkly, cheerful time of year!

As I sit here tapping my sequin slippers to “All I want for Christmas” I want to share with you a little compilation of “All I want to wear for Christmas”. Warning: textured tights, sparkly shoes, sequin trimmed blazer, and gold ahead – might cause rapid heart beat, excessive smiling and holiday fever.






Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the hydrangeas, slip into something sequin and shake your little a*s to some Christmas tunes to get in the spirit.

Jaclyn xo

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I ate stuffing and mashed potatoes four days in a row. Hence, I am the opposite of sexy, which I think is frumpy right? I long for water and cardio.

I’m still comatose from the long Thanksgiving weekend, so feast your eyes on these lovely fall photos that have me craving a cozy photo shoot with my man.






Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Jaclyn xo

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One Night FNonly….

I’m so excited to be guest appearing at Fashion Night Out at Lemonberry this Thursday. I’m looking forward to meeting some My Tailored Life readers and getting my strutt on with you.

MAKEOVERS and must-haves, fashion and friends, bloggers and buyers, local celebrities and celebrations. Lemonberrys Fashion Night Out is going to be an evening that makes summer’s final fling end with a bang. To celebrate Fashion’s Night Out, Lemonberry has given me a $50 Gift certificate for one of you lucky loves. Leave a comment with your twitter name on this post for a chance to shop at my fav local clothing boutique.

Hope to see you all there!


All you need is a reason to shop.

Jaclyn xo

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Oh Sh*t it’s Monday…

I woke up this morning totally thinking it was Sunday. It’s Monday. So rather than a mimosa on the back deck, I settled for coffee and almond milk in my home office. Oh the hardship we bear.

This made my coffee-instead-of-mimosas-morning much better!

Happy eff’in Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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Dress you up in my love….

”Let me cover you with velvet kisses
I’ll create a look that’s made for you…..’ – Madonna

Beyond the festive decorations, confectionery treats and cozy nights, I also love this time of year because it gives us that many more reasons to glam it up a little. Even if it’s simply painting your nails with some red polish or throwing on something sparkly,’tis the season that requests a little bash*. With a couple of Holiday parties on the schedule this week and next, I’m looking forward to getting dolled up and drinking a little bubbly.

Here are a few little numbers that captured my brown eyes……

Dress you up in my love....
I’m aware the flock of sequins in this collection is heavy, but really nothing starts a party like some sequins….or old school Madonna!
Jaclyn xo
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The Contingency Plan: Work vs Play

This weekend I was successful in drinking wine, cleaning my closet and organizing  the sh*t out of my car. Being on the road for work and travelling has destined me to have a vehicle filled to the brim with lovely bits from my wardrobe. My girlfriends make fun of me for stocking an abundant amount of crap in my SUV – I haul extra sweaters, blouses, shirts, heels, curling iron, straightener and clutches into my gym bag  in case I want to pop in anywhere for post-work social time, aka Happy Hour. On most occasions I can transform my look from office to play easily, adding an accessory, switching a blazer for a cropped leather jacket or if I’m feeling totally enthusiastic I’ll pack a sequins tank to throw under my blazer . A girl needs options and I always like to have a contingency plan!

My work vs play

One thing I am sure of, if ever on the eleventh hour was I invited to some glorious event, a gala or The Oscars my car would possess all the parcels I’d need to pull my outfit together!

ps I know my girlfriends secretly love the fact that at any point they can open my car door and have a snappy outfit modification!

Jaclyn xo

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The Tartan Touch

It’s a bit of a rager outside today, which only fuels my crush for classic preppy coziness and the perpetual fall trend, plaid.

I want to be wrapped in a tweed, wear checks of tartan and paint my lips in Ruby Woo. It’s the type of day that makes me long for the blustery hills of the highlands and dark waters of Inverness, perhaps it’s time for another beautiful trip to Scotland?






The truth about plaid is that it’s a fine line for me between well done, over done, and just trashy. Make sure you don’t over do this pattern, and keep pieces minimal – unless you’re in a Vogue editorial, plaid on plaid on plaid just isn’t for everyday!


Happy Hump Day!

Jaclyn xo






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Peep Show

There’s just something so subtly sexy about showing a little shoulder and the line of a woman’s collarbone.

Whether you reveal la shoulder with intention, by means of a wide neckline or your shirt looses balance, and slips off your shoulder accidentally, showing a little shoulder skin can be quite feminine and sexy.

Recently I’ve bought a few knits in extra-large to capture the effect of a billowy modern-day-flashdance sweater. I pair it with skinny jeans, casual boots and confidence for a look that is easy, loose and comfortably sexy.

Shoulders need lovin too…..

Hey, it’s okay to bare a little skin sometimes…

Half way there.. Happy Wednesday!

Jaclyn xo

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