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Weekend Perfection

It’s actually embarrassing how much my life revolves around food and dogs. Good thing I’m secure with myself.

Our weekend was perfectly lazy…Home cooked dinners, a trip to the dog park, a couple naps and two Starbucks runs. I even made The Husband drink a few bottles of wine with me, we sipped vino tinto and crashed early……It was perfection.

Today my task is to find the perfect bed for our little daughter dog Georgia, I’m going to hit the ushe – Winners, Homesense, Target. If I’m feeling really ambitious, I may even try to craft one up myself, check out these clever dog bed ideas I found on Pinterest!






This is little Georgia, she deserves a masterpiece, don’t you think?

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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Sleeping Beauty

Something about the crisp air and fall like temps that make me want to stay under my duvet and work from my home office….

Or maybe build a bed in my office?





I think I’m on to something…….

Jaclyn xo

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Organizing My Life: Accessories 101

Another Day, Another Dolla. That’s what I tell myself when I roll out of bed Monday mornings. My Monday am routine is considerably mundane. I get up, make coffee, sip coffee, check e mails, respond to e mails, sip more coffee, have a shake, plan my work week, work, hit up the stair Master, then come home and normally work some more. Today I decided to be a little more adventurous. I had oatmeal instead of a shake and 86’ed the more work after work..bonkers right? Not so much. However in true Monday organizational fashion I got a start on some major organization. I uncluttered my accessories and purged some old jewels I no longer took interest in.

This weekend, while trying to round-up some costume jewelry for a shoot I was styling I came to the  realization that my collection of accessories were a cluttery f*ckery – Necklaces were knotted, rings were mixed in with earrings, some dangle earrings where broken or missing gems and I found bangles and cuffs that had been MIA and taking up real estate for months in the bottoms of my handbags – it was time get my sh*t together.

Here is some inspiration from people who have their sh*t together.

I may have copied some ideas for my own jewelry station…..

Maybe tomorrow evening I’ll paint my walls in chevron patterns and re organize my apartment?…

Happy Monday. Don’t be lazy or boring….

Jaclyn xo

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Cream & Gold

Wearing this duet always makes me feel extra elegant and lady like. Don’t even get me started on home decor, love.

I wish everything I touched turned to cream and gold….

1. Half Dipped Gold Feather necklace Merit Weinstock at NeedSupply $265

2. gold toed flats Asos

3. Gatsby Horn Ring Finn Jewelry $1100

4. dogwood earrings M. Flynn Accessories $88

5. triple rose cut diamond ring Jan Palmer $1988

6.  7. earrings Urban Outfitters $12

8. gold leaf Zig Zag Tray upintheairsomewhere

9. paper mache bowl etco $10

10. earrings Urban Outfitters$12

11. Travel candles (for gifts or decor) Catbird $12

12. arrow necklace Lulaka $28

I want to dip everything in gold….

Whats your favorite color combination…?

Jaclyn xo

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The Bone Collector

I’m much more of a Gossip Girl than Gothic Girl, but even I have a weakness for skulls. Maybe its the time of year? Maybe its designer influenced?

Remember when Alexander McQueen constructed that fabulous accessory line influenced by the bony structures. It was all the rage in Hollywood, to date people are still wanting to get their hands on his bones. In addition to cuffs, scarfs, clutches and rings, I also enjoy a little skull accents around the home. I’m noticing stylists from my beloved online decor magazines mixing brass skeleton heads and contemporary pieces together, it just adds a little bad as* sumpin sumpin to a book shelf or home office space.

The fascination I have with skulls is glittery bling bling. You’ll see why I’m totally crushing on these ornamental skulls.

Love the regency of the skull….

 I want to use these DL&Company candles for book ends…

and throw this on a table in a room…..

that looks like this.

I would wear it on my wrists, as seen on the lovely Ms Janette Ewen  here….

and wear this high-priced skull cocktail ring for devils night drinks…

and possibly clutch on to this….

Skulls have a time and a place… I’m going to order a artisan candle from DL&Company and give it a home right beside my ELLEments of style book!

Jaclyn xo

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Today feels like a fabulous summer day. Last weekend was a total tease that fall weather was here and it had us all reaching for cozy sweaters and boots.  Little Miss Summer isn’t going anywhere for a while folks, so put your chunky knits on hold for the next week or so until we can really strut our fall fashion.

Even with the sweating temps I plan on doing a few fall things this weekend.. like sweeping some OPI’s ‘I Brake for Manicures‘ over my nails, looking through mags for fall hair color inspiration, exchanging my summery bedding for some autumn plum shades, sipping wine on the back deck and maybe doing a little fall shopping? Somebody please escort me to a mall this weekend. I don’t like to shop alone….

Fabulous use of chocolate and plum…

She makes me want to paint my hair deep brown and grow my eyebrows to their virgin state..

This image makes me want to say eff this summer leftover weather..bring on fall!


What fall things are you going to get a head start on this weekend?

Happy Friday sugar plums!

Jaclyn xo

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‘Glit’ it up!

I did nothing noteworthy this weekend, unless you count eating, sleeping, sipping wine noteworthy, in that case I brunched with my friends (twice), enjoyed a bottle of Napa Cellars (twice) and slept a solid 8 hours at night fused with some late afternoon outdoor siestas.  I also fit in two runs and a jaunt to Sephora.  Are you bored yet? I’m bored just typing it.

Amid my lazy afternoon affair with my lounger and laptop, I did manage to get lucky and discover The Glitter Guide, a website dedicated to all thing that are chic, fun, and glittery in fashion, trends, design, and food. Head over to The Glitter Guide and expose your inner ‘glit’ girl. You know you’re dying to wear a sequin skirt paired with an easy tank and heels before the summer rolls right by you, do it!

Here’s a glimpse of what they’re up to over at The Glitter Guide

10 way to dress like a Glitter Girl..#1, 2,3,4,5&10 are my fav’s

I’m a sucker for sequins (sometimes overkill)…plus a cinched waist = glorious

I want this for my home office.

This week I’m going to ‘glit’ up an outfit for work, I can’t wait…

ps. if you have never tried Napa Cellars you need to put it on your list, it’s a party.

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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Envy: Khloe K’s Closet

 A peek inside Khloe Kardashians shoe closet..

Never mind closet organization, Khloe K’s a f’ing closet engineer.  Flat out unreal. I’m j.

Eat your hearts out… I am.

Check out more on this story courtesy of ELLE :

My Tailored life xo

Take your heels off..

I woke up this morning with a sense of calm.  It’s Friday this means finally my mad work week is at a rest.  I am retiring my heels, hanging up my blazers and locking my laptop away till Monday.  Sounds blissful, right?

This weekend I will be working on DIY projects for our new casa.  Maybe sand the railing, or look into how I want to decorate my office.  Mike keeps asking why I require a full office? I told him that with work, blogging and styling I want a space to myself that inspires me, plus when I become famous I will need lots of room for fan mail and gifts!  Just kidding.  Though I am ambitious enough for that.

My home office vision board:

Take your heels off, grab a book or do a DIY home project and get ready for some nice weather!  Well, that’s my plan…

Happy Friday.

My Tailored Life xo

Butter and Ripe Lemons

Yellow.  It’s one color that can instantly put you in a great mood.  Beware, yellow isn’t for everyone,  if you can pull it off it is an unbelievble touch to your wardrobe, home decor and even make up.  Today I wore a cropped knit yellow sweater that I purchased on my latest trip to LA (its fabulous and simple), and every time I glanced in the mirror I thought I looked so fresh and bright.

My skin has olive undertones, this makes it easier for me to wear different shades of yellow.  If you’re wanting to try out a little butter or ripe lemons make sure to analyze your undertones.  Look at the veins on the inside of you wrist to determine whether your skin tone is warm or cool. If they appear greenish, your skin is warm; if they appear bluish, your skin is cool. Another easy method for figuring out your skin tone is going by your natural hair color; if it’s blue-black, ash or golden blond, your skin is usually cool. If your hair is deep brown, red, or strawberry blond, your skin is usually warm.

This will also help.  If you are very pale, find  bright or dark yellow pieces; if your skin is dark it will look better with a lighter shade of yellow.  As well a secret to carrying out yellow is bronzer, just a light dust will incorporate your yellow outfit to your skin.

And when it comes to home decor, whatever tickles you yellow will do! It’s fun and makes a great statement piece.

Some Inspiration:

Go bananas my beauties!

My tailored Life xo


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