Must Have Mondays: Royalty Blue

With the Royal wedding just twelve days away, my media appetite for gossipy tidbits and royal fashion is in overdrive.  I’ve always been a fan of Kate Middleton’s fashion.  Her tailored outfits and impeccable timeless sense of style charmed me a year ago.  She reeks femininity. The girl knows how to dress.

The princess- to- be makes Royal Blue, sapphire and navy a must have for any womans trunk.  Kate made it official when she wore the royal blue Issa number to her engagement announcement, like really, bus driver blue never looked so stunning.

Blue is one of my favorite hues because I associate it with cleanness and sophistication, yet there are colorful ways to freshen it up – like pairing it with blue greens (e.g. teals and turquoise). These colors are harmonious so they look amazing together.

Here are some ways to cast a little royalty to your style:

Must Have Mondays: Blue

  • Trades’ies – Try trading in your basic black blazer or heels for a navy pair.  Don’t get me wrong I live for black, but sometimes switching up your neutrals can be a refreshing change to your outfit.
  • Blue Accessories – Handbag, clutch, statement piece or scarf?  Taking baby steps to add a little royal, navy or cobalt to your wardrobe will emerse you in the blue trend just enough.
  • Blue Eyes – Unable to suppress memories of Mimis turquoise shadow on The Drew Carey Show, no worries.  Swapping your smokey grey black eyes of the winter season for light airy eyes of Spring will give you the chance to be playful. Blue eyes will give a radiant glow to your complexion and leave you more model than Mimi.

Wearing different colors of blue can do amazing things for your skin tone, hair color, and overall appearance. While basic black will forever be a wardrobe staple, parleying in a few blue shades can spice up your wardrobe and add interest to your look.

Colorful blues or navy are hot for Spring/Summer, so incorporating them into your wardrobe is worth learning how to do. Be bold. Have fun with it.

I’m leaving you with the perfectly royal video I am loving at the moment.  I assure you this is what my wedding will be like.  I love dancing.

My Tailored Life xo

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