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Sweater Weather

So apparently the formula for fall is as follows: Sweaters, booties, chunky sweaters, layers and ….. Sweaters.







It’s officially sweater weather, basically crawl into the perfect sweater and hibernate under it till spring.

For me sweaters and boots are easy as hell. I love fall.

Jaclyn xo

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Be All Ears…

I’m the kinda girl who needs to have earrings in and mascara on at all times when I leave the house. I throw studs, diamonds or silver knots in my earlobes for everyday then swap them out for something interesting when I wanna play.

Recently I invested in a cute pair of fish gill earrings – LOVE them. I didn’t take the dangling things out for my entire holiday, I mean, they totally suited the by-the-ocean-poolside theme so why would I? (as seen here)

I’m going to glam up my typical everyday studs with some fresh and wild ones…

Club Manhattan earrings

I can’t get enough of the carcass-animalia-serpant inspired accessories, call me kitschy but its way better than boring.

Jaclyn xo

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