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A Touch of Frost

I love a good collaboration, such as MJ and Paul McCartney’s ‘Say, Say, Say”,  Lanvin for H&M, Alice and Olivia for MAC, Another McCartney Stella for Target and my most recent popular LuLu Frost for J Crew.

The caption for these candy colored beauties read, “Colorful Art Deco bracelets for a modern-day Daisy Buchanan“. I could absolutely see the lead heroine of Fitzgeralds’ The Great Gatsby, donning a pair of these. I dying for the black one on the base and the green one second from the top, although two just wouldn’t be adequate…

Stack em up!



The perfect collar

I want these suspended from my lobes…

I’m fellin this with a plain white tee..

As if J Crew doesn’t do enough right…now for a second time we get to take advantage of Miss Lulu Frost at tolerable prices. Ranging in price from $45 to $135 it’s a shame if you don’t add one of these bright-colored beauties to your accessory collection!

Check out the collection for yourself here….

Jaclyn xo

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Dee – Lish

On Friday night I had the chance to watch my beautiful and Lovely friend Miss Danielle Boujeaurd rock the stage at a local pub. And let me tell you it was extraordinary! She’s the kinda girl who opens her mouth and you’d think you had just been called to heaven from an angle…her talent is unreal. Goosebumps.

The soon to be new princess of country music, Danielle, weaves her rocking roots with picture-perfect country, sung with a crystalline voice that rings out crisply over infectious lyrics. Her strumming and sharp lyrics remain at the heart of tracks that echo to anyone who loves music..

Danielles charming style and distinctive vocals have already won her the recognition across Canada…She’s true Canadian talent and I love watching her rise to the top!

She makes me want to grab the Patron….

And she’s super cute…


Check her out here and please vote on the link to support the lovely Danielle and her rise to fame…

Click here to check out Danielles webpage and see what she’s been up to…

Go do yourself some good, listen to her voice and get goosebumps!

Jaclyn xo

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Between the sheets….

…..That’s where you can find me this weekend when I catch a few moments of calm.  Amid my social commitments, freelance work and usual weekend pursuits I will be taking babyish naps and burrowing under my duvet….

I wouldn’t mind closing my eyes here…

or maybe here…

wrapped in this…..

This looks about right, aside from the fact I will be clad….and that most likely will be wine?

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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Fall Fantasy

This weekend I burned the midnight oil sipping wine (yes! that’s an honest statement) and studying. I read, took notes, explored and mused through a stack of new (and thick) September magazines. It was a divine little editorial vacation.

My findings forced me to start a chronicle of all the things I’m lusting over right now for the new season—sequin shorts, oversized blouses, chunky knits, bronze jewelry, high loafers, warmer tones, warmer hair and a hot pair of boots (Frye). Even though the summer temperatures remain warm I can’t help but fantasize over fresh fall pieces from some of my favoured lines.

As I sipped away, I slipped away…into a fall editorial vacation.

If you haven’t already, go fetch the super-glorious-outstanding-tres-thick issue of September In Style…you won’t be disappointed.

Get ready to layer, cozy up and exchange your summer brights for the depths of fall. I can feel the autumn air on my morning jog, it’s just around the bend.

Jaclyn xo


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Bed Head

Today I felt like rockin’ le chapeau. It was simply one of those mornings. Might have been the 5 pm after work champagne that advanced to a few Siegle Radlers at the Bier Market, follewed by martinis at Brassi that took us to the middle of the dance floor? Who knows. I just wasn’t feelin’ like fussing over my hair this am.

I give thanks to my considerable collections of hats I have in my closet, otherwise my messy I-just-woke-up-Adele- hair could have blown my cover. Instead of rushing out the door looking out of sorts and hung over, I threw on my fav cloche moda from Big it Up and posed as a cute little french woman strutting my stuff . Thank god for great hats!

When dry shampoo and top knots just aren’t behaving, put a lid on it! Hats are an excellent band aid for bed head and saving time if you’re bustling it out the door, it’s purely a bonus that they look ultra stylish.

Merci cherie.

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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Arm Candy

I’m not talking about a remarkably attractive person of either gender accompanying you or some other lucky person. I’m talking striking, sexy, flashy wrist confection.

These images give me a motive to edge my Michael Kors tortoise watch with assorted bangles, beads of pearls, baubles and charms…. 





Hey! It’s okay to tastefully load up with arm candy, you can never hoard too much on your wrist.

Jaclyn xo


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Bags to Riches

Guess what I did this weekend? Besides drink wine. Totally nothing. And I welcomed nothing with big roomy open arms. Staying home, reading, organizing and sipping wine can be much more effective than, gulping wine, feeling nauseous, spending too much money and spoiling my workouts with pointless calories.

Fact is, this weekend was more of a test for me. I  love like to spend money. Saving it requires a lot of effort and I didn’t pay much attention in economy class. This has been one of the biggest obstacles I face, my spending. Temptation is everywhere.  That saying, ‘save your penny for a rainy day’, I don’t get it – after a few hours I’m out spending all my money on that rainy day.

Lately I am embarking on a new rational. I’m exercising being more frugal. My attempt to keep my money and judgment in check this weekend surprisingly harmonized. Maybe it’s because I commissioned myself to house arrest? Whatever. I didn’t go out for any lavish dinners, I stayed clear from malls, Anthropolgie and Joe Fresh. I spent my time on Learnvest, reading and researching about investing, building wealth and planning for my future.

 I had a minor defeat Sunday when a trip to Starbucks forced me to purchase a $6 latte, and a peak inside Homesense landed me a new 133 dollar chair? To my defense the chair was a ridiculous deal, $399 on clearance for $133, you can’t dodge a deal like that! …Ultimately, I did good.

I’m keeping my frugal promise to myself and I’m going to enjoy more things with less things?  More simply, I’ll take an extra ten seconds to consider each purchase, the items that disappear quickly are those impulse items that will clutter up my home and stealthily eat away at my budget. I’m living my richest life!

 I’m going from too many handbags to riches in no time…..

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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The Real Life of Celebrity Style

I love watching celebrity style. Let’s face it, they have stylists…..they can’t help but look amazing. Every image you see of a celeb is for the most part based on a style armada. Must of us, mortals, don’t have that luxury. 

Sometimes I like to think or act like I’m famous? I’m not really sure what validates this, maybe it’s because I have big dreams and a cool* blog? (toot toot) maybe I’m totally dilusional? But seriously, I do love throwing an outfit together with a celeb in mind or in a stylist state of mind. 

These celebs have some serious style. I love all theses ‘I just threw this together’ day looks. Give me some big glasses, tousled hair and the perfect scarf and I’m in!

You don’t need to be a movie star to look like one.

Happy Friday!

Jaclyn xo

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Who wears the pants?

Who really does wear the pants? Home decor, dinner ideas, where to vacation, where to shop? That would be us ladies. Even when it comes to fashion, do you dress your man? In most cases the answer is yes, in some cases it’s no.  Cause bottom line is, your man either has it, or he doesn’t.

For men clothing choices are more limited than ours, they have it a bit easier.  This isn’t the green light for him to throw on any old thing and look good. It requires thought (which is difficult for some men), and in the end this not only leaves us responsible for making ourselves look gorgeous, we’re also accountable for how our man looks, after all he is a reflection of you.

 Look,  I can pontificate on the genius of  slim fitting jeans and bright pink shirts all day, but I know that some men won’t even consider it!. To a degree we need to be respectful of their limits and dress them accordingly. Take yourself back to childhood, remember how you’d  feel when your Mom/Dad dressed you in some silly whack outfit you felt incredibly uncomfortable in? Not nice. These looks below are very middle of the ball park , not intended for the super fashion forward or the super hipster, but a way to give your man some swag! Be nice.






Item staples for all mens wardrobe:

  1.  Denim jeans – A few pairs. Crisp, stylish and polished
  2. Classic casual tees – Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew, Quicksilver 
  3. Really nice shoes – The shoes say it all.
  4. Three piece suit & Light summer suit (weddings, events)
  5. Military Jacket – They just look great on men.
  6. Oversized masculine watch – I personally don’t like men in jewelry,but watches are hot. They can also tell a lot about a mans fundamental style.
  7. One Magnificent tie – A tie is a fashion essential because it complements the suit.
  8. Button downs – Plaids, solids, stripes. Note: We want them to look sexy not school bus driver.
  9. Vests – they can be layered, dressed up and dressed down
  10. You – The best kind of arm accessory is his lady!

Hey – It’s okay to be the alpha  partner in your relationship…wear the pants, someone has too!

Jaclyn xo







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‘Glit’ it up!

I did nothing noteworthy this weekend, unless you count eating, sleeping, sipping wine noteworthy, in that case I brunched with my friends (twice), enjoyed a bottle of Napa Cellars (twice) and slept a solid 8 hours at night fused with some late afternoon outdoor siestas.  I also fit in two runs and a jaunt to Sephora.  Are you bored yet? I’m bored just typing it.

Amid my lazy afternoon affair with my lounger and laptop, I did manage to get lucky and discover The Glitter Guide, a website dedicated to all thing that are chic, fun, and glittery in fashion, trends, design, and food. Head over to The Glitter Guide and expose your inner ‘glit’ girl. You know you’re dying to wear a sequin skirt paired with an easy tank and heels before the summer rolls right by you, do it!

Here’s a glimpse of what they’re up to over at The Glitter Guide

10 way to dress like a Glitter Girl..#1, 2,3,4,5&10 are my fav’s

I’m a sucker for sequins (sometimes overkill)…plus a cinched waist = glorious

I want this for my home office.

This week I’m going to ‘glit’ up an outfit for work, I can’t wait…

ps. if you have never tried Napa Cellars you need to put it on your list, it’s a party.

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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