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Fashions Night Out, Cupcakes and Lipgloss…..

Stylish ladies in five-inch heels hit Lemonberry Boutique last night for Fashion’s Night Out. They were there for deals, cupcakes, the braid bar, social scene and a grab at Lemonberrys signature lipgloss. Love! I did my part at the cupcake table and spent my weekly salary on some amazing pieces. I don’t have any regrets on either indulgences.

This weekend I’m going to try to remember I have hobbies that don’t involve staying out until 2 AM and spending all my money on clothes. I’m going to work on my website, organize my fall wardrobe and take instagram pictures of my organizing skills and lounging and maybe a nap whilst lounging. Oh and exercise. I should probably do some of that too. Thank God it’s Friday right?!

Here’s my FNO in pictures, sorry for my lameness I’m too tired to go into detail.







Friday is my second favorite f word….

Happy Friday lovelies.

Jaclyn xo

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Putting On The Glitz

First off, I hope everyone stays bundled up for their winter party hopping over the next few weekends/weeks. Second, I hope you take the time to put on a little glitz! This time of year it’s okay to be overdone anytime you walk into a room, after all, you probably just came from a holiday soiree or are on route to the next one! (or at least that’s what you could say?)

Find your perfect shade of red lipstick and pair it with cat eyes and an Adele style teased chignon, or try sleek waves and a dramatic side part with one side tucked behind your ear. Pull out your chandelier earrings, stick something in your hair, wear anything sequin, go with a cocktail  party dress or whatever you have that’s fur and lace – and just go with it. Have a ball, make yourself feel glitzy and if anyone has something to say about it tell them to ‘fa la la la’ themselves!


Red Lips…

Side Part…



Happy weekend everyone. Keep it real festive!

Jaclyn xoxo

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Cheap Thrills

I’m known to have an expensive palate, maybe it’s the power to afford things that cost more or maybe I’m just pompous?  Like I’ve told you in previous posts, beauty products are a vice and although trying new beauty brands can be fun, its expensive. Lately I’ve arrived at few methods that have seriously cut my beauty budget in half, saving some bucks so I can capitalize that money elsewhere –  Home decor? shoes? Micheal Kors oversized tortoise watch?

I’ve found a few cheap thrills that have made their way into my vanity and will dwell top shelf until I make my millions and only lather my face with Creme de la Mar..(if you don’t know what this is I suggest you do your research)

Here are my recommendations:









1. Olay Skin Smoothing Wash– removes deep down dirty stuff from your pores, exfoliates and smooths out skin texture in just a few uses, seriously amazing stuff.

2. C.O & Bigelow My Favorite Lip Balm – glorious everyday Lip Balm avec nourishing shea butter, sweet almond oil and wheat germ to condition and soothe lips in need of care. Easy to wear under or over lip color. Great everyday balm.

3. Cover Girl Trueblend Mineral Blush – I know we all love Nars orgasm, yet this gives you the same tone and it is a fraction of the price… and being mineral based it’s better for your skin.

4. Nivea Goodbye Cellulite – bite into a few apples a day, drink your H2O and lather on this miracle worker – it’s the tri – fecta for cellulite.  The L-Carnitine visibly reduces the appearance of unwanted dimples. And being a winner for the best cellulite treatment at the Elle Grand Prix Beauty awards means something!

5. Wella Care and Styling Brilliance Shampoo – this is gold for my tresses. First, the shampoo has the best scent of any shampoo I’ve tested in years. It left my bathroom and hair smelling divine all day. More importantly, my hair was brilliant and full of body. You can buy this at your local Wella Professional Salon.

So there you have it, my picks under $20 that are super amazing products and have recieved amazing beauty reviews from real users, like moi!

What are some of your beauty budget favs?

Jaclyn xo






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Girl gone bronze..

In my former years I was a mad sun goddess, I worshipped the hours between 11 and 1:15, this is when I calculated that the sun was at its highest therefor at its peak for bain de soleil.   If I only knew then what I know now? Perhaps I would only look 20 instead of 25??

Over the past few years I still enjoy getting my glow on, however safely and moderately with mandatory face protection.  It’s now my staple to rock a big ass hat or Trilby while enjoying the outdoors or lounging by a pool. 

My girlfriend Karen was over this am for an early morning powwow (definition:  a few times a week we commence before normal hours. We chat, have coffee and hammer through all the latest mags and gossip)  during todays affair she advised me that Khloe K as well likes to sport a big ass hat to prevent sun damage, she even wears it while driving about in sunny LA.  Karen confirmed this fact via Khloe and Lamar, completely legit.  Like really, if Khloe can do it, so can I.  Thank you Karen for being an excellent friend and relieving my doubts that I would look totally outrageous if I rocked my floppy all summer. 

Bronzed is the new tanned, nothing new right?  Seeking the perfect self tanner to enhance a natural glow allows us to look sun-kissed and keep our skin from looking like something you’d find at Danier.

Here are some top picks from a girl gone bronze:

  • Jergens Natural Glow Express  – Amazing for enhancing your natural glow and giving your legs depth and definition, tanned legs look hot, pasty white legs, yuck.
  • Nars multiple Bronzer – A multi-use stick-style Bronzer that is formulated to strengthen, support and repair the skin while creating all-over warmth and contours the face.
  • Dior Smooth Protection Bronzer – I use this daily, love. Anti aging benefits, with a natural bronze effect with SPF 15
  • Clarins UV plus HP – This sunscreen is on my top shelf, it protects against UVA-UVB, dark spots and darkening of the complexion. As well it delivers very high antioxidant and anti-pollution protection, to protect skin against premature ageing. Get on it if you want to rid yourself of discoloration ladies..
  • Big ass hats – they’re stylish and secure all your delicate areas such as your dicolette, eyes and face from getting crispy and overexposed.  Bonus you feel super glam!
  • H20 – Water, water, water..keeping hydrated is key.  Water plumps you up and gives thirsty skin a nice glow!

And here are some great uses of Bronze…

Totally the look I’m going for, slightly sun-kissed

I need this watch to make sure I’m not in the sun during peak UV hours

Who would have thought? Bronzed outdoor sets..cute


Why not switch up the ordinary revas for some bronzed girls this summer!

Great use of Nars multiple bronzer

 Home decor avec bronze..amazing

 Bronzed beauty..

Get your bronze on…

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

(photos courtesy of Pinterest & Vogue UK)

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