17 Days……

Some mornings catch me off guard. I sit down at my laptop to write and…nothing. Absolutely nothing comes to mind. So today I will write about nothing. Just like I do every other day, but today I’m acutely aware of it.

This week I totally caught the Christmas bug, which was spurred by a Starbucks holiday beverage and a 2 hour shopping fling at The Bay – that store has amazing Christmas cheer and some pretty bad as* sales.  I frolicked about the store humming away to the holiday classics, sipped my spiked spiced latte, crossed off a few items on my list and bought some ornaments to accent my cream and gold, I went off path, selecting an assortment of colored decorations instead of simply choosing a third color….. Maybe next year I’ll swap out gold for silver? I’m so unpredictable.

Here are more reasons as to why I caught a case of the Christmas bug…

Ryan Gosling for Christmas…yes please!

This might have been me while getting my mini tree together?

I love the chevron tablecloth mixed with the holiday decorations and that fur thrown over the chair – fabulous.


This ever so cute couple…Perfect for a personalized Christmas card


17 days………

But who’s counting?

Have you caught a case of the holiday bug?

Jaclyn xo

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