Backyard Holiday

While everyone and their mother will be scampering away for the weekend either to the cottage, trailer or camping.  I will be channeling my ‘get out of the city’ in my backyard.  Hampton’s style.

On this lovely Victoria Day long weekend Mike, myself and whoever else is stuck in suburbia this holiday will be back-yarding it      “Hampton’s Style”.  This means lounging in luxe and living vicariously through all the Hampton’s inspired style.   Lounging on outdoor sofas accessorized by bright oversized boho pillows, dressed in summary whites with fun hats,  and sipping the bevie of choice, le margarita or Heineken.  Sound kitschy?  I don’t care, it will be the perfect Birthday weekend sans black flies!

I wish I was escaping somewhere for my birthday (Paris or London), I would have even entertained glamping.  However I will be a happy girl surrounded by all things I love, close to home and chillaxing with my mates.

Here are some things inspiring me this holiday weekend:

I can’t wait to start my backyard holiday…

Happy long weekend everyone!

Jaclyn xo

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