Top Knot and Lemonade

Today was way hotter than yesterday, trust me I’m not complaining.  Although I am still envious of all the little bastards from yesterday.

The sizzling weather compels me to throw my hair back and dial in some big earrings. 

Why bother fussing about with your hair on a hot and sticky day when we have the top knot….

When you get home from work, let your hair down and sip on one of these. Divine….

Mason Jar Lemonade 
2 cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice
Hefty dash of fresh cranberry juice
8 cups water, 1 cup of this is hot
3/4 cups sugar, dissolved in the hot water

1. Mix all ingredients together and serve over ice with a lemon wedge

Top Knot and lemonade…

Jaclyn xo


One thought on “Top Knot and Lemonade

  1. TieDyedShop says:

    Little bastards from yesterday? Geez.

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