Forever 27

My weekend was extraordinarily wholesome.  My Backyard Holiday was a success.  I lounged, drank margaritas, went for a day trip to the city, ate very well and celebrated my Birthday with all my loves.

As I mentioned last week I love birthdays.  It gives me determination to make the year finer then the last, and further the entire week is devoted to just me!  Mike might object on that, he claims this is my “way of life” and that I treat each day like it’s something special (my glass is half full). I think he’s just jealous.  

So far here is how my birthday has unfolded…

Day 1 – Brunch with Miss. Sara – smoked salmon, capers, white wine spritzers and wonderful conversation.

Day 2 – Lounged poolside –  drinks, cute hats, bikinis, more drinks.  Dinner in the evening on a patio with my birds and their guys. Lots of cocktails, laughs and calories.

Day 3 – Downtown – Brunch in Liberty Village with my guy, desert at harbour front and cocktailing all day.. Evening included more drinks and backyard lounging with friends.

Day 4 – Shopping – Birthday shopping with my guy, he spoiled me silly.  Later in the eve Backyard bbq at my Dads, he as well spoiled me silly.

Day 5 – Movie Night – Appys, wine and ‘Bridesmaids’ with my birds.  Lots of laughing out loud!

Day 6, 7 – TBD…. I still have until Friday

This year my birthday was much more relaxing. Doesn’t present itself so, does it?  Here’s why.  Being in my 30’s no longer disturbs me.  In my 20’s I was always amazed at how stupid I was the previous year or how naive I acted.  I grasp now my 20’s were the training grounds to become the “Jaclyn of all trades” for my 30’s.  Now is my time to focus on my goals, master my talents (as I have so many, wink*)  apply them in a practical direction, and attempt to drink maturely. I said attempt.  I no longer have to behave to please others.  I am who I am, take it or leave it.

Age is really a fluid thing, it’s always changing.  I say everyone grab an age in your mind that you will be forever and go with it.  Mine is 27 I loved that year, even if I was a naive dumbass. 

Forever 27.  Cheers..

Jaclyn xo

6 thoughts on “Forever 27

  1. stylenoticables says:

    Happy Birthday Miss J! Thanks for the response for the guest post, you’ll be rad, no probs – I will keep you posted and check your AOL account:) My B day treat.

    I thought it was going to be a Shoes of Pray post post!

  2. SUSIE says:


  3. Novatna says:

    more vino this evening is in order! more gt’s ahead… glad you’re having a great 27th bday week 🙂

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