Something Borrowed

When I think of borrowing something from a friend,  usually what comes to mind is a fantastic piece of jewelry, a best seller from Oprahs book club or a jumper I’ve been pining over.  What about borrowing her man?  Is this common?  Should this thought even advance in our mind?  Seemingly it does, as a result authors are writing about it and producers are making movies around it.

I went out with a few birds last night to watch Something Borrowed, starring the lovely Kate Hudson and very vanilla Ginnifer Goodwin.  The rom-com farce was cute, similar to the chick-lit novel and a light watch for a ladies movie night.  I won’t go into details about it, go see it for yourself,  but here is my simplified version: two best friends, one is getting married, made of honor has a fling with best friends fiance, they fall in love, NY, sex, Hampton’s, law school, more secrets, more flings, Hampton’s, sex, circumcision mystery, more secrets..blah blahh blahh ,  the plot manages to bypass the rather chief moral issues the story raises about fidelity, friendship, loyalty and self-determination, in favour of a cute romantic comedy that ends with everyone winning without having to face any real consequences. 

So I ask you this, would you give up friendship for love? I’m pretty sure majority of us would say no, I guess depending on the state of the friendship? Maybe?  Somehow modern books and movies play on our minds and moderately make this behaviour forgivable or acceptable.  The idea of intense romance is alluring, but when the chapters finished or the movie ends all we are left with is our imagination…

I believe we should adhere to the traditional borrows such as; dresses, jewelry, shoes, clothing or a good novel. 

Borrowing Etiquette:

  •  Dont borrow something that is brand new and the owner hasn’t even had the chance to use yet, if the tags are still on it’s off-limits
  • What you do borrow should go back to the owner in the exact same condition and in a timely manner
  • Don’t lend items to others that you’ve borrowed, it’s really not yours to lend? And don’t pretend it yours?
  • Don’t pull a suck if the lender wants their shit back
  • Don’t bunny ear book pages, unless the owner already did so, that’s poor book care
  • Don’t borrow your best friends man for sex, use your own and your imagination
  • Don’t forget to say thanks

Here’s a scene from the movie that paints the perfect picture of moments I share with my bffs.  In secondary school Push it, Shoop and What a Man were our jams.  Enjoy!

Jaclyn xo

One thought on “Something Borrowed

  1. Janet says:

    It was a cute flick. GTHBA!

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