The May long weekend is already here!  This means two things, it’s the dawn of my Birthday fiesta (which typically lasts one week) and it’s the first weekend us Canadians pack up and head north to camp or cottage. 

I LOVE cottaging, but I’m not so much a fan of camping.   In fact I find it takes a lot of effort to do all that work for a weekend that comes and goes so quickly.  For instance pitching a tent?  By the time it’s up, it pretty much has to come down.  Or cooking over a fire, everything ends up tasting like smokey bbq chips, yuck.   It’s conclusive the only thing that tastes great over an open flame is a marshmallow.  Then there’s peeing in a bush?  The deed of peeing outdoors is okay for emergency purposes (once in a while), but for the entire weekend?  This is not charming to me. 

I enjoy the outdoors, and appreciate the elements of “campy” things, like sleeping in the open air, cozying up by a warm fire and swimming in fresh lake water (makes my hair feel lush), but I would rather do this sans the camping experience.  Sounds crazy right?  Wrong.  Someone in the universe was understanding this and hearing people like me because today I discovered “Glamping”. 

What is Glamping you ask?  Glamorous + camping = Glamping.  This new trend has popularized from safari camps and emerged into luxury camping resorts, eco-resorts, campgrounds and luxury tree forts , they even offer 5 star plus dining and accommodation.  My kind of adventure. I just hope they offer WiFi.

Whether you are seeking a tent side butler in a 5 star luxe glamp resort or desire to be nestled in the wilderness on a mattress under the stars goglamping will find a destination for you.  Becoming one with nature doesn’t mean selling out on style and comfort, or for this matter a mattress and sexy outdoor shower…

Take me to Africa or the Maldives glamping….




Glam up your camping trip, go glamping…

Jaclyn xo

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6 thoughts on “Glamping

  1. Chantelle says:

    I absolutely love that idea!!……even though i love peeing in the bush and having my food taste like smoke!! 🙂

    • I have the perfect place for us..Sheri is coming too! She loves the concept of glamping..even though you’ll make fun of us the entire time. Love u, thanks for all your blog love

      J xo

  2. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I think alot of people feel this way, but are nervous to say it. There is nothing wrong with spending some relaxing time in the woods, in style!

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