High gas prices = Increased shoe sales?


I bought shoes today.  Nice ones.  Ones that would make a grown girl cry. 

To justify the expense, I’d rather shell out a load on shoes that will go the distance and dwell top shelf in my closet for a few years.  Plus with gas prices so high perhaps the only course of getting about may just be two feet and a heartbeat?  At any rate I’ll be getting around in style!  Maybe I should be shopping for a sturdy walking shoe?

Pour La Victoire  

This picture does not tell the same story my feet do..they look much better on!

Jaclyn xo


4 thoughts on “High gas prices = Increased shoe sales?

  1. Lou Poppy says:

    Good use of butter and ripe lemons! Love the yellow post..are the shoes yellow?

  2. […] I think of these shoes as an investment. Please read here if you are having trouble appreciating this […]

  3. deanna says:

    Excellent point! I am going to invest this weekend.

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