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Lady O’ has left the building..


What do Classic sparkle Uggs, Spanx, panini-presses, and Ralph Lauren long sleeve cashmere sweaters have in common? If you answered with “shi*t your Mom loves” (okay and the rest of us), you’re not too far off.  These bits are all items on The Queen of talk shows favorite things. 

The lovely Oprah.  The goddess of goodness. The financial icon has left the building after 25 years.  What the f*ck are we going to do Mon to Fri at 4pm for the rest of our lives?  

With me being a busy career woman, I will be completely honest and divulge to you that Lady O” and I haven’t shared the same relationship since my career has taken off.  My 4pm time slot is divided between Oprah, work e mails,  the gym or preparing dinner.  Even if she’s not getting my undivided attention O’ is always present.  Either in the background, where intermittently I can hear her laugh, or when I’m sad and need ice cream and the company of someone equally feminine, and of course when I fake take a “sick day”….Oprah is always there.

Along with entertaining us, she also taught us how to dress better.  Some of my best-loved episodes cover fashion and style – Stiletto school , The revelation of Spanx, The Shoe, Handbag and Accessory Intervention, Oprahs favorite beauty products, The face behind the name: Christian Louboutin, and more recently her interview with Ralph Lauren.  She compelled many of us to recognize the importance of maintaining a sharp and tidy appearance, whatever weight she was she always looked put together, it was kinda her thing.

Thanks to the show I’ve learned a few fashion and style tips that will remain forever in my wardrobe and shopping routines, here’s to name a few:

  • If you haven’t worn it in 2 years, give it away – sister, bff people like free stuff!
  • Find a great hairstylist to maintain your tresses or haircuts – preferably a Wella professional
  • Every girl needs a great stiletto. Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, something –  Tell your husband Oprah said so, he’ll buy them for you!
  • If you love it, buy it twice, in the same or different colors – I’m totally guilty of this.  But it’s okay cause Oprah said it..
  • Buy something that you love to wear – if you love it, wear it, OWN it!
  • It is possible to wear makeup with a hectic life – Schedule it in honey, tinted moisturizer and lip gloss..nuff said
  • Spanx it if necessary – back rolls and muffin tops don’t need to exist in this day and age
  • Meditate
  • Live your best life – I abide by this everyday, my fabulous deities of being in my thirties…

Thanks Oprah.

click the link below to view Stiletto School…

I always knew I was destined for greatness – Oprah Winfrey
Of course you were, you named your new network OWN for christ sakes!

Jaclyn xo

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