Market Style

Yeah it’s Friday!  Time to retire the heels for a few days and slip into some flats. 

This weekend I will be walking the street of our local farmers market, In weekend appropriate attire of course.  Flats, skinny jeans, baggy tee the perfect J Crew sweater and my sunnies (if we’re so lucky to have sunshine?)

  Mike and I spent a few years living in the UK and our Saturday ritual was to saunter down the cobble stone road to our local market, stuff our faces with Herb de providence potatoes and nutella crepes then hit up Top Shop and Selfridges.  Quite possibly the perfect Saturday outing.  We  now enjoy our tradition locally.  I love visiting our local farmers market (Newmarket Farmers Market), what a great way to pass a Saturday am.  Open air, stocking up on fresh produce, crepes, live music and you never know who you’ll run into! 

Market Tips and inspiration:

  • Get there early – get a head start from the sea of people and strollers
  • Wear a cute outfit – boyfriend jeans, cropped trench, baggy tee sweaters, hats…
  • Bring a cute bag to stock up on local produce – something that says “green is the new black” or a fashionable beach bag to slug all your finds
  • Bring cash – interact is for the mall
  • Wear comfy shoes – flats, runners, nothing that requires a heel
  • Take your time browsing around and enjoying the fare – you never know what you’ll find
  • Don’t watch your caloric intake – enjoy a belly buster!

My transportation to the market

What I will be eating

 What Mike will buy for me..

Carbs never looked so good!

What I will be cooking with for the next week

Going green is sexy; It’s important to support  your local farmers and businesses, buying locally grown food can bring more money to the community, reduce cost of fuel shipment and creates a better community atmosphere.   Visit your local market this weekend and indulge in a little local milieu!

Find your local market

Happy Weekend everyone!

Jaclyn xo

4 thoughts on “Market Style

  1. green lovers Inc says:

    Way to ignite fashion and small town culture. Not sure if you live “small town” but the idea is great. Thank you for sharing the find your local farmers market, going green isn’t only for hippies!

    • I’m actually in Newmarket, Onatrio small town with big dreams town – it’s a great place to live and our market just gets better every year.
      Thanks for the green love!


  2. rain says:

    Well said. And you’re so right carbs have never looked better. Rain F

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