Party Problems – how much skin is too much?

According to my liver, the holiday season has officially kicked in. I’ve been sipping rye and eggnog while writing out my Christmas lists and listening to Louise Armstrong’s Cool Yule playlist on repeat.
Tonight is the kickoff to our seasonal soirées, it’s my fiancés work Christmas party and he’s asked me to be his date. Two problems – I haven’t found a dress yet (yes, I’m a procrastinator) and how much skin can I show without looking like a floozy in front of his colleagues? I need to get my ass in gear and find something party appropriate yet still young and glitzy….

Either of these dresses will get me through all the social events this month, but do they show too much skin?


I’m tall, this gold number would just cover my bits?


Love the far right, but is showing midriff appropriate?


Loose the ciggy and I’m all over this number….


I love this…..Too much skin?

I have to head out and find something ASAP, it’s Black Friday, it’s going to be clownshit crazy out there! If I’m not ready in time I will be left behind.
Does anyone have a gift card they want to give me?

Cheers to the holidays, and finding a party dress to go with your cinnamon martini.

Jaclyn xo

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We went on a mini vacation to Jasper this past weekend. We stayed mountainside in a little vintage cabin and kept cozy in the -17 weather with heating blankets and red wine. To stay toasty I took several baths per day and sipped wine accordingly…. looking back I think my man took me glamping?
Our days were filled with scenic drives through the mountains, $10.99 Fairmont lodge mochas, fireside dinners at The Jasper Brew Pub, woodsy walks through the wilderness and shopping at trendy local boutiques – it was magical.

Want to know what else is magical…. My new tartan leggings I picked up on our woodsy getaway!







Ya, ya I know its Friday and I’m only now posting last weekends fun – I needed the week to recover. Thank god no ones paying me to write this!

Happy Friday loves!

Jaclyn xo

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The best kind of gifts are the ones that are unexpected. And the best kind of Fiancé is the one that gives unexpected gifts. You guys, I came home to this little gem…for no apparent reason! The Husband is full of surprises. I love him so much it hurts.

The camera was suppose to be our shared Christmas present, don’t get me wrong I LOVE that he gave it to me early – but does this mean I don’t get a gift on Christmas morning? I guess I’ll have to craft a huge fight right before Dec 25th that can only be resolved with “makeup” presents.





I can’t wait to be on the opposite side of the selfie….

Happy Tuesday beauties!

Jaclyn xo

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Weekend Perfection

It’s actually embarrassing how much my life revolves around food and dogs. Good thing I’m secure with myself.

Our weekend was perfectly lazy…Home cooked dinners, a trip to the dog park, a couple naps and two Starbucks runs. I even made The Husband drink a few bottles of wine with me, we sipped vino tinto and crashed early……It was perfection.

Today my task is to find the perfect bed for our little daughter dog Georgia, I’m going to hit the ushe – Winners, Homesense, Target. If I’m feeling really ambitious, I may even try to craft one up myself, check out these clever dog bed ideas I found on Pinterest!






This is little Georgia, she deserves a masterpiece, don’t you think?

Happy Monday!

Jaclyn xo

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Western Girl

Last week I booked a one way ticket to Alberta, and this week here I am! It’s not as spontaneous as you think guys, my fiancé was relocated out here, and because I like “me” a little bit better when I am with him I thought it would be a sweet expression of my love to accompany my burly bearded stud.

Of course while getting prepared to embark on this new adventure I did some research on how to dress for the winters out west. Most of the sites I came across really dramatized the need for thermal under pieces, this is something I’m NOT participating in unless I’m hitting the Rocky Mountain powder in Banffs Sunshine Village. I can’t imagine how fashionable my new shiny burgundy leggings would look with a cast of waffle texture underneath? Another site suggests wearing long johns with your skirt or dress and removing them when you get to the office – Huh? That visual is far more disturbing to me than the dress and sneaks combo I see in the streets of Toronto. Again this is another tip I’m going to have to decline.

I’m thinking faux fur layers, shearling lined booties and making the how-to-dress-for-winters-out-west-rule up as I go, trial and error is normally how I master any situation. I will let you know how my analysis goes, but for now let’s focus on some looks I’ll be sporting in the Wild West!


I want my neck wrapped in this ….


And put my tootsies inside a pair of these…..


Why not throw this over my shoulders..


Hey! When in Alberta…….

Jaclyn xo

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Belly Baring

I’m cleansing you guys – because it’s Summertime and baring your midriff is big this season.
I scoured the Internet until I found a doable detox program and the Four Elements Cleanse seems doable. I’ll eat high fiber fruits, veggies and grains and drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and cayenne pepper for the next 7-10 days. Easy peasy. Except I make everything extra difficult for myself. I overindulged this weekend so I’m starting off puffier than usual and craving a Fritter like a mofo.

It’s been three hours. I have a headache. I want a cup of coffee. I’m gagging over the detox drink. I’ll let you know how I’m feeling in a few days. Happy Monday!






This detox drink better start tasting like a jalapeño martini soon…

Jaclyn xo

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Beard maintenance is a thing now, you guys. I was recently made aware that the coolest men are conditioning their facial hair with special made-for-beard products. Because I aim to be cool, I am immediately going to purchased some Wild Man beard conditioner for My guy. I want him to smells like he was hit in the face by a lumberjack with an almond-tainted rosemary bush. There’s nothing sexier than a man who smells like a spa!






Jaclyn xo

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Busy Bee

Excuse my absence as of late. I’ve been incredibly busy forcing my dog to pose for photos, taking pictures of flowers with my iPhone, and drinking Cider. I promise to be better.








Jaclyn xo

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Rock The Boat 2

So I’m taking tomorrow and the weekend offline and I’m giddy as hell about it. Have a glorious weekend and don’t be jelly. My life is rarely this carefree.

Tips for the perfect long weekend holiday:

  • Drink your signature cocktail all weekend – you deserve it!
  • Dress in breezy maxi dresses, anything sheer and havaianas.
  • Go for a natural look, wash hair, tie it in a bun then let it dry naturally – your waves will be killer – thanks Karen for that tip.
  • Create a Long Weekend menu and try a recipe using fresh produce from your local market – I’ll be chefing up cold eggplant stacks drizzled with olive oil and balsamic with fresh basil and love.
  • Enjoy an ice cream in a classic cone.
  • Head north, where the air is cleaner and the stars shine brighter
  • shut down your laptop, even if you stay in the city turn it off – explore your own surroundings and act like a tourist while you’re at it!
  • Own being lazy – if you have a DIY project or gardens you want to work on do it at a slow pace. And if you get distracted by cocktails or friends, who cares enjoy it.
  • Drink your signature cocktail..

Happy long weekend everyone!

This is what my car looked like this week…

This is me tomorrow…

This is what I will be looking at…

I will drown in this before I drown in the lake…

Rock the boat a little!

Happy May long weekend.

Jaclyn xo

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All I Want to Wear for Christmas

So lookit. It’s been a long time. I get that you’re probably wondering if I’ve crawled into a cave with Channing Tatum, but the truth is, he’s married. I know you don’t want to hear excuses, but I wrapped up my 7 year corporate career, took some time to smell the hydrangeas, discovered a few new things about myself, and slept. A lot. Or slept-walked through the shoe department at Holt Renfrew, but listen: I’m back.

And I feel amazing.

For those of you that loyally read this mess, it’s true that this time of year makes me giddy as hell. I don’t know if its the pretty little flakes falling outside my window, perhaps its the catchy jingle with Mariah Carey and Jimmy Fallon that’s lighting up my iPod, or the excitement of dressing a little glamorous and wearing sequins and Ruby Woo to all the holiday parties? Whatever it is, can you blame me, It’s such a peaceful, sparkly, cheerful time of year!

As I sit here tapping my sequin slippers to “All I want for Christmas” I want to share with you a little compilation of “All I want to wear for Christmas”. Warning: textured tights, sparkly shoes, sequin trimmed blazer, and gold ahead – might cause rapid heart beat, excessive smiling and holiday fever.






Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the hydrangeas, slip into something sequin and shake your little a*s to some Christmas tunes to get in the spirit.

Jaclyn xo

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