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Charlie has totally made me hit the big O…The OMG I need this entire collection!

Can this guy possibly fashion a better swimwear line? Wait, probably. Everything Matthew Zink designs makes my heart liquify. He’s brilliant.

This time next week I’ll be strutting my stuff on the white sands of Dominican Republic, and if I didn’t have to be so responsible I’d spend every last cent to cover myself from shoulders to derriere in Charlie. When I’m famous and making some serious bucks I’ll fill my bikini drawer to the brim with Charlie – but until then I have my one Jerry.

Charlie’gasm: Drooling, adoration, giddiness. What you will experience from these images.


To see how Charlie and I experienced love at first sight read here... Cheers,

Jaclyn xo

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Vacation Brain

I’m suffering from a serious case of vacation brain. It’s Monday, I’m 10 days away from a week abroad with my friends under the hot Caribbean sun, so today I am going to shamelessly and unabashedly gloat about my upcoming trip.

I’ve been mentally packing for a week and applying Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer so I don’t arrive in the Dominican looking intensely pasty. I’m thinking all I will need are a few swimsuits, sandals, kaftans, dresses, clutches and totes to take me from lazy days in the sun to evening cocktails and dancing.

Some symptoms….

vacation brain

I’m going to be totally lazy and get a golden glow!


Happy Monday


Jaclyn xo

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One night stand: Charlie


“I love Charlie”……And so will you after I expose the elements of the passionate one night stand I had this evening.

It started with a glass of red wine (of course,) and the April issue of Vogue.  I got a peek of Charlie and it led my pursuit to uncover more about him.

Charlie is a seductive swim wear line designed by Matthew Zink.  Its hot.  The bikinis, caftans, cut outs and headdresses make you hungry for more.  Matthew Zink, the recent design director for Victoria’s Secret Swim and shoes crafted his inspiration and skills together to form seduction of the perfect bikini.

My irregular and unplanned encounter with Charlie brought my love for swim wear to a new intensity.  Matthews timeless, provocative designs and simple to wear pieces make this 70’s inspired collection something to be desired.



Shop for this here:

Zink ZigZag Bandeau

Shop for this here:

Charlie X

Shop for this here:





Shop for this here:


Accomplices in a one-night stand typically have not known each other long and have had minimal time to get acquainted before engaging, go get yourself acquainted with Charlie…I promise you won’t regret it.

My Tailored Life xo


Other places to seek Charlie:

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