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I am so excited to be posting here on My Tailored Life! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Molliee and I write the blog Twirly Skirts  where I write about my take on all things fabulous, beautiful and inspiring. I’d love if you follow me on Facebook  and Twitter !
I wanted to talk about transitional pieces. To me, it is important that most of my wardrobe be transitional from season to season. Although it stays relatively nice out in Los Angeles, it is key to have items that will work in June and in January. Take these adorable red shorts. In the winter, I would wear them as shown, with tights, a cute tee and some killer heels. Then I would repurpose these same shorts for summer by pairing them with a cute nautical tee and some espadrilles. Next time you look in your closet, think outside the box and take something you normally only wear in the summer and layer it up for winter!
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4 thoughts on “Guest Post – Ms Twirly Skirts

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  2. I absolutely adore the layered combination here! It looks comfy without being bulky or chunky! I would definitely wear this on chilly days here in the south (all three of them).


  3. janette says:

    I absolutely agree! Nothing better then finding little treasures from every season to work into a fresh look.

  4. michelle says:

    Cute post.. And I love ms Twirly skirts blog. Great outfit inspiration. Michelle

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