Charlie has totally made me hit the big O…The OMG I need this entire collection!

Can this guy possibly fashion a better swimwear line? Wait, probably. Everything Matthew Zink designs makes my heart liquify. He’s brilliant.

This time next week I’ll be strutting my stuff on the white sands of Dominican Republic, and if I didn’t have to be so responsible I’d spend every last cent to cover myself from shoulders to derriere in Charlie. When I’m famous and making some serious bucks I’ll fill my bikini drawer to the brim with Charlie – but until then I have my one Jerry.

Charlie’gasm: Drooling, adoration, giddiness. What you will experience from these images.


To see how Charlie and I experienced love at first sight read here... Cheers,

Jaclyn xo

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2 thoughts on “Charlie’gasm*

  1. Matthew Zink says:

    Thank you so much for you support! You made my day!
    Have a wonderful vacation.

    Matthew Zink

    • You truly are brilliant, it’s easy to support such talent.

      I’ll be thinking about you while I’m ordering a cocktail at the wet bar and someone compliments my suit!

      Jaclyn xo

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