Golden Girl

I’m excited for today cause it happens to be my besties Birthday! As per tradition we’ll be spending the evening sipping on some cocktails hanging with her family and eating some wonderful italian dish.

My birds birthdays always remind me of how happy and fortunate I am to have these Golden Girls in my life. I reflect back on all the silly sh*t we have done over the years, how many tears we’ve shed together, how often we laugh out loud and the things we do to help each other, it’s pretty amazing.

Today I’m celebrating Chantelles 30 something! Cheers to a wonderful best friend, a spiritual soul and native queen (credits to K Dog for that one).

Things I LOVE about this girl:

I trick her – I ask her if she’s like to grab a Starbucks, get her in the car then say ” oh sh*t do you mind if we stop at the mall quick? I need to grab something?” 18 years later, she’s still my friend.

I’m Dramatic – I over-dramatize everything, my stories, my wardrobe, if my coffee is made incorrectly? – but she stands by everything I say, even if she is embarrassed.

 Pocahontas vs  Blair Waldorf -she likes moccasins, I like heels. She likes camping, I like glamping. She likes beer, I like wine… so different, yet so the similar in nature.

Her quirky Humor – her most recent Facebook posts are along the lines of  ” I know I’m getting old when I’m asking for wrinkle cream and an electric cigarette for my Birthday”.. always makes me smile.

Cheers to amazing, extraordinary friends!

I would be the one on the left wearing a skirt to play outside in, she’s the tomboy..of course!

She’d get too tired of walking so I’d have to carry her….

What she’d wear to a party….

What I’d wear to a party….

Well said…

Happy Birthday to my Golden Girl…

Jaclyn xo

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3 thoughts on “Golden Girl

  1. marcy says:

    Aw Jac! Well said my bird!! I love you! and Thank you 🙂

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